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Festive and fun Christmas Holiday salt and pepper shaker sets can make really sweet gifts. Bring a bit of added festivity to your table this season with the addition of some cute themed decorations for you, your family and all your guests to use.

There are plenty of fun sets available and they can help to add a bit of seasonal cheer to your winter meals and dinners.

I’ve picked out a range of my favorite pots that are currently available for you to buy. Gift them to yourself or someone else for a wonderful Holiday feel table.

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Cute Christmas Holiday Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets for a Festive Table

snowmen snowman winter Christmas Holiday festive salt and pepper shakers

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❄️ Because these kitchen accessories are not too large nor very expensive, they can make ideal gift choices too. You can get Christmas salt and pepper shakers for people who collect them.

They are also cute gifts for friends and family who love to dress their table well for all seasonal occasions. A table looks well dressed with matching salt and pepper pots on it.

Santa and Mrs Claus Holiday Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets: Cute Kissing Couple

Once Upon a Christmas Mr Mrs Santa Salt and Pepper Set Couple Christmas Festive

UK Readers get a Christmas Salt and Pepper Set from

​Here’s a very cute looking little set of novelty and fun ceramic pots to grace the home this Christmas, shown above. It’s a sweet looking Mr and Mrs Santa Claus. Old Father Christmas is giving his elderly wife a sneaky quick kiss.

There is a similar set (not shown) where he pecks her on the cheek while she happily carries on with her knitting. In that one, I love how the spectacles or glasses are perched neatly on top of her little button nose. This has to be the ultimate in kissing Santa salt and pepper shakers to choose from.

Lenox Holly Berry Christmas Holiday Salt and Pepper,IvoryAppletree 6 1/8-Inch Wild Wonderful Winterland by Babs Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker SetPixie Elf Holiday Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker Set ChristmasCosmos 54546 Gifts Ceramic Nutcracker Salt and Pepper Set, 4-1/2-Inch

Santa and Mrs Claus should make a really adorable and cute gift for the Holiday season. They are also in the traditional Christmas colors of red, white and green.

That means that they will handily match up with many other decorations around the home as well. And, thanks to the in-built magnetic attraction, this pair can stay in their sweet kissing pose just as long as you want them to.

Penguin Holiday Salt and Pepper Shakers with Red Santa Hats

Christmas Penguins Holiday salt pepper shakers

Buy this Penguin Salt and Pepper Pot Set from

UK Readers get a Christmas Set from

A little more unusual and cute are this adorable pair of festive Christmas Holiday themed penguin birds in the form of ceramic pots.

These are glossy ceramic shakers which have magnetic inserts that will keep these black and white penguin birds together right until you need to use them.

I love that this pair are just a little different to what you’d normally expect to see out on a kitchen or dining table over the winter season and animal fans in particular should go crackers over them too.

These sweet little penguin pals make an ideal and more of an inexpensive gift choice to give. Good for a collector of these sets or to someone who really adores this beautiful type of bird. Great choice for an animal fan.

Adorable Snow Couple Snowman Christmas Salt and Pepper Sets

Snowman Salt and Pepper Set/Toothpick Holder

Snow Couple Mr and Mrs Snowman Shaker Set

UK Readers get a Snowman Design from

This is a cute couple pairing and the snow and winter theme is an ideal one to get out on the table or on display for the festive Christmas Holiday season.

There are two hand-painted ceramic smiling snow people, not shown. One is wearing a smart black top hat decorated with a sprig of Holly and a red Cardinal bird perched on top which gives it a real seasonal appearance.

❄️ These Snowmen Christmas Ornament Salt and Pepper Shakers Look Happy on the Table!

christmas ornament salt pepper shakers skating snowman

Image Credit: Shared by Richard Smith on Flickr with a CC License

I love the adorable carrot shaped noses and the blush pink cheeks. These also make a great looking little gift for Christmas or to present someone with during the rather cold and dull winter season. They are novel, fun, inexpensive and sweet to give to your friends or family.

Nutcracker Holiday Salt and Pepper Shakers for Something Different

Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Nutcrackers Christmas salt pepper shaker sets

Buy these Nutcracker Ceramic Shakers from

UK Readers get a Nutcracker Set from

The Nutcracker ballet story which begins on Christmas Eve is a classic favorite winter tale. Clara receives the gift of a beautiful nutcracker toy which is broken by the jealous Fritz.

The nutcracker comes to life at midnight and takes Clara on a magical winter wonderland journey in the Land of Snow before they go on to have more adventures. I think this set makes a wonderful gift which will take someone back to the nostalgia of this story and the amazing ballet and music.

Lots of Ideas on Decorating Your Table for Christmas

Reindeer Salt and Pepper Shakers: Will These Guide Santa's Sleigh?

​​Reindeers are a favorite motif because of Rudolph the red nose reindeer who helped Santa out. If you want something more modern, look for Disney Frozen Shaker Sets. Taken right from the hit Disney movie Frozen is a set by Westland Giftware, not pictured.

They’ve got the characters Anna and Elsa building an Olaf snowman and it is so cute. This set is surely going to be quite a hit with children and especially ones who adore the movie Frozen. Westland Giftware make a lot of themed salt and pepper sets.

Cosmos Gifts Reindeer Salt and Pepper Set

Get these Reindeer Salt and Pepper Shakers at

UK Readers get a Reindeer Design from

Of course building any snowman is fun and exciting, especially for children. I love the look of a rather sweet snowman figure and little boy pot set, not pictured, which encapsulates the rather exciting moment where the snow has finally arrived.

It’s time to make and build lots of fun snow characters and people. This boy is looking at his new little snow buddy with glee and they are actually held together in place using some clever magnets to keep this adorable pose when not in use.

This is an ideal set that you can put out for the festive Christmas Holiday season and especially in a home where kids are present or as a gift to someone who loves kids.

How about a gift given from a grandchild to a grandparent. That would make a very sweet gift. Look for some vintage Holiday salt and pepper shaker sets to put on display from thrift stores and also auction sites.

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