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Page a Day Calendars to Buy as Gifts

Page a day calendars and novelty desk top versions make a great choice of Christmas gift that can start someone's day off brilliantly each morning.

Calendars for the home and small office space used to be bland and boring but now there are so many cool ways to count down the days, weeks and months with themed funny, puzzle and activity varieties that were just made to be used and enjoyed.

Add in some real personality to a desk or table top and get a fun and novelty item with one of the ideas on this page. There are many novel ideas to enjoy.

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Page a Day Calendars Make Great Gifts for Christmas

Page a day calendar gifts

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⭐ Let's face it, many people now use cell phones, tablets and electronic devices and gadgets to actually plan daily, weekly and monthly events. So buying a Page a Day calendar is more about providing a fun way to acknowledge every passing day.

Many of these day-by-day calendars are of no use whatsoever in actually recording down your schedule or planning out activities etc. Some of them do not even have dates on. But what great gift choices they make when you're stuck for an alternative idea.

Lego Brick Calendars for Building Block Fans

Lego and building block fans of all ages should delight in these brick based desk top calendars. What a nifty and fun way to display the days and dates of each month.

Each of these construction puzzles needs to be changed and rebuilt monthly to show the correct dates, and this means building block fun 12 times a year!

LEGO Brick Calendar 853195  Follow the building instructions to rebuild the Brick Calendar every monthLEGO Iconic Brick Calendar 40172Made By Humans, Perpetual Puzzle Calendar, Desk CalendarLEGO Friends Brick Calendar

Lego! It's loved by adults and by kids too. We all know what great quality these building blocks are and this special calendar comes with labeled bricks showing the months, days of the week and numbers up to 31 so that any month of any year can be created.

You also get the minifigures as shown and the plain primary color bricks to make your desk build every month. A great novelty toy for an older child or an adult who loves Lego. A small but fab 'talking-point' desk accessory that will last.

Lego friends is the range that is firmly aimed at the female market. This build-a-calendar is cute with the little garden scene that the bricks sit on, the sweet pastel colors and the nice extra additions.

I like the pretty labeled months of the year bricks and the little cat and bird pieces. This would be a cute desk accessory for a girl.

In a similar vein to the Lego blocks is a perpetual puzzle which also uses the building block idea to make a novelty date display for your desk.

This one comes with instructions so you can see how to build it up using 7 different examples. The puzzle is finding different ways in which to put it together each month.

My Favorite Desk Calendar Set is Boxed Origami: Perfect for People Who Enjoy Paper Crafts

Easy Origami Fold-a-Day Calendar Day to Day Jeff Cole 2019

Get this Fold a Day Origami Calendar at

UK Readers get a Origami Calendar from

Every year, I like to get a boxed daily origami set. These sets have a simple model that can be folded using the origami techniques and instructions that come in each box. There is normally a model to fold every week day with other ideas and things to read at the weekends.

All the colored and patterned paper you need is included in the box but because one side of the paper has instructions on I prefer not to use the papers included and I use my own origami sheets instead. That way I've still got the instructions to keep forever.

This is an excellent way to get someone interested in the art of paper folding because most of the projects are simple ones. There are tons of clear folding instructions provided in each box so everything you need to know is all there.

It really is so much fun to sit down to a new project in the morning. Most of them take around 10 minutes so are fairly quick and you end up with an animal, flower, shape or an item that just looks good. My young daughter loves seeing the finished results and sometimes she wants to have a go too. It is lots of daily fun in a box!

Puzzle Desk Calendars Make Fun Gifts for Helping to Keep Brains Nice and Sharp

These are the sorts of daily sets that would appeal greatly to my husband since they're all designed to give the brain a fun and healthy workout! These are fun activities that you can sit down and enjoy for a few minutes of every day.

Mensa 10-Minute Crossword Puzzles Page-A-Day Calendar 2019The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2019A Year of Nerd Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar 2019Mensa 365 Brain Puzzlers Page-A-Day Calendar 2019

Puzzlers who enjoy word games should like the fun game of Bananagrams. These are anagram challenges that are designed to be fast to play and lots of fun for all the family.

More than 300 puzzles in this box set that are designed to test different mental and brain abilities. You might get a number, word or spatial challenge to kick-start the cogs working each day with Amazing Mind Benders.

For more of a challenge, there's the New York Times Crossword Puzzle set. This will involve a more lengthy activity to enjoy since the puzzles grow harder through the week with the easiest crossword always being on a Monday.

Scrabble is a favorite game of mine except that no-one ever wants to play - good job I play against the computer on an android app instead. This set allows you to sharpen up your skills with the game as you get puzzles to practice such as words that you can make using a specific set of tiles that are given to you.

Sudoku is a number game that our family never tires of. We all enjoy the challenge of getting the numbers into the correct places on the grid and seeing how long it takes too. This one is a handy notepad style calendar that can easily be stored on a table top and is useful since you also have somewhere to jot reminders down.

Funny Page a Day Calendars for Smiles All Year

Looking for a fun and stress free start? Mornings can be a lot more fun with these day-to-day desktop accessories. A good way to sweeten the mood before work begins.

Dilbert is a fun cartoon that is based on poking some light-hearted fun at the corporate world and an ideal gift to give to someone who works in an office style environment. Someone will get a real kick out of reading this daily cartoon.

Animal lover? Look for Cat Cartoon a Day, a funny and fur-bulous cat cartoon calendar.

Pet owners can really relate to it with a funny collection of kitty cartoons. And also look for bad cats which is a lot of fun too. Enjoy finding a great design for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

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