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Wintry Blue and Silver Christmas Tree Ornaments

Create a magical winter theme for the Holidays with blue and silver Christmas Tree ornaments. On this page, you'll get tips on dressing your tree for the Holiday season and lots of carefully chosen ornaments and decorations to match.

Every year I like to have a themed color scheme for our Christmas tree and Holiday decorations. Silver and blue, especially pale ice blue, is one of my favorite choices for a really magical winter wonderland look and feel.

Sometimes I'll add in a third choice such as white, dark midnight blue or purple. But blue and silver Christmas tree ornaments are my personal favorites and it is a scheme that I use most years.

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Wonderful Wintry Blue and Silver Christmas Tree Ornaments

Blue silver christmas tree hanging festive holiday ornaments

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This year we are going for more of a Disney Frozen theme at my daughter's request and so our whole room decor and even the gifts will all be wrapped in the same matching scheme for a beautiful coordinated look.

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I've added in a favorite selection of blue and silver Christmas tree ornaments to get the look. I'm also focusing on items that will work with the theme such as snowflakes and icicles for that frosty cold and winter wonderland styling.

mas Balls Christmas Ornaments Set Decorative Baubles Pendants mixed blue color christmas tree ball glittered

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The first thing I do when working to a color scheme for my Christmas tree decor is to look for large, basic sets of baubles and ornaments in my chosen colors. These are the much less expensive and cheaper 'filler' ornaments that you can hang all over the tree.

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Place the filler ornaments at the back, front and sides. They will quickly give the overall scheme for the look that you're going for while not costing the earth to achieve it.

❄️ A gradated or ombre look can be really stunning and gives more of a wow factor but it takes longer to create and plan. I separate all my ornaments into boxes by color and with some colors like blue.

Where I have a lot of items, I'll separate those into light and dark as well. Every year, I just pull out the actual colors I want to use which makes decorating go much faster.

You need to plan whether you are going to randomly add silver and blue ornaments on the tree branches or whether you're going to have a gradated scheme. A good gradated choice works from silver right at the top and down into light blues and then the darkest shades at the bottom of the tree.

winter theme christmas tree ornaments selection ice cool blues white silver

A selection of my favorite winter themed ice blue and silver ornaments.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

The best ornaments are always the ones which I put at the front of the tree or in places where they are going to be most visible. I normally add these last after the lights, tinsel and plain baubles.

I only buy a few special pieces every year because, like many people, over the years we have built up a collection of special ornaments.

Everything gets stored according to the main color so it's easy to pull out boxes filled with my chosen colors once we start putting the tree up each December.

Put a Few Special Ornaments at the Front of the Tree for Maximum Effect

silver color snowflake tree ornament with blue gemstone rhinestone middle

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I happen to love snowflake ornaments because they really suit a silver blue theme and also look magical for a winter wonderland look. This one by Hallmark is a pretty silver plated metal with a sparkling blue gem middle.

Silver sleigh hanging tree decoration

One of my favorite ornaments for this theme is my silver glitter sleigh.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Snowflakes work well with the Frozen look and in previous years I've used them for Narnia themes too. I just love ice cold winter styled items. Dangling icicles are great when you can find particularly nice ones to show off and they look good hanging near the bottom end of the tree.

Get the Actual Frozen Theme with Elsa's Shoe Ornament by Disney

ice cool blue silver high heel shoe hanging ornament figurine

Elsa from Disney Frozen Shoe Ornament from

UK Readers get Ornaments from

This year, we want to add more of the Frozen theme to our decor so we will be adding in lots of ice, snowflakes and snowmen to the mix.

I really love the amazingly pretty looking Elsa shoe ornament which comes in a glittery blue. This is a Disney Parks item and in their shoe ornament and decoration line.

You can get lots of other princess shoes too. All these shoes can be hung up and also have removable clips so after Christmas they can be sat flat on a shelf or table and used as figurines instead. So you can enjoy something like this year round.

Swarovski crystal Tall Clear Almond Prism and Cascade, Strass Laser Engraved, Amazing Crystal Ornament, Rainbow Maker, Sun Catcher Adorned with Swarovski crystal with CertificateArchangel Michael, Hanging Crystal Guardian Angel, Window Sun catcher, Rainbow MakerOrnament Royal Blue and Silver Lace Victorian Inspired ChristmasHanging Sun Catcher or Ornament Dove With Blue Swarovski Austrian Crystals

Olaf is the happiest snowman around and he will also work wonderfully in this scheme idea. We wouldn't stretch the budget up that high so we will be looking to find other cute snow people ideas instead.

I might be using the laminating machine to make up some quick DIY designs from stickers instead, punching a hole and then popping some satin ribbon through. That will work well.

My favorite piece has to be the wonderful silver bells Angel designed by Jim Shore, not pictured. This is an ornament you'll want to take out year after year.

Make sure the special ornaments are located where they will be easily seen and appreciated and not tucked behind a garland of tinsel or plain baubles. Adding these and the topper last on the tree will help.

You Can Make an Ombre Tree from a Pale Ice Blue down to Dark Midnight Blue


Or just use this ombre color change effect with your ornaments instead. I recommend using pale silver colors at the top of the tree and gradually work in darker blue ornaments towards the bottom.

Tinsel and Lights in Silvers and Blues Make a Great Background for the Tree Decor

First we put the lights around the tree, taking care to only place them where they will be seen. As our tree always backs into a corner or a wall, we don't bother putting them around where they won't be seen. This saves on having to buy such big lengths of lights for a start.

With a blue and silver color scheme, you can get white and blue lights to match.

Blue lights can add a nice effect but they don't tend to be as bright as white lights so we use a combination. If bright lights are more important then you might not want to add in blue ones at all.

Get a Matching Topper for the Tree: Stars and Angels are Popular Choices

silver colored star to put on top of a christmas tree

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​Tree toppers come in all kinds of styles but the most common ones and the ones we like the most are the traditional angel and star designs. Our daughter always wants to be lifted up to put the topper on, it's the perfect finishing touch at the end of what is normally hours of work in putting up the tree.

And, since we only put it up the week before Christmas, it makes this time even more exciting and special. I hope this has given you plenty of ideas on ornaments that you can get for your tree.

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