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First Christmas Gifts for a Baby Girl Cute Ideas

You will want to choose some first Christmas gifts for a baby girl that are quite special to mark this wonderful occasion.

The very first Christmas for a baby is always a tremendously special one; not really for the tiny little girl who is largely oblivious to it all but more-so for the parents and family who are immensely proud and happy to spend their first festive season with their precious child.

And these emotional feelings over the festive season are normally even more pronounced with a first born child. It's bound to be purely since it is an occasion that has never happened before.

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First Christmas Gifts for a Baby Girl: Lots of Really Cute Ideas

best gifts for baby first christmas girl

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I can remember being really excited with our little girl when the big day of Christmas crept up. she was six months old at that point, and it was a very sweet occasion with all our closest family including the doting grandparents there to share in with the celebration.

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We were all tickled pink when our baby girl loved the wrapping paper much more than the toys and first Christmas gifts she received and she was fascinated with waving it around and playing with it while lying on her back.

It’s an especially important occasion to mark for the family. Here’s a selection of sweet and sentimental gifts for a baby girl’s first Christmas that I can recommend based on my own experience.

First Christmas Gifts for a Baby Girl: Special Keepsake Tree Ornaments

Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament, First Pink Ornament Ornate Hanger with Ribbons and Beads

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The younger the baby is when Christmas comes around, the less likely that they will have any interest in anything that you bring for them to play with. We received a whole range of items but a few of our favorites from this time were special ornaments for the tree.

Because they’re beautiful keepsakes that we use every year and they have the additional value that we will pass them onto our daughter when she is older and sets up home on her own.

Pink Shoes Baby Girl First Christmas Tree OrnamentHallmark Keepsake Baby's First Babys First Christmas Porcelain Holiday Ornament2017 Baby Girl 1st Christmas Personalized Hand Stamped Snowflake Ornament with Crystal Snowflake and bowFirst 1st Christmas Ornament personalized baby name custom

Amazon have lots of stunning ornaments based on this occasion and some of them get very expensive too but I really liked this pretty pink design which really marks the event.

Most of the first Christmas ornaments have the year marked on for you which is another lovely feature, providing you want the actual year marked for this occasion.

hand painted snowball ornament warm white hat wood heart inscribed Baby's 1st Christmas 2016 sprig handmade name tag and ribbons

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The addition of a signature marked neatly on the bottom or back of the ornament with a permanent marker is a nice idea so that the sender will never be forgotten. With some ornaments, it is possible to personalize them with the baby girl's name which is a wonderful touch.

Baby Girl First Christmas Gifts: Festive Holiday Clothes are Practical and Cute

Christmas Outfits for Baby Girls 4 Pieces Infant Romper Tutu Dress Headband New Year Party Gift

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Useful items to gift to parents are clothes. Newborns typically get a lot of clothes but by Christmas, parents may well be very grateful for any new additions to add to the wardrobe or closet and the festive theme is a cute touch for the designs.

Parents will already have a special outfit marked out for December the 25th but are always happy to receive practical clothing items such as rompers that tend to get a lot more day to day use. Well they certainly did in our house where they took preference over fancy but impractical clothes all the time.

Baby Girl First Christmas Outfit Red Green White themeGirls Personalized Baby Christmas Outfit Reindeer Unicorn

Look for themed bodysuits and rompers that are just right for the time of year, long sleeves may be ideal for cooler weather. Poppers from feet to neck can make it super easy for the baby to have their diaper changed easily, without having to take everything off.

Fold over mitts are a good choice because they can help to prevent her from scratching with those sharp little baby nails. There are also lots of sweet festive themed socks to pick from and bibs too.

A very inexpensive buy is ideal if you’re just looking for a small gift or for something that you can pair up with other items. Look for a blanket, bib or a teddy. It’s not a keepsake item but it certainly is a useful one that most parents would be glad of.

Best Gifts for a Baby's First Christmas: Their Very First Doll to Love

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Doll new for 2015

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Newborn babies are often showered with teddies and plush toys (many given out at baby showers too) which is why I’m not including one for this occasion.

But this little girl may not yet have a little baby doll of her own to cuddle and a super soft little doll such as Stella here can be a really an appropriate choice for a young baby to love.

My little girl was given a really soft and fluffy puppy when she was 6 months old and, though she did not pay him much attention at first, he became her favorite cuddly toy and that’s the one she is most attached to now she is older.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Beige Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll for Ages 1 Year and Up, 15Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Feeding Set Accessory for Nurturing DollsManhattan Toy Baby Stella Goodnight Pajama Set Baby Doll ClothingManhattan Toy Baby Stella Brunette Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll, 15-Inch

Baby Stella is completely soft so there are no hard or unsafe features on this doll since any detail like the eyes are embroidered on. She has removable clothes which means that a baby girl can interact more with her.

As she grows into a toddler, she is able to manipulate objects better which makes this an even better choice. Stella comes in different variations to choose from and plenty of accessories too. You’ll find some more ideas below to help you choose.

Keepsake Figurines Make Sweet Gifts that can be Treasured as this Girl Grows Up

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Woodland Nativity Angel Figurine, Mini

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How appropriate is a beautiful nativity Angel figurine to watch over this cherished baby girl. The 25th of December is the day that the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

To give a gift which remembers and honors the birth of that most special child is about as meaningful and sentimental as you can get for a Christian family.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek White Woodland Santa with Baby Jesus Figurine 4053687Adoring Kneeling Santa Holding Infant Jesus Painted Resin Christmas Statue, 7 Inch

Jim Shore figurines like this one have a huge following and collector base and it is easy to see why. There is so much detail and thought that has been given over to the design of this very special Angel figurine.

The nativity scene is celebrated and it is painted in beautiful colors too. This is a wonderful looking keepsake that can be treasured and kept and I love the fact that, as the child grows, she can learn about the story of Jesus’s birth from a truly special first Christmas gift.

Buy a Special Charm to Mark the Occasion of this Baby Girl's 1st Christmas

Bling Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Pink Enamel Clear CZ Baby Shoe Charm Pendant

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My sister marked the occasion by presenting us with a beautiful silver charm to add to our daughter’s charm bracelet. This is another great keepsake gift that can be safely stored away until a bracelet can be worn and enjoyed.

I love the idea behind a charm bracelet where it can gradually be added to over the years. And it is lovely that family members and friends can all easily buy new and different charms that my little girl can appreciate when she is older. She will have a bracelet full of fond memories and that’s why I love it so much.

There are lots of adorable charms, some plain and some that are colored with enamel. I really like the idea of a pretty looking shoe charm. If you have a bigger budget, consider buying the actual bracelet and a couple of charms to get her started. Other designs on a baby theme to look for are bottles, shoes, footprints and rattles.

A baby girl is actually easy to buy for with her first Christmas because she is really too young to make much sense of it all or really appreciate any goodies that come her way. It’s the subsequent years that you’ll need to really need to plan for!

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