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Snowman bathroom decorations can make for truly magical winter wonderland decor. Frosty the snowman makes for a really cool decor theme for the Christmas Holiday season.

Snowmen are jolly, fun and happy designs that are suitable for all the family. It’s not hard to see why this is such a popular theme for using in your home. You can recreate a rather magical and merry winter wonderland all in the space of an ordinary room.

Snowman bathroom decor is great too for kids and visiting guests because it is a family friendly and fun theme that everyone can enjoy.

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Cool Winter Snowman Bathroom Decorations and Accessories

Jolly John snow man bathroom accessory

Image Credit: Added text to image. Original shared by Glenn Dettwiler on Flickr with a CC License

Decor sets featuring snowmen are delightful winter scenes often decked out with pale icy blues, frosty whites and just a touch of festive red to add in a tiny bit of warmth to the whole ensemble.

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I love blues for this particular time of year and it’s a wonderfully clean and crisp choice of color just perfect for a restroom.

Shower Curtains Give the Biggest Impact in a Room Scheme

snowman design pattern shower curtain snowflakes

Get this Snowman Shower Curtain from

UK Readers get a Snowman Shower Curtain from

Shower curtains are a big item that can quickly add to the overall look and fun winter Holiday impact that you’re going for with your snowman bathroom decorations.

Christmas Shower Curtain Snowman Christmas Bathroom Acessories by Ambesonne, Santa Reindeer Christmas Eve in Small Town with on Starry Night Winter Scene, Polyester Fabric Set with Hooks, Blue WhitePrimitive Snowman Shower CurtainFabulous Store Custom Merry Christmas Snowman Preparing for Cleaning Waterproof fabric Shower Curtain 60Snow Time Country Snowman Shower Curtain

UK Readers get a Snowman Shower Curtain from

You get a row of several happy Frosty the snowmen across this design of shower curtain as well as the crisp white snowflakes and even some birds on the snow floor.

The curtain is a quick way to add in a splash of those colors that will work wonderfully with your chosen winter theme.

You can also get snowman shower curtains at Zazzle which is a print on demand service. They are a lot more expensive but some of the designs look fabulous.

Christmas Snowman Bath Towels to Dry and Warm You When You're FFF ... Freezing

Christmas Winter Snowman Blue Towel

A perfect match for this room scheme is a snowman bathroom towel set. The one above has a set of two hand towels provided. Other designs may have a cheerful winter design of a blue towel with embroidered snowmen characters and Christmas trees.

Christmas 3 Piece Cotton Towel Set - SnowmanHoliday Snowman Hand Towels And Holder Gift Bag SetHeartland Snowman Bath Towel by HometoDealsEmbroidered Let It Snow Snowman on Beige Wash Hand Bath Towels Set

To keep costs down with your towels, you could buy one set of snowman towels and then get the rest of your towels matched up to the actual colors in the design.

This is a technique I often use myself: buy lots of solid colored towels to match and coordinate perfectly with the colors of a few really beautifully designed ones. That way you get a wonderful set of towels that all work together without the large cost attached.

Very Easy No-Sew Sock Snowman Tutorial - Make One for Your Bathroom

snowman bathroom decorations no-sew snowman sock

Image Credit: Original image shared by Ana_J on Pixabay with a CC License

It can be harder than you'd like finding snowmen decor and accessories to go in your rest room. One quick and easy thing you can do is to make up a sock snowman. These guys look simply adorable.

They are easy to make with no sewing involved. You just need a white sock to start with, dried rice or other filling a baby sock to make a hat, strip of fabric for a scarf, some googly eyes and buttons. Prop him up on a bathroom shelf or somewhere he's not going to get wet.

Snowman Ceramic Soap Dish and Liquid Soap Dispenser​

snow man soap dispenser ceramic dish bathroom accessory

Ceramic Soap Bar and Liquid Soap Dispenser from

For adding into an existing collection or putting in that thoughtful and fun bit of extra detail, why not change up your regular soap dispenser and use this jolly little waving chap instead.

This ceramic dispenser will work especially well if your decor has just a touch of red which is present in his little scarf and hat. This is a nice touch for guests. It’s a great option for adult guests in a guest bathroom or for family to use.

I wouldn’t choose a free-standing dispenser for a kid’s bathroom because young children often find them fiddly to use unless the dispenser is fixed onto the wall or the sink. A ceramic one like this is likely to end up skidding across the floor.

Should You Get a Hallmark Talking Snowman Bathroom Figure Known as Jolly John

See if You Find the Talking Snowman Annoying with this Video!

Would you like to give visiting guests a rather fun surprise when they visit the bathroom? Get hold of a Jolly John singing and talking snowman.

He will more than keep people entertained when they pop in the restroom. Jolly John is motion activated which means he’ll only start up (and thus not waste his batteries) when someone enters the room he’s cheerfully guarding.

NOTE: If you really want a Hallmark talking snowman bathroom figure and he's too expensive at Amazon, look at the auction sites as well.

He has several fun and cheeky phrases such as:

“Ho, ho, ho, who has to go?”

“What ya doin? Never mind. I don’t want to know!”

“If you need to wrap presents, I have plenty of paper. Get it? Paper.”

He could be the absolute hit in your Holiday home decor or he could be the most hated thing. If you really want to prank your guests then make sure to hide him somewhere in the room so they get a little more of a shock when he starts up.

This is a sure way to inject some cheer and humor while sticking to your chosen theme. I love the addition of the red toilet plunger too.

A Snowman Toilet Seat Cover or Tattoo

Snow Couple Christmas Toilet Tattoo TT-X629-R Round Winter Holiday

One of the bigger visual impacts as anyone walks into a restroom is normally going to be with the actual toilet area. So if you’re on a limited budget or a limited time frame for sorting out your theme, I’d really recommend focusing on decking out the toilet with a snowman toilet seat cover and also a bath rug for starters.

I once had a cheerful and fun snowman bath collection that included a machine washable toilet set cover.

The design had a snowflake filled crisp blue sky and a really jolly snowman with his twig arms outstretched and a smile across his face. I loved the little red polka dot scarf that he wore which matched up with the border around the matching toilet rug.

PDF Pattern to Make a Snowman Toilet Seat Cover by Maggie's Crochet on Etsy

If you can crochet, there is a pattern (not free) available to make your own snow man toilet seat cover over by Maggie's Crochet. I've not tried this pattern but it looks really good and a fun addition to a winter bathroom.

Get a Bathroom Rug to Match

Look for a cute matching bathroom mat or rug which is skid proof and that will add to the chill looking winter scene in your room. You can stick to frosty blues or go for a design with shades of blue and red.

These colors can work beautifully well with a number of other great items and accessories. So as you add to your collection, you’ll find it easy to keep a nice coordinated and consistent look.

Primitive Warm Winter Wishes Design

primitive folk snow man bath rug mat design sleigh rides

Get this Snowman Bath Mat from Zazzle

If you really want to go to town, then also look out for matching curtain hooks to extend on your snowman bath decor. If you find it hard to get hold of any snowman shower hooks, look for some snowflake design shower curtain hooks that will also coordinate perfectly.

Additionally you can buy some plain curtain hooks and pop on your own designs instead. Snowflakes made from plastic Perler beads would be ideal for this because it’s fine if they get damp or wet.

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