Origami Christmas Wreath Card With Step by Step Instructions

Here's some easy step-by-step instructions on how to make an origami Christmas wreath card design. This photo tutorial is perfect for using to make your handmade Holiday cards. You can turn the paper design into a hanging Christmas ornament too. See how to make an easy, 8-piece origami paper wreath. The wreath design is made from folded squares of green patterned paper. Makes a gorgeous decoration for your handmade Christmas cards or, alternatively, a hanging... Read more →

Funny Christmas Quotes for Cards and Crafts

I like a home filled with a lot of love and laughter and we have plenty of that, no matter how difficult life can get at times. We really don't let anything get us down for long in this household. I'm bringing some seasonal cheer to you with this hand-picked selection of our family favorite funny Christmas quotes that you can use for your festive handmade cards and crafts. Pass this page along to anyone... Read more →

Easy Perler Bead Gift Pattern Instructions and Tutorial

Small fused Perler and Hama bead designs are ideal for little gifts, as advent calendar fillers, stocking stuffers and also to use as little party favors. Use this gift pattern in Holiday colors for handmade card embellishments and as fun novelty tags. We made up a batch of these easy Perler bead gift patterns which are small and cute designs. We used these for a birthday and made them into magnets to go in party... Read more →

Cupcake Perler Bead Christmas Holiday Pattern

Enjoy this festive cupcake Perler bead pattern just perfect for the Christmas Holiday. It is easy to make for older kids and adults with the step by step photos and instructions in my craft tutorial. The design will work with any fused bead brands including Perler and Hama. This really cute cupcake pattern uses traditional seasonal colors such as pillar box red and Holly leaf green. Select whatever colors you want for this seasonal treat.... Read more →

How to Make Blue and White Snowflake Cookies

In the run up to the festive Holiday season, I really enjoy making a batch of Christmas cookies. My daughter loves to help out and snowflake cookies are a favorite to make because we just love the Frozen winter theme. The basic sugar cookie recipe is so easy to make but, with the blue and white icing on top, it makes these snowflake designs look like they took you forever to make. The recipe enclosed... Read more →

How to Make a Frozen Bracelet Craft DIY

Disney Frozen, the movie, continues to be extremely popular and a massive hit with kids from all over. My little Frozen obsessed girl loves all the characters and especially the songs. We love to make up fun craft projects using this as a theme. See how to make a DIY Frozen bracelet which is easy enough for school age kids to enjoy as a craft. As long as a child is old enough to string... Read more →

Easy Christmas Origami Wreath Patterns

This easy Christmas origami wreath pattern resource page provides you with a fantastic selection of fun and free tutorials and instructions that you can use. Use the origami wreath patterns to make up your own DIY miniature wreaths just by simple paper folding techniques. Use your finished wreaths for Christmas tree ornaments, handmade card embellishments, small decorations and even, with larger paper sizes, make wreaths to hang up on a door. Paper folded wreath designs... Read more →