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Collectible Christmas Figurines Make Cute Gifts

Give a festive keepsake collectible Christmas figurine for the Holiday season. Christmas Holiday themed collectible ceramics are a great way to give your home, or someone else's, a real and lovely festive touch.

While some of the more decorative pieces can be a small investment to make, they can last forever and make lovely keepsake gifts for that very same reason as well. ​Enjoy bringing out a wonderful little collectible sculpture every single year.

These are an elegant way to decorate your home for the Christmas season. In addition to that, these festive keepsake decorations make wonderful gifts that will be treasured and enjoyed for many more years to come.

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Collectible Christmas Figurines Make Cute Festive Gifts for the Holiday Season

Christmas angel cherub figurine statue

Image Credit: Original image shared by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay with a CC License

One way to enjoy these Holiday collectibles by Jim Shore and other artists is to use a larger and more elaborate piece as a central showstopper on a shelf or a display that you and your guests can enjoy.

⭐ You could raise one special Christmas figurine up in the middle of your dining table and then add other festive elements around it to make it a centerpiece.

Use seasonal items such as pine cones, holly, berries and gold and red seasonal color bows and strings of beads. Your guests dining with you should be impressed with your Festive table.

Great Holiday Gift for Pet Lovers: Jim Shore Long Ear Dog Figurine

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Christmas Santa and Dog Figurine Puppy

Jim Shore Christmas Santa Sculpture from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Christmas Figurine from Amazon.co.uk

Dog lovers should delight in this adorable looking figurine by Jim Shore which is approx 9 inches tall. This piece which captures the Holiday season, for dog owners in particular, features a charming puppy dog sitting next to Santa.

Santa Claus is petting the cheeky and cute puppy that is snuggled up next to him. I love the whimsical design that Jim has injected into this sweet Christmas themed sculpture.

As with the majority of Jim Shore designs, the figurine features lots of detail which explains just why they are so popular. If you get a Jim Shore piece, you can almost guarantee that you'll spend a long time appreciating it.

Get the Holidays Rolling with this Cat and Wreath Figurine by Enesco

Enesco White Cat in Green Christmas Holiday Wreath with Red Bow Figurine

Buy this Enesco White Kitty in Wreath Design

UK Readers get an Enesco Christmas Figurine from Amazon.co.uk

Anyone who adores cats should surely delight in this ever-so-cute looking Charming Purrsonalities design. This 4 inch high hand-painted figurine shows off a snow-white kitty cat with bright blue eyes. She is playing inside a Holiday wreath adorned with red berries and a big red bow. The cat is actually trying to catch a little ladybug near the end of its tail.

Enesco Heart of Christmas Boy and Girl Elf Dancing Figurine, 3.66-InchSwarovski Crystal Baby Reindeer FigurineEnesco Charming Tails Mouse in Sleigh with Red Cardinal Bird Figurine ChristmasEnesco Heart of Christmas Mouse with Puppet Figurine, 1.97-Inch

We can only wonder if the cat will ever manage to catch the little red ladybug but it is an adorable small piece that can be put out on display and enjoyed.

This one should make a delightful gift for a fan of cats and is ideal to gift at Christmas. Whoever receives it should be delighted. You will find more designs below that you can shop for too.

Festive Fairy Figurines for a Magical Holiday Season: Make a Wish!

My Little Kitchen Fairies Christmas Puppy Surprise Fairie

Get this Kitchen Fairies Christmas Figurine

UK Readers get a Fairy Christmas Design from Amazon.co.uk

Fairies are a particular favorite of mine and I really love this Kitchen Fairies design of an adorable looking little fairy creature.

She is holding up the surprise of a puppy dog in a Santa stocking. Some fun festive touches include the dog bed with the gift wrapped bone and the dog treats in the fairy's pocket.

It looks to me as though the fairy has been busy helping Santa deliver all those gifts with the Little Dipsey fairy, not shown, and now she's enjoying some relaxation time.

She's kicked off her shoes and is merrily standing on top of the pot handle and enjoying making up some treats. I love all the addition of melted chocolate, it almost looks real and good enough to eat. I love the candy canes in this piece which give it a festive touch.

Double Sided Naughty and Nice Santa Figurine for Christmas

santa claus traditional jim shore sculpture holiday elf helper

Double-Sided Naughty and Nice Santa Figurine by Jim Shore

This is one of my favorite Jim Shore collectibles for the Holiday season. It is a very detailed Santa figure making a list of all the children going on the nice list for Christmas.

We have a sack of toys and I love that they are traditional toys with a soldier, a doll in a pink dress and a teddy. Then there is Santa's Elf helper who is holding the list as is scrolls down.

View More Santa Claus Figurines

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Angel with Holly Leaf Wings Figurine 4053719Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Wish You a Merry Christmas Santa Figurine 4053703Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Snowman with Tree Figurine, 4.75Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 9 Piece Mini Nativity Set

There is another side of this rather amazing looking figurine. This one is the naughty side and thankfully features a list with fewer names on.

The Elf looks miserable and the toys on this side are really sad. This really is such a unique sculpture and the fact that it can be viewed from multiple angles is enchanting.

Night Before Christmas Storybook Figurine

This storybook design looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. This one is based on The Night Before Christmas story.

The story has children tucked up in bed anticipating all the excitement of Santa arriving. I love all the detail on this from the stockings hung on the fireplace to the gifts around the tree.

jim shore night before christmas story sculpture figurine collectible gift santa reindeer stockings fireplace

Buy this Jim Shore Festive Storybook Figurine

UK Readers get a Jim Shore design from Amazon.co.uk

There is also a wonderful Santa Train by Jim Shore which is one of the most lavish designs I've come across for Christmas. It's a stunning design of Santa riding in his Heartwood Creek train so he can deliver all the toys.

This is a style that you would want to prominently show off on display. You can have it as a table centerpiece or display it in the middle of an ornate mantelpiece. Because this item really deserves to be shown and appreciated by all your guests.

See the level of detail with the reindeer head mounted on the front of the train, the poinsettia decorated wheels, the little bell on the front of the carriage and the inscription that reads: The North Star arrives bright and silvery, toys all packed for their delivery. There are other fabulous train carriages that you can add on to this item as well.

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