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Brilliant Christmas Gifts for Girls at 6 Years Old

As a mom to a girl who has turned six, I know I can help you out with ideas for ideas on Christmas gifts for girls at 6 years old.

Friends and family are always asking me for suggestions for what items to buy for my daughter. I can really appreciate just how hard it can be to shop for a young girl of a specific age when you’re wondering what on earth she would like to have.

Enjoy my round-up of suggestions for items that you can get that she should be very happy to open on for the festive Holiday season this year or even just because you want to treat her to something nice.

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Lots of Popular Christmas Gifts for Girls at 6 Years Old

Christmas gifts girls 6 years old

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At six, girls are starting to feel just a little bit grown-up and have their own ideas on gifts to get for girls age 6. How many times does my daughter say that she’s almost as big as me. It’s because she is desperate to be just a little bit older and seen less like a young child.

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Many girls at this age are starting to get interested in their appearance. Mine is into make-up, painting nails, hair styling, dressing up and anything that she feels enhances her already cute look. Despite the fact that I don't wear make-up or have any interest in fashion.

Fashion headbands set for kids toys for 6 year old girls

Get this Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Set from

UK Readers get a Fashion Headbands Set from

For this Christmas, I’m really tempted to get her this fashion headbands set because she is so into wearing headbands right now.

She likes to match them up with the clothes and outfits that she’s choosing for herself too. This set is for this age range and and up and it doesn’t look too complicated as a creative and arty craft.

From reading through the reviews it looks like she might manage this without too much help from Mom, so perfect! The fun fashion headband decorating set looks like a relatively easy craft for young girls who are interested in crafts.

Super Sand Art - 6 Sand Art Projects for Kids to EnjoyJust My Style Emoticon Message Beads by Horizon Group USAStick and Style Blinglets Includes 12 assorted ready to decorate Blinglets, plus over 700 sparkling jewel stickers. The award winning line of Sticky Mosaic craft kits will delight all ages and all skill levelsMade By Me Create Your Own Window Art by Horizon Group USA

There are 10 brightly rainbow colored satin headbands ready to decorate and ribbon, feathers, rhinestones and other pretty items that she can enjoy sticking on with the included adhesive glue.

It handily comes in a regular shaped box which means that wrapping it should be nice and easy. I have to consider that seeing as I’m the only person to wrap Christmas gifts for our 6 year old daughter in this household.

Cool Christmas Toys for Girls Age 6: Lego and Horses Theme

heartlake horse show lego friends Christmas toys girls age 6

Buy this Horse Show Set by Lego Friends

UK Readers get a Lego Friends Horse Set from

Horse mad kids should love the brilliant looking Lego horse show set where they can practice jumping as well as taking care of the horses. This set certainly looks like it is fun to assemble and seems to have plenty to do once it is made up.

⭐ There are lots of fun looking sets in the Lego Friends range and not just horses. Here's some great Lego horse sets and some that would make a best Christmas gift for a 6 year old girl.

All the accessories can encourage imaginary games for riding competitions, horse grooming, show jumping and even pretending to muck out the stables. Any child who loves ponies and horses should really enjoy playing with this toy.

Emma's Horse Trailer Lego Friends Toy Set top gifts for 6 year old girls

My daughter loves playing with her Lego Friends play sets. This is from the Emma's Horse Trailer Set.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I admit I wasn’t sure about the Lego Friends sets when they first made an appearance but I am slowly turning round to the idea.

Lego have brought out some really appealing Lego sets for girls which really are fun to build and play with.

Lego Friends stage set minifigure doll

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

My daughter loves the Friends range of Lego and so do we as parents because it’s a quality toy that just lasts. And we always are thankful when other people buy it for her since it can be a little pricey. The Heartlake Stables Set looks like it offers a huge amount of play value too.

Top Toys for Girls Age 6: Creative Sticker Mosaics and Stick'n Style

The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Magical Unicorn Magic

UK Readers get a Sticky Mosaics Set from

Sticker mosaic projects are fun for young kids to complete, especially if they love stickers and easy crafts. My daughter got a number of different Sticky Mosaic Sets for her 6th birthday (thankfully they were all different) and it is a non-messy activity that she can do unaided.

She will also sit down to and enjoy this on her own for a while which is handy when I need to cook or have chores to get through. Stick'n Style is decorating fun items such as this. It is just like an easier version of diamond painting which young kids can do.

In case you don’t know how these work, these sticker mosaics sets come with foam square stickers and sometimes rhinestone stickers. Some sets have boards or cards to decorate while others have 3D objects such as this jewelry box here.

Children know where to place stickers on a design because each type of sticker has a code that corresponds with an area on the project which is marked in the same way. It works in a similar but easier fashion than diamond painting.

pretty sticker cards set for kids

My daughter loved the sticky mosaic card set we bought her. She used the cards to send special thank you letters for her Christmas gifts.

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

At this age, most kids can manage this themselves though some might need a little help, especially with bigger projects.

With all the jewelry she’s collecting, a big box of her own to store the bangles and necklaces in is a really good idea and you can get a jewelry box to decorate with these stickers. But I doubt it will stop her looking in my jewelry box.

Gifts for Girls Age 6 - 7: Terrarium Jar with Glow in the Dark Stickers

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium gifts girls age 6 7

Get this Creativity for Kids Terrarium Set

UK Readers get a Creativity for Kids Toy from

Everything is included so that girls can plant up this little terrarium jar twice and then watch as the plants inside grow.

This is a fun looking craft planting kit and will hopefully help to spark off an interest in growing things. Children are able to add interest inside the jar with little figurines to highlight the environment.

They also have some glow in the dark stickers to make the outside of the jar look interesting at night time too. This way they can enjoy watching the plants grow day by day and view their enchanting terrarium landscape at night time as well.

More Great Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

perler bead butterfly board

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

I love Perler beads and my daughter does too. It is an activity that we can enjoy together. There are different sized beads that you can get but the standard Perler bead sets can be used from around age 5 and upwards. I like the Pet Parade gift box which has 5000 colored beads, 5 shaped pegboards and lost of projects for kids to make.

My little girl likes to use shaped pegboards because she can easily fill them in with the color beads that she wants and not go too far wrong. So the shaped boards (instead of the plain square ones) are a good choice. Many of the Perler Bead buckets contain shaped boards to use.

9100 Premium Quality Bundle, Talented Kidz Rainbow Rubber Bands Refill Storage Organizer Loom 8500 Bands in 28 Colors 12 Charms 500 Clips & 100 Beads Case With Lid Included This Is The Authentic Mega Box Organizer Loom

Buy this Rainbow Loom Bundle with Storage Case Organizer

UK Readers get a Rainbow Loom Bands Set from

Another firm favorite are still Rainbow Loom rubber bands. We've had great fun making up bracelets, keychains and necklaces with these things.

Having a good stock of different colored bands is a must. Here's some more ideas on good Christmas gifts for girls at 6 years old.

Razor A Kick Scooter The lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame folds up for easy storage, and urethane wheels deliver a smooth rideLEGO Disney Princess Elsas Sparkling Ice Castle 41062Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad - Pink  lets kids trace and color detailed scenesRoller Derby Girls Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate, White/Pink

Even More Ideas on What to Buy a 6 Year Old Girl for Christmas

✔️ Dressing Up Costumes: something different to standard princess and fairy ones

✔️ Girly Make-Up Sets: look for age appropriate sets for kids

✔️ Girl’s Nail Polish: they like to learn to apply it themselves

✔️ Costume Jewelry and Hair Accessories

✔️ Fun Art and Craft Sets: parents often like sets that don't make too much mess and that kids can follow themselves

✔️ Sticker and Activity Books: great for travel and vacations

✔️ Age Appropriate Lego and Playmobil Sets

✔️ Fun Family Board Games

✔️ Scooters

Browsing online or in a toy store, you just get to view row after row of toys, books and gifts. You could easily be stuck not knowing if what you choose will be suitable for the age group that you're buying for. This guide should have helped you to get some great ideas.

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