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3 Cute Christmas Greeting Card Ideas to Make

My favorite time of year, Christmas, is looming nearer and it is definitely time to start thinking about those Holiday crafts if you haven’t already and particularly if you need to make them in bulk.

There’s a number of seasonal greeting card making ideas here that all come provided with free templates for you to use and step by step photo tutorials that you can follow along with too.

These 3 different designs can be adapted in other ways to make gift tags, embellishments for scrapbook pages or even some fun paper based designs to grace your Holiday table.

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Easy and Cute Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

3 cute christmas card ideas to make

Here's some easy and cute ideas on making your own DIY Christmas cards and decorations.

Make Your Own Festive Christmas Cupcake Shaped Handmade Card Design

It’s funny how sometimes something can be really staring you right in the face but you don’t see it for a long time. I’d been making this same cupcake card themed design for many years as I found it always went down a real treat for birthdays.

But then I suddenly thought just how good it would be to have a festive version of the same thing, why not. So I added in some holly leaves into my template design.

This made up a whole new handmade card using Christmas Holiday colors and I think it looks great. But why didn’t I notice that one a lot sooner.

Christmas cupcake shaped card

➡️ Christmas Cupcake Card Tutorial and Free Printable Template

First up is my popular and fun Holiday cupcake greeting card design. This is a cute and super yummy seasonal cupcake themed card with a holly decoration.

You can see the free template for that and the follow along tutorial above. Add on some glitter using mini glitter glue bottles for added sparkle. A little glitter can go a long way.

Festive Robin Bird Greeting Cards Look Great for this Winter Season

Handmade greeting card bird

➡️ Make this Robin Bird Design Card and Free Printable

Another design you might well enjoy, and particularly if you love nature and birds, is this tweet festive Robin to make which again comes with a freebie print out for you to enjoy and use as well as a full tutorial that you can follow along with.

Robin birds, the European version although I like the American one too, are a favorite bird of mine. They look great darting into the back yard and are very recognizable.

Robins are less shy than other birds. They look their best with their flame orange red chests that really stick out well against a cold backdrop of frost, ice and snow.

I always make up a good batch of Robin bird themed designs for the festive Holiday season as it is a theme that I associate most heavily with this time of year.

As well as making paper based projects, the free little Robin can also be used to make felt versions (either sew or no sew) that you can add a loop of ribbon to and hang on your tree, a magnet for the refrigerator or even some little felt brooch pins or bag motifs.

It’s pretty versatile as far as templates go and it’s also easy to stitch and sew round by hand because there are no fiddly bits apart from the beak to worry about. You can stitch a little bead or sequin on for the eye or make a tiny french knot with the embroidery thread.

A DIY Holiday Wreath Paper Folded Festive Card for Christmas

Holiday wreath festive card

➡️ Christmas Holiday Wreath Design Tutorial

My last festive card making design to show you is this pretty simple to make origami or paper folded wreath. It involves folding up just 8 small squares of colored paper and then arranging these all into a wreath shape on the front of a greeting card.

If you like crafts such as simple paper folding or easy origami then this is a great one for you to try out. It is really not nearly as complicated as it looks and the free tutorial will take you through each step using detailed photos to show you exactly how the card is made from start to finish.

I would give this wreath design a try even if you are new to the craft of paper folding. You will be very pleased with yourself when you have completed it and whoever receives this card will be impressed because it looks harder to make than it actually is.

I like the look of this design and especially for men because it is hard to know what card designs you can give to men and males in particular. I made this wreath design as a special Holiday card for my husband and he was thrilled with it. So why not give it a try.

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