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Sweet Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments

Get seriously tempted by these sweet cupcake Christmas tree ornaments. Perfect if you have even a little bit of a cupcake addiction, or if you know someone else who does.

Feast your eyes on these very sweet and delicious looking ornaments to hang on your festive tree or on a stand. These come in a very wide range of yummy looking designs with sweet looking toppings too.

For collectors, these festive Holiday hanging decorations are a great and inexpensive way to add to the seasonal collection and of course they also make ideal little gifts. Why not pick out some designs to add a bit of sweetness to your room decor this year.

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Very Sweet Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments

pink and white Christmas tree with cupcake ornaments hanging from it

Image Credit: Shared by F_A on Flickr with a CC License

⭐ ​You’ll look forward to seeing these fun, frosted cupcake tree ornaments in your annual Holiday decor.

I know that I’m just like a kid in a candy store every year when I unpack the boxes of tinsel and decide which items to put out on our trees. These designs are simply beautiful and you should have enjoyed browsing through them on this page.

Festive Felt and Fabric Cupcake Ornament by Hallmark

Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2018 Year Dated, Christmas Cupcakes Holly Jolly Delight

Get this Hallmark Cupcake Ornament from

UK Readers get a Christmas Cupcake Ornament from

Hallmark makes a series of Christmas cupcake designs and decorations for hanging on your tree. One of my favorites (not shown) comes with a silver color case, some vanilla color icing topped with green frosted swirls, silver balls and a big red bow on top.

You can’t get a lot more festive than that really. It’s a fun looking design and nice to collect the others in this Christmas cupcake series too.

Get the Frozen Look in Icy Blues: this Cupcake Ornament has a Snowflake on Top

Snowflake felt fabric cupcake shape hanging ornament ice blue silver

Buy this Frozen Style Hallmark Cupcake Ornament at

UK Readers get a Christmas Cupcake Ornament from

If you are going for a cool winter theme or even a Disney Frozen one, as we did one year, this particular icy blue design with snowflake on top makes the perfect choice because it would match in perfectly.

I’m very fussy about what ornaments I put on my tree, some people try and shove on every single one they’ve ever owned but I really like to do themes each year either by color or topic and it creates a neater looking scheme and result.

To make life easier, it can really help to store your Christmas Holiday cupcake decorations by the main color. That way you can simply pull out the boxes or bags that you need for your scheme and ignore the rest of the pieces. It makes it faster and easier to create a great looking tree this way.

Get Yourself a Beautiful Handmade Cupcake Ornament from Etsy

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Mini Multi Color Argyle

Buy this Cupcake Ornament from AmyMillerDesigns on Etsy

For ornaments that are really unique, I'd look to Etsy which is a handmade site. I love this design in particular. It has an on trend argyle liner at the bottom and matching color beads at the top along with a cherry style decoration.

These come with clear string attached for hanging up or can be made without string to use as a standing decoration instead.

Blown Glass Cupcake Ornaments can Really Shine on Your Tree

glitter cupcake shaped blown glass ornament christmas tree bling

Get this Glitter Glass Ornament Design

UK Readers get a Christmas Cupcake Ornament from

For an ultra girly glitter fest, how about this really pretty and shimmering blown glass cupcake ornament.

While plenty of cupcake ornaments come in the traditional colors of red and green, there are other options too. A cute one is candy pink shades which would look wonderful on a pastel color tree.

cupcake ornaments on a Christmas tree

Cupcake ornaments look fantastic hanging on a white and pink Christmas tree. Pastel colors work exceptionally well with this theme.

Image Credit: Shared by F_A on Flickr with a CC License

This would work wonderfully on a white or a pink tree in particular and needs to work alongside quite a cute pastel color scheme I think to look utterly gorgeous.

If you adore glitter then this is the most sparkly piece I’ve come across. Of course the glitters are going to attract all the lights on the Christmas tree and reflect them around for lots of added bling.

Glass Blowing Demonstration: This is Why Blown Glass Ornaments are Special

Fine Porcelain Lenox Cupcake Ornament Keepsake Gift

Lenox do a lovely range of beautiful keepsake porcelain cupcake ornaments which make delightful gifts for yourself or to give to someone special. I particularly like this one but they also have other designs.

One, not pictured, is in a festive pillar box red case with snow white frosting and the little holly sprinkles which give it a lovely traditional feel. It is around 2.5 inches tall and comes with gold thread for hanging up on the tree.

​Jillson Roberts Range of Cupcake Shaped Tree Ornaments

I like the fun design in this range with Santa’s legs disappearing into the silver frosted cake. He clearly loves eating this one! The Jillson Roberts range (because there are lots) can be difficult to get hold of at times and you may need to look at a variety of vendors.

However each is a real joy to look at since they all really do look like something that you would love to bite in to. If only they were real! And what about Santa disappearing into the cake; it looks like he got carried away with his Christmas Eve treat!

There is a very cute design (not pictured) that features a really festive looking cupcake design starting with the glitter red baking cup, the towering green and white swirled frosting of a Holiday tree, festive color sprinkles and a frosted red star. This hand-painted cupcake ornament comes complete with matching metallic cord for hanging on the tree on on a stand.

​Another wonderful item from the Jillson Roberts range of delights is a chocolate and mint design. I really love this combination because I adore mint chocolates.

This has a glitter red baking cup, a chocolate cake, perfectly swirled mint frosting and festive confetti decoration. You can imagine the admiring looks that any wonderful sweet treat is going to get when hung on your tree.

If you want personalized designs, look at the print on demand site called Zazzle for cupcake ornaments. They have a great range and you can add custom names and text to most designs.

One I enjoyed, not pictured, had a lovely festive scene with a red tablecloth decorated with snowflakes which makes a wonderful backdrop to a gorgeous and really yummy looking selection of sweet treats. Mine’s the one with the candy cane on top!

If You Love Sewing, You Can Make Your Own Cupcake to Hang on the Tree

felt cupcake keychain plush handmade sewn embroidery

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

​If you enjoy crafts and sewing, you can always make your own decorations for the tree. This is one I made from felt and fabric. You can get my free DIY photo tutorial with written instructions and a printable template to make this design.

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