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Cupcake Party Invitations for the Christmas Holiday

Here's a really tempting and sweet selection of cute Christmas cupcake party invitations. They are ideal if you are having a festive Holiday party or hosting a festive cupcake exchange.

On this page are some great designs and many which you can fill in online and have printed out for you on a card finish of your choice. This is well worth it if you're short on time or lacking in the crafting expertise and confidence to make your own.

These announcement designs are not in abundance for you to buy. There are plenty of ordinary cake and sweet treat invites but those seasonal ones are much harder to find.

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Festive Season Cupcake Party Invitations for the Christmas Holiday

Cupcake party invitiations christmas holiday

Image Credit: Original image shared by platinumportfolio on Pixabay with a CC License

Create a Christmas party to remember with some themed cupcake design invitations and announcement cards that should impress your guests. It isn't easy to find that many celebration cards with the festive cupcake theme. I've found a great selection to show you which have all been hand picked here on this page.

Christmas Tree Cupcake green Party Invitation
Christmas Tree Cupcake Green Party Invitation from Zazzle

Look at this cute Christmas tree cupcake design shown on the right with a tiny angel on top. It is very cute and in traditional festive Holiday colors too, just waiting for you to go and fill in your event details.

digital Christmas Cupcake Themed Invitation

Printable Christmas Cupcake Birthday Party Invitation by Shiny Sparkly Parties on Etsy

Ideal looking for a Holiday birthday is this red and white striped design with a modern chalkboard style middle. The cupcake has festive color sprinkles on top.

Kids Christmas Cupcake Invitation

Holiday Cupcake Invitation Digital or Prints Available by The Honey Bee Press on Etsy

Santa Claus and his Elf helper are here in this cute looking design with a totally scrumptious looking cupcake. Digital and printed designs of this custom invitation are available.

Holiday Cupcake Whimsey PERSONALIZED Cupcake PARTY Card
Holiday Cupcake Personalized Cupcake Party Card from Zazzle

Many of the designs shown on this page are one that you can customize (or have customized for you) so that you can change titles and wording as much as you like.

Some are easily set up so that you can easily add in all the necessary details such as date, time, place and contact info. My tip to you is to have all the details you need written down on a sheet of paper so it is easy to fill in all the information in one go.

Cupcake - Party Invitation - SRF
Cupcake Party Invitation - Customize Details on the Back from Zazzle

I like the green swirled background that stands out on this design and the big and bold candy cane with a festive red bow. The cupcake is topped with a sprig of holly and red berries to match.

Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Invites: Bake, Swap and Sample these Delicious Little Cakes

Whimsical Holiday Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Card
Whimsical Holiday Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Card from Zazzle

A Holiday cupcake exchange or swap party can be a great deal of fun. But for it to work properly, you need to know how many people are coming so that you can let people know how many cupcakes they each need to make.

So it pays to get your invites sorted out early on! You'll need to supply cupcake boxes if cupcakes are going to be taken away and not just sampled at the event.

Holiday baking party invitation which you print yourself, or email to friends and family

Holiday Baking Party Digital Printable Invite by Marley Design on Etsy

Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Card
Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Card from Zazzle

Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Invitation
Christmas Cupcake Exchange Party Invitation from Zazzle

If you need Christmas Cupcake Invitations for a lot of people, then it isn't really feasible to make your own, unless you happen to be some kind of craft Queen who has lots of time on her hands.

However, you can still make use of items such as cupcake punches, cupcake stamps and other themed craft items to jazz up you invitation envelopes, make party favor tags and decorate goody bags and make cute little decorations for your event. There are plenty of crafty ideas for doing your own.

Are You Creative Enough to Make Your Own Festive Cupcake Invites?

cupcake shaped card for christmas red white green holly

Head along to my Christmas Cupcake Shaped Card Tutorial page which gives you a step-by-step tutorial and a free, printable template so you can create your own shaped confectionery cards and decorate them with the holly and berry design that is included.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

So you've got a great idea of what is available to buy in terms of your Holiday season invites but you fancy having a shot at making your own. For smaller events and parties, this is a great idea. But where do you start?

If you want to make your own invitations and you have the time to invest in that task, visit my tutorial listed above. This has a free printable template that you can use. All you would need to do is add details of the event inside the card which you can do by printing something out from your word processing software or by using a special invite rubber or clear stamp.

You can turn the handmade cards into invite announcement cards simply by either writing the details inside each one or, even better, using your computer to print out the details in a program like Word and popping the information inside each of your cupcake invites. This makes the task a whole lot quicker plus you will impress your guests too!

If you want to add some short themed sayings to the invitation cards you've made or to personalize any announcement cards you've bought, look for a Christmas Sentiments Page to add these in. This is full of lots of short quotations that are ideal.

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