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Festive Christmas Table Napkin Rings

To add an elegant finishing touch to your festive dining celebrations, choose from this hand-picked selection of Christmas table napkin rings.

These special themed holders could be described as table jewelry because they really do help to dress up your table decor. For seasonal occasions like Christmas, they complete the table properly in an elegant and matching style.

Holders and rings with a festive theme can be formal, elegant, fun, eye-catching or simple as you prefer. You'll find a range of styles to shop for and buy on this page. I've picked out my favorites for you and I hope you enjoy this pretty selection.

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Festive Christmas Table Napkin Rings for a Beautifully Decorated Holiday Table

Christmas table napkin rings dress up a festive table with a beautiful and elegant style

Image Credit: Original image shared by Mariolh on Pixabay with a CC License

Christmas napkin rings add a touch of elegance and tradition to this wonderful occasion often shared with family and special friends.

During the Holiday season in particular, there is often little room to fully decorate a table due to the excess of food.

This is where these elegant table accessories are a simple and space-saving way to enhance your dining decor.

Holly Christmas Table Napkin Rings: Festive Sprig of Green Leaves to Keep the Cloth Linens Tidy on the Table

Lenox holiday napkin rings Holly and Berry, Set of 4 gold Christmas napkin rings

Get these Gold Color Lenox Holiday Napkin Rings from

UK Readers get Christmas Napkin Rings from

This is a beautiful looking and traditional set of Lenox holiday napkin rings. They feature a gold color metal scroll design.

The design is accentuated with a holly and berry theme in shimmering red and green. These are all the wonderful colors that we have long associated with the festive season.

What a delicate and elegant scroll-work leaf design these are. The metal is cutaway in areas which means that the color of your cloth napkins will be able to show through in parts.

Make sure that the cloth is a color that complement the holders. Warm colors such as a bronze or ruby red cloth should work well against the gold color on the design.

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Napkin Rings, Set of 4 Decorated with festive holly spray with ribbon accentsLenox Holiday Napkin Rings, Set of 4 Decorated with festive holly spray with ribbon accents Gold trimmed for extra fashion A little touch of the holidays for your dinner tableDII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, Set of 6, Silver StagManor Luxe Holly Berry Holiday Painted Brass Metal with Resin Berry Napkin Rings, Set of 4 Christmas Festive

This set of gold Christmas napkin rings should really complement any traditional table setting and is likely to work very well with china, napkins and tablecloths that also feature a holly and berry design.

The gold color metal will stand out beautifully against red or green color napkins for a more dramatic look. The pretty holly and berry motifs are sure to match up with most Christmas china.

Holly has long been associated with the holiday season and is a perfect theme for your decor with the green leaves and bright red berries. You can easily match up these holly designs with other decor for the table.

There is always an abundance of holly themed dinnerware, tableware and linen to be found. These are charming and I love the traditional and elegant styling of these motifs.

Cardinal Napkin Rings: A Favorite and Beautiful American Bird with Pine Cone Design

Christmas napkin rings holiday table Lenox Cardinal, Set of 4

Buy these Cardinal Bird Holiday Napkin Rings

The Cardinal is a much loved American bird and many people who appreciate birds love the striking colors of the male cardinal with his bright red plumage and black facial markings.

It is not surprising that the Cardinal bird is a symbol associated with the traditional Christmas and Holiday time colors.

This is a set of 4 metal napkin holders that will really charm everyone dining at your table this holiday season. The enamel design features the Cardinal resting on top of a pine cone.

The sprigs of leaves are beautiful to look at and you can see an incredible level of detailing too. These delightful birds are fit to grace any table and are likely to provide a real talking point too.

Snowflake Napkin Rings: Wonderful Seasonal Winter Theme to Dress Your Holiday Table

Artisano Designs Winter Wishes Holiday napkins rings Snowflake

Snowflake Napkin Rings Set of 4 Gift Boxed

UK Readers get Snowflake Napkin Rings from

I love the look of this pretty set of 4 stainless steel snowflake napkin holders which come gift boxed. They would make a lovely looking gift for someone.

Snowflakes work well with having a cool or colder color scheme: silvers, ice blues, crisp snow whites. If you are dressing your table in these colors then snowflakes could match in well as a motif to use.

DII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, Set of 6, Silver BranchManor Luxe Snowflake Holiday Elegant Jeweled Metal Napkin Rings, Set of 4, SilverKemp and Beatley Stamped Florentine Snowflake Napkin Rings Set of 4, ChromeDII Napkin Rings for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, for Dinners, Parties, Everyday, Set of 6, Gold Snowflake

If you are going to be entertaining children at Christmas then there are some chunky hand-painted nutcracker designs in bright colors and glossy finish that are sure to be a big hit.

Set these out on the table to delight young children while the adults can either use the same designs or something with a little more elegance to dress their napkins instead.

The Nutcracker Ballet is a classic Christmas tale and one that you could also watch after your dinner as this would be entrancing for adults and children alike.

Ideas for Setting a Beautiful Holiday Table

Stars are often associated with Christmas because of the brightly shining North Star that helped to lead the Magi to the baby Jesus. A star design in red or a darker blue which will stand out against lighter color table linen.

There are lots of seasonal themes you could use for your holiday decorating: angels, bells, holly, candles, ivy, mistletoe, reindeer, wreaths, yule logs, Christmas trees, Santa and more. I hope you manage to buy some fantastic Christmas napkin rings for the Holiday table.

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