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There is a wide and stunning choice of nautical themed Christmas ornaments to hang from the branches of your festive Holiday tree or to give as a gift. You can show off a real enjoyment of the maritime life and a general love of all things to do with the sea.

You can find many nautical ornament themes including ships, sailing boats, anchors, ship wheels, ocean life, shells and even mermaids for luring sailors out to dangerous waters.

A nautical decoration can be a unique way to remember someone special during the festive season each year as well as making a wonderful keepsake to treasure.

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Nautical Themed Christmas Ornaments for a Totally Coastal Tree

nautical lighthouse boat ship sea theme christmas holiday tree ornaments

Image Credit: Original images shared by Holgi and OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay with a CC License

I love how the way in which we all decorate our trees individually can tell a story about who we are and where we have come from: our unique history.

⭐ There are many wonderful nautical Christmas ornaments to enjoy including lighthouses, the beacons of light that guide ships back safely home. These charming decorations make great gifts for anyone who enjoys this theme.

Lots of people enjoy nautical Christmas decor because someone in their family is or was involved in sailing, or has a deep interest in boats and sea-faring.

Glass Boat Ornament: Miniature Ship in a Bottle Hanging Design

Boat Ship in a Bottle Glass Ornament for Christmas

Buy this Ornament for Christmas from

UK Readers get a Nautical Christmas Ornament from

I love the look of this miniature glass bottle design that holds a tiny ship inside. Lots of people interested in the nautical theme have seen ship in a bottle designs and this makes for a wonderful little addition to hang on a tree.

How is a ship in a bottle actually made?

The deck of the ship is made so it is just small enough to fit through the neck of the glass bottle. The rigging and sails are constructed to lay flat against the deck.

Once the ship's safely inside the bottle, strings or long tools are used to pull the rigging and sails up. It is a really ingenious construction.

Sailing Boat Ornament in Christmas Red with a Festive Wreath Decoration

red sailboat sailing boat christmas lights festive green wreath

Buy this Sail Boat Ornament for Christmas from

UK Readers get a Boat Christmas Ornament from

This is a beautiful looking and quite large, 6 inch tall, sailboat painted in a festive bright red.

You can see the wonderful detailing with the white sails, the festive Christmas wreath decoration with bow and some very pretty little colored lights around the sails.

Old World Christmas Holiday Lighthouse Glass Blown Christmas Tree Ornament NauticalCruise Ship Personalized Christmas Ornament TreeNautical Glass Red Hull Sailboat Decorated with Holiday Lights Hanging OrnamentSanta Delivering Gifts in Dory Boat Holiday Christmas Ornament

It's a great looking nautical tree ornament and one that may bring back memories of sailing or memories of someone special who loved to sail but is sadly no longer here with you.

I love sailboat items just because I love a reminder of being out on the open water. This boat is going to stand out wonderfully against a crisp green backdrop of a traditional tree.

Another wonderful nautical Christmas tree ornament idea is a striking festive color painted tugboat ornament. Tugboats are wonderful to watch as they help ships in and out of ports.

These are the workhorses of the sea and can help to move shipping vessels many times their own size. How nice to add one of these amazing tugboats on to your tree.

Ship's Wheel Wooden Nautical Christmas Tree Ornament

ship wheel boat sailboat nautical wooden design red bow wreath

Get this Wooden Ship's Wheel Ornament from

UK Readers get a Ship Wheel Design from Etsy

What a wonderful way to commemorate someone who worked in the navy, as a merchant marine or someone who loved to sail boats. I love the look of this sturdy wooden design which is decorated with a tiny wreath and red bow.

The anchor is another symbol that has been used in connection or affinity with a person connected with the sea. You'll find it commonly used as a body art design on sailors.

It is also used by people employed in sea related jobs such as someone in the Navy, in the Marines or someone who works as a coast guard. The anchor also has a symbolic meaning with Christian symbolism. This is possibly due to the shape of some anchors that also have a top bar and resemble the Christian cross.

Beach Shell Seashell Christmas Tree Ornament

glitter sparkle mouth blown glass sea shell beach nautical theme

Get this Blown Glass Oyster Shell Design at

Lots of people love to collect shells as a reminder of a trip to the beach and a view out to the sea. I'm one of those people and I always spend a long time hunting for the perfect shells and pebbles to bring back home with me.

Pearlized Ornaments, Shells, Starfish Sand Dollar, Set 4December Diamonds Blown Glass Embellished Hermit Crab Christmas OrnamentOld World Christmas Clam Shell Glass Blown OrnamentOld World Christmas Golden Seashell Glass Blown Ornament Shell

Now the nautilus shell is perfect with its spiral shape and pearl luster sheen because it is a hand-painted, blown glass ornament. I love these traditional style hand crafted glass designs.

Lighthouse Tree Ornament Festive Design and Artwork by Beth Logan

lighthouse art work by beth logan festive holly nautical

Get this Festive Lighthouse Design from Zazzle

A lighthouse is a deeply symbolic symbol and one that often contains a Christian message of hope because it is a beacon of light in the darkness. The lighthouse stands for a tower of strength against the stormy seas and something that is there to guide ships home safely. It is a great choice for a nautical theme this Christmas.

How about a mermaid holiday ornament which makes an unusual and striking design to hang up on a tree. The mermaid makes a really glamorous and unusual nautical choice. Look for one all dressed up in festive colors too.

This siren of the sea would be an excellent choice for someone who loves the sea. You can hang her up on a traditional Christmas tree or it would look really good placed on a white tree with glittering decorations placed on it. For a nautical themed tree, a mermaid could make a fun tree topper instead of the usual Angel.

Get a Personalized Nautical Ornament with this Custom Name Ceramic Captain Design

Custom personal name text ceramic captain style round ornament

Add a Custom Name of Choice to this Ceramic Captain Ornament

For something that you can add a custom name to and personalize, I really like this simple and effective idea. This could really make a fantastic and a memorable gift for someone.

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