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Cracking Christmas Gifts for Elderly Women and Seniors

Find plenty of simply cracking Christmas gifts for elderly women that they are sure to really love. This guide gives you loads of ideas and inspiration for items that are thoughtful, unique and also practical for this age group too.

Women who are seniors normally don't need anything and already have everything that they really want, which is exactly why they are so difficult to buy for.

I just love choosing the perfect gift for those hard to buy for family members and friends. So, let me take on the task of thinking up a brilliant item you can get for her this Christmas season.

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Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Elderly Women and Seniors to Enjoy

Christmas gifts for elderly women and seniors ladies

Image Credit: Original image shared by Gaertringen on Pixabay with a CC License

Ladies who are elderly tend to get cold pretty easily and I know from family experience how older members have been thankful for anything to keep them warm and snug such as covered hot water bottles, soft blankets and throws, slippers, and gloves.

Certainly it is always fairly easy to pick out some practical items for this age group. For older women who don’t need anything practical that you can buy, why not get them a sentimental and touching keepsake item instead.

Keepsake Items Make Christmas Gifts that Elderly Women Can Treasure

Where there is Faith, there is Hope Figurine Angel gift keepsake collectible

Get this Angel of Hope Figurine from

UK Readers get an Angel Figurine from

A traditional designed and delicate looking figurine like this one should make for a beautiful keepsake gift for her to treasure.

I love gifting angels to cherished family and friends because they make for a rather sentimental and touching theme and especially for an elderly person who may be frail and sometimes also poorly and sick.

⭐ Buying an angel is like giving a message that you are providing a guardian to watch over this elderly lady while you are apart. It is a sweet and sentimental idea and there are lots of angel figurines to choose from. I like the angel which has the message: Where there is Faith, there is Hope.

Angel figurines can work for any occasion like birthdays but they are especially relevant for the Christmas season too. You can also get figurines made for Mom, an Aunt, Godmother, Grandmother and a friend too.

Comfort AngelWillow Tree Surrounded by LovePrecious Moments, Religious Gifts,Lenox With Faith Come Hope Lit Figurine,

As an alternative to figurines, you can also consider water and snow globes. These are items that this lady can enjoy looking at and make a brilliant choice for someone who is perhaps not quite as mobile and able to move as well as they used to.

See My Pick of Festive Holiday Figurines

For a woman who spends a lot of time in a chair or even in a bed, having something beautiful to glance at can be a lovely thing as well as adding a touch of beauty into the decor of a room.

Jigsaw Puzzles With Large, Easy to See Pieces Make Great Gifts for Senior Women Stuck Indoors This Winter

Buffalo Games Large Piece Songbird Menagerie 300 Jigsaw Puzzle

Buy this Large Piece Songbird Jigsaw Puzzle from

UK Readers get a Jigsaw Puzzle from

I know a lot of older people and seniors who enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles, especially through the colder months when they may not be able to get outside as much. I often buy them for family members to enjoy.

Jigsaw puzzles are a brilliant idea to keep aging minds and hands busy and engaged. She can enjoy the satisfaction of building up a wonderful image or picture at the same time that can be enjoyed once it is done.

⭐ Puzzles that have a smaller amount of pieces can be more welcome as a gift because ladies at this age have often lost the patience to work with thousands of pieces. Choose a large piece puzzle which is easier for older people to see and handle. And, unless you know the specific amount of pieces that they like, aim for 250-500 piece puzzles for the elderly to enjoy.

One thing I do know is that with common traits that happen as we age such as failing eyesight and issues with hand mobility large piece puzzles are a blessing since they are easier to see and easier to get hold of with the pieces being that bit bigger and thicker.

Rooftop Garden 500 Piece Large Format PuzzleBuffalo Games A Peach of a Day by Charles Wysocki Jigsaw Puzzle (300 Piece) LargeRavensburger At The Dog Park Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece)Ravensburger The Attic Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle

For family and friends who have lost their mobility and are unable to get out as much as they used to, choosing a beautiful scene that depicts wildlife and nature can be even more welcoming and a perfect way to bring just a bit of the outside indoors to them.

I love designs that depict birds which are a very popular theme and this jigsaw design with the songbirds is just beautiful to look at.

Christmas Care Packages and Baskets Are Thoughtful Gifts for Elderly Ladies

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Mum's English Rose Garden Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

Get this Rose Bath and Body Gift Set from

UK Readers get a Gift Basket from

Roses make for a scent that quite often appeals to older ladies, perhaps because the scent is a little stronger, more traditional and something they can pick up easier.

Quite often, ready made gift baskets can be quite a disappointment because you can indeed buy items for less and put together your own for a fraction of the price. You are paying for the convenience of having everything organised into a nice looking theme and selection and that’s what you need to remember if buying one.

So, if you have time to spare yourself, you should really consider making up your own gift basket. Take ideas and inspiration from photos of baskets that you like the look of, buy an appropriate container and hand pick items yourself that you know she will love. Just remember that with edibles, perhaps pick out items that require less chewing so nothing too hard or that might cause difficulty to eat.

Get lots of ideas on building your own gift baskets here

Additional ideas for seniors and making up your own care packages and baskets include: body washes and soaps with nice scents, hand and body lotions, soft slippers, snug bathrobes and night wear and hair care items.

I’ve been asked for things like hair nets before. New and fluffed up and soft towels can be very nice for older people to dry themselves with since they often don’t think to get these for themselves, especially if they live alone.

Best Gifts to Choose an Elderly Mom, Special Female Relative Like a Grandparent or Friend

A really touching gift, if you have a little time to spare, is for you to make up a special memory book or photo album for this lady. This can be a really meaningful and sentimental gift and also an inexpensive one too because you just need to purchase a suitable album like the one above.

Receiving an item like this, filled up with photos and memories, can provide so many hours of pleasure as she looks through it. This idea would make a great gift for an elderly mom or female relative in particular.

Pioneer Family Text Design Sewn Faux Suede Cover Photo Album Brown

Get a Family Photo Album from

UK Readers get a Family Photo Album from

We have made online albums for special family members that are printed off for you as a hard copy to give. So that is another option if you prefer to add in photos and captions online to a keepsake.

A more traditional version can be much more enjoyable for you to spend time making because you can fill it with really unique memories such as getting family or friends to write in their favorite times and memories of this special lady for her to enjoy reading through at leisure.

So it does not need to just be filled with photos. Think of using quotations, newspaper clippings, small drawings, painted pictures and all kinds of memorabilia that she will love to look at. You will be hard pressed to find a more touching and sentimental idea.

We came up with an idea for a pre-loaded digital photo frame a number of years ago when a cherished family member needed to go into a care home.

Since she then had a much smaller area to live in, we thought a photo frame like this would be idea since it would take up far less space than lots of traditional style albums and we could leave it plugged in so she could enjoy watching it when we were not with her.

Casual Moments Women's Bed Jacket Shawl Collar RobeTree of Life 4x Magnifier Magnifying Glass Sliding Top Magnet Pendant NecklaceSherpa Throw Blanket Red 50x60 Reversible Fuzzy Microfiber All Season Blanket for Bed or Couch by BedsureSnoozies Womens Comfy Soft Whimsy Sherpa Fleece Slipper Socks

The idea of the digital photo frame ended up being a real winner because she loved the gift and since it was already filled up with photos chosen by the family, she did not need to worry about setting it up or fiddling with it.

It also had the unexpected result of helping out with her failing memory as time went on too and we could remind her who people were. We know this provided a lot of comfort in her final months.

It is more expensive to buy a good frame, so perhaps several people can chip in to buy one and then someone with just a little tech ability or who is good with gadgets will need to set it up. Definitely don’t expect an elderly recipient to have to do it.

You can add stacks of photographs on so consider having lots of photos of people and places that are meaningful to this lady. And then set it to loop through them all in a random order so she doesn’t predict the order in which they are displayed. A larger sized frame is a good idea for someone with poorer eyesight too.

What Gift Does an Elderly Lady Really Want?

Your time is more than likely the very best gift that you can give. Time can mean different things of course whether it is time you actually spend with her to fill her memory with a special moment or time spent doing something nice for her. You may live far away but a phone call, letter or email can be greatly appreciated too.

⭐ Giving up a small amount of your time to visit this elderly woman is going to give a lot of joy. I know from being in care homes how elderly people are rarely visited by family and friends as often as they would like. Being on your own as you get older can become lonely and miserable, especially if you are not all that mobile.

During the last years of a special family member, we made a big effort to visit often and spend some real good quality time together. She loved this more than any gifts we would bring.

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Try and organize family and friends so that they are committed to seeing her through weeks and months ahead so this lady gets to see people she cares about on a regular basis and has something that she can really look forward too.

Enjoy selecting something special from these recommendations or using them as inspiration for something else. There are more ideas in my related posts below.

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