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J.R.R. Tolkien Letters from Father Christmas Book

A wonderfully festive piece of reading for a Tolkien fan this Holiday season is his delightfully illustrated Letters from Father Christmas book.

This short but sweet book is packed with copies of his really unique and creative letters, envelopes and also drawings that he made for his children every December. Tolkien was a very talented artist with an imagination that was really endless.

So many people associate this prolific author with his major fantasy works including The Hobbit and also The Lord of the Rings yet he did so much more.

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The J.R.R. Tolkien Letters from Father Christmas Book

Santa Claus Father Christmas Gifts

Image Credit: Original image shared by ErikaWittlieb on Pixabay with a CC License

Tolkien went to so much trouble to make Christmas really magical and special for his kids: Christopher, Michael, John and Priscilla.

⭐ This charming Letters from Father Christmas book makes particularly lovely browsing though during the festive season and shows just how devoted this father was to his children.

The extreme lengths that he went to in penning letters by hand shows just how much he loved his family.

Letters from Father Christmas is actually a Collection of Letters and not a Fiction Book

Letters From Father Christmas book by J.R.R. Tolkien

Letters from Father Christmas Book at Amazon.com

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This book was really never meant to be published by J.R.R. Tolkien because they were letters written to his children. Of course many people will pick up and buy this book just because of the esteemed author.

What you need to know is that this was never intended by him to be a book at all. He wrote these imaginative letters purely to entertain and delight his children.

If you buy it hoping to read another complete story, you will be disappointed. That said, it is utterly charming with all his hand drawn illustrations which are fantastic to behold and makes a wonderful winter gift for the Holiday season.

All About this Delightful Collection of Letters to Santa by Tolkien

child writing a letter to Father Christmas Santa Claus

Image Credit: Shared by Kristopha Hohn on Flickr with a CC License

In the book, you can see copies of the letters, envelopes and also his unique (sometimes very funny) illustrations as well as having the text content printed for much easier reading. Everything is written in a very shaky and novel script to emulate Santa Claus who is extremely old.

As well as Father Christmas, there are also many pieces written by the North Polar Bear in his rather clumsy style of writing. These must have made the whole season such an exciting event for his children when they received them each year.

It’s a wonderful family book to look through as well as a beautiful keepsake. Some of the longer letters contain fun and silly stories involving Santa, the Polar Bear, Elves, Gnomes and Goblins. His inventiveness knew no bounds or limitations.

Of course, it’s not meant to be a story book. Tolkien wrote this for his family and probably never thought of them being published. You could certainly use it as great inspiration for writing your own creative letters from Santa to pass on the magic of the season.

Which Format Should You Get for the Father Christmas Santa Letters Book?

Santa claus from letters from father christmas

Image Credit: photo by the author.

I’d really recommend getting the paperback or hardcover edition because it’s a book to be enjoyed mainly from the perspective of the artwork and it’s one that makes a wonderful keepsake for a fan of this prolific writer to enjoy.

If you do opt for a digital version, you’ll want to employ the tip I have below on making the images bigger on a tablet screen. You really need a full color device to appreciate the content. Enjoy my selection of suggested related items below that make ideal gift choices for a fan of this amazing author.

For the digital Kindle edition of this book, you will want to double-tap on the images to enlarge them and get a better view since they show up quite small on the 7 inch Kindle Fire Tablets.

I would not recommend buying this to read on a gray screen of an e-ink Kindle because then you'd lose so much not being able to see all the colors in the amazing illustrations. Really the best way to appreciate this book is in a traditional, keepsake format.

More Christmas Gift Ideas for a Tolkien Fan

If you need gift ideas for someone who is a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, I've picked out some great suggestions below to help you choose something suitable.

The rather special 50th anniversary edition of The Lord of the Rings makes for a wonderful keepsake gift and then there is a rather good biography of the prolific writer himself to be enjoyed.

The official calendar always makes a great gift for a fan and it is very practical too. My husband is always looking out for new additions for my Hobbit and Lord of the Rings collection and this calendar is on my wishlist this year. I particularly loved the 2015 official calendar because it featured fantastic artwork based on The Hobbit from the 1960s.

Learn more about the great man himself by reading the biography or getting it for a fan to enjoy. This book makes a lovely gift for a fan of the creative genius that was Tolkien.

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