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Scottish Terrier Christmas Tree Ornaments for Dog Fans

Owners and fans of the delightful little Scottie breed of dog should really enjoy this range of cute Scottish Terrier Christmas tree ornaments for hanging up on the tree as decorations this festive Holiday season.

A sweet Scottie design can make a lovely and seasonal keepsake gift that can be kept and treasured forever. Favorite ornaments can be brought out year after year to display with the Holiday decor.

This can be a lovely and thoughtful item to give to someone wanting to remember a beloved dog that has since passed on. And what better way to remember a faithful pet than pride of place on the tree.

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Scottish Terrier Christmas Tree Ornaments: A Great Gift Choice for Dog Owners and Pet Lovers. Scroll Down for Both Black and Wheaten Varieties!

Sweet Scottie Dog Christmas Tree Ornaments

Image Credit: Scottie dog ornament made by the author.

⭐ In a Hurry? Get a Scottie Dog Ornament HERE from Amazon.com and at Amazon.co.uk

Have fun browsing through this charming range of ornaments and tree decorations with a Scottish Terrier theme.

There are some beautiful pieces that will take pride of place this Holiday season. You can also get some ornaments that you are able to customize or personalize with your own text which is perfect for sending a gift.

black scottish terrier dog christmas tree ornament

Get this Ball Ornament Featuring a Black Scottie Dog from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Scottie Dog Ornament from Amazon.co.uk

This is a lovely looking and more of a traditional styled shatter proof tree ornament design.

This Scottie dog Christmas ornament is a ball design with a pale green background with a snowflake pattern and a black Scottish Terrier dog with a wreath around his neck.

Scottish Terriers Christmas Ornament Handcrafted Wood, Red Gift Bow Mid-Century Modern 1950s Card, Black White Scotties, Dog Lovers GiftFestive Scottish Terrier White Glitter Glass Christmas OrnamentWest Highland Terrier Hand-Knit Sweater Ornament Scottie OrnamentJoy to the World Collectibles European Blown Glass Pet Ornament, Scottish Terrier Sitting

There is an adorable looking black Scottish Terrier Christmas ornament I've seen. The dog is just peeking out of a festive red stocking decorated with gold color stars and furry edging.

The black Scotty is full bodied so he sits properly in the stocking and comes with a matching red ribbon for hanging on the Christmas tree. This dog has a realistic looking design and is hand-painted too.

There is also a cute ornament which features a pinecone Scottish Terrier design and a hand-painted resin dog mounted on top. The ornament is about 4 inches in height.

But the size is only approximate seeing as it is a real pine cone and the size and shape of that will vary slightly. This dog comes with a festive scarf which is removable if you want to hang him up outdoors by the gold colored cord.

Personalized Custom Scottish Terrier Clear Acrylic Christmas Tree OrnamentScottie Heart . Red Stewart Tartan. Christmas ornament. Valentine Heart. Different colors Double-sided.

If you collect Scottie dog ornaments, or if you know someone who does, this is a cute looking design to add to the collection.

It shows a black Scottie wearing a Santa hat while he is resting inside his dog house. The kennel has been given the festive makeover with a sprig of holly and a red painted roof.

Since the back is magnetic, you can choose whether to display this dog on your tree, a magnetic board or on your refrigerator. There is a plaque on the dog house that could have a dog's name on it.

Pets 35358-35 Soldier Dogs Ornament

Buy this Soldier Dogs Ornament Design from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Scottie Dog Ornament from Amazon.co.uk

This is a fun looking soldier dog design with the Scottish Terrier dressed up like a human soldier. It's a hand-painted and colorful design with an adorable dog face. At approx 5 inches tall, it should stand out among the Christmas tree decor and also can stand up too because it has a flat base.

The Nutcracker will always be a popular Christmas tale with the injured nutcracker soldier toy who is still loved by his owner, Clara. Together they go on an adventure together which is so magical that Clara never wants it to end.

And it doesn't have to end for anyone who believes in magic. So a nutcracker themed Scottie dog is a little piece made of magic and dreams to hang on your tree this year.

black felt scottie dog design handmade tartan jacket ornament

Buy this Handmade Scottish Terrier Ornament by Puffin Patchwork on Etsy

This very cute handmade design has the dog wearing a gorgeous tartan jacket. I love how festive this one looks for Christmas time.

You could enjoy this ornament all the year through by putting it on display in your home instead of packing it away once the festive season is over. You will find even more cute dog designs shown below.

White or Wheaten Terrier Christmas Tree Ornament Designs

White Scottie dog with santa hat Christmas ornament by Glassor

Get this White or Wheaten Scottish Terrier Glass Ornament from Amazon.com

It is quite a struggle finding many white or wheaten Scottie dog ornaments available to buy.

They are really few and far between which is a shame because they are gorgeous. This design is a traditional one made of glass. It is hand blown and hand painted with the addition of some glitter for extra sparkle.

There is also the iconic Hasbro Monopoly dog ornament by Department 56 which could work for this lighter haired breed although it is a silver color and not white.

I like this design which features some realistic looking art work of this dog breed.

He is looking up to the sky where snowflakes are falling and he is wearing a very festive Christmas scarf around his neck. I love the addition of the pewter snowflake design ornament which frames this dog nicely.

This design features both a black and a wheaten variety of the Scottish Terrier dogs. They are sat in front of the Christmas tree which is decorated with these dogs all over.

In front is a pile of gifts from Santa and some cookies which one of these cuties may have just eaten. It is a fun looking design with lots to enjoy in the artwork.

More Scottish Terrier Ornaments for Christmas from Zazzle including Designs You Can Customize

This is a very sweet selection of Christmas ornaments that you can purchase from Zazzle and even customize if you wish.

The ceramic ones are double-sided and you could add a custom message on the back, or front if there is room, which is especially nice if they are intended as a gift. The ceramic ones come complete with gold thread for hanging.

This heart shaped design features both black and white Scottie dog friends who are out for a walk in the snow. They are both wearing cute festive coats which look lovely and warm. One has a red bow too. The red text says Merry Christmas.

This design features three dogs, like the three Kings I guess, sat patiently in front of the Christmas tree. Maybe they are waiting for their own gifts to unwrap. One is wearing a red Santa hat for the occasion.

A really magical looking design is the one with Santa and his little white and black Scottie dogs perched on his knee. There is so much detail in this design. Look at the Mona Lisa inspired painting on the wall where she is holding a couple of these dogs and the word Peace written across the fireplace.

One of the dogs has a heart on his collar too. It is a really rich and warm scene to enjoy while it hangs from your tree. These ceramic ornaments are almost 3 inches in size and should look beautiful hanging up with all the rich detail.

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