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Top Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

You want to choose the very best Christmas gifts for 2 year old girls that you can get but selecting them can be tricky and especially if you don't currently spend a lot of time with children in this age range.

Since my own little baby girl was a bit slow to get on to the walking stage, by the time she actually did get there she just could not sit still for long. At this age she was enjoying playing with toys that could be pushed or moved around.

She liked items that could be moved easily from one room to the next or even outdoors if the weather was good. Portable toys and play items were a big hit with both of us.

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The Top Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls That You Can Buy

Christmas gifts 2 year old girls

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There are a number of different types of items and especially toys that are likely to be a hit with this two year old. I've based these product choices on my own experience of knowing exactly what my own child and her friends really enjoyed at this stage.

⭐ You will find that the usual gift for a girl age 2 focuses heavily on toys.

This is because most two year olds don't get all that excited at being given clothes or keepsake items that they can't really do anything with. Have fun selecting something that this little lady really loves.

We Like Little People Play Sets as Great Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace Play Set Toy Christmas toys 2 year old girls

Get this Little People Disney Princess Palace from Amazon.com

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One of our favorite brands of toy that we had at this stage was most definitely the colorful, sturdy and fun Little People range of playsets. We had several of these sets from approx 18 months up and onwards because my daughter and her little friends loved to sit and interact with them.

Speaking as a parent, these plastic toys are very practical because they can be easily washed and cleaned if (or should I say when) they get dirty. They can be used both indoors and out since they are very durable.

We also used a lot of the Little People items for water and sand play too, though not the ones with batteries in!

⭐ The Little People play sets are made by Fisher-Price. This is a trusted children's brand that's been going for years.

The combination of sturdy and practical wipe down plastic is great for parents and the items are made so that they are visually appealing and fun for younger, pre-school children.

We really enjoyed all the cute characters that come supplied with the sets and also the ones that can be bought as separate pieces. They are nice and easy for young girls to hold on to.

This is important since, at two, all the fine motor skills for picking up tiny items are not yet in place. So chunky toys like this that girls can easily pick up themselves are a better option.

Fisher-Price Little People Songs and Sounds Camper Toy Set Kids 1 to 5Fisher-Price Little People Mini Farm Toy Gift Toddlers KidsFisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home Doll Toddler ToyFisher Price Little People A to Z Learning Zoo Playset Toy

Many of the sets such as the Fun Sounds Farm are also equipped with interactive features that appeal to younger children. They may include sounds, words and items that can be pushed or opened and also buttons to press.

My daughter loved to sit with her sets, she had the farm, zoo, airplane, house, bus and more. She was able to work out how to play with them herself and the noises often made her giggle.

what to get a 2 year old girl for christmas toys play sets little people

Having Fun Playing Unaided with the Farm and Zoo Playsets

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Our personal favorites were the Little People farm and zoo. I thought both of these were a really great way of introducing animals to our little girl and getting her familiar with the names of the animals and what they look like. So they made a great learning opportunity as well as being a toy.

Our zoo came with a special area where you could place an animal down and hear its name being said as well as hearing what sound it made. For us, although these were quite big toys, they were actually still portable.

They even came with a handle on top so that you could easily carry them outdoors or into another room to use. We liked that they were easy to tidy away at the end of a play session too.

Christmas Toys for 2 Year Old Girls: First Building Bricks, Duplo

LEGO DUPLO My First Deluxe Box of Fun 10580 Building Toy Christmas toys 2 year old girls

Buy these Duplo My First Box of Fun Toy Bricks

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A great way to introduce pre-school children to building bricks is with the larger range of Lego Duplo bricks. There are all kinds of fun bricks that can be pushed together to make things or just stacked up.

They come in bright and appealing colors as well as having a Princess Range of Duplo that is aimed specifically at capturing the imaginations of young girls.

You are getting the exact same quality and durability as the smaller sized Lego bricks but these ones are jumbo sized pieces that are designed to really suit a 2 year old girl.

These are nice chunky pieces which are much easier to spot and for young ones to pick up and play with. We enjoyed being gifted with Duplo sets for Christmas because these are toys that last. However, since we had them they have really come on with all these amazing sets aimed just at girls.

lego duplo farm bricks animals toys 2 3 year old girls

Playing Well with the Larger Duplo Bricks

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Since my daughter is very girly, she'd have loved all the princess range that you now get including Sofia the First and Frozen.

Girls can watch or read their favorite princess stories (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White) and then act them out with the chunky brick play sets all while learning about basic construction too.

Toys for 2 - 3 Year Old Girls: A Shopping Cart is Ideal for Young Kids on the Move

Little Tikes Pink Shopping Cart toddler girl toys age 2

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UK Readers get a Little Tikes Shopping Trolley from Amazon.co.uk

At just two years old, girls have only been walking for a short time in their lives. And once they start walking, they often don't want to stop and sit still for too long.

One play item which really appealed to my own daughter was her little shopping cart. She enjoyed playing Mom and pretending to get food just like me as well as having the fun of pushing it around.

My daughter has always liked pink but this cart comes in different color choices if you're not wild on picking that. The basket has enough room to store play food as well as having a favorite doll or teddy sit inside too.

A really nice added feature with some makes of cart to look out for is whether you can fill the base with sand. This will make it much heavier and less likely to be toppled over, so especially good for kids who are not yet that steady on their feet. My daughter still plays with her cart so it proved to be an excellent buy.

No-Mess Play Set Great for Developing Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Color Recognition and More

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art

Get this Button Art Set by Alex Toys

This is a non messy craft toy designed for pre-school kids from age 2 up. As a real crafty mom, I love doing arts and crafts and really anything creative with my daughter. What I don't really look forward to is all the mess that's normally involved.

It's not so bad in the summer when you can craft, paint and glue outside but at Christmas time, stuck indoors in the middle of winter, it's not such a good thing. Problem solved with brilliant non-mess art activities such as this big button toy board. We love this fun and colorful set that comes with brightly colored big buttons.

Girls can have fun making 10 different picture patterns by placing the buttons in the correctly colored spot. Great for color matching, learning colors, counting and those motor skills of grasping and placing. I really appreciate gifts given for my daughter that are not too complex to either set up or do and this one falls into that bracket.

Even More Suggestions of Christmas Gifts for a Toddler Girl

If none of the ideas so far are hitting the spot, here is a big list of many more items that I would recommend you look to buy for this age range. It will give you plenty of ideas to go off shopping with.

✔️ 1) Stroller Toys: my daughter was less interested in the baby doll and more in the stroller that she could push around the home. This is a good developmental toy to get children moving.

✔️ 2) Large Chunky Piece Jigsaw Puzzles: we like the wooden puzzles and toys by Melissa and Doug. 12 pieces are enough for the average 2 year old and should be a toy that they can grow with. Puzzles require some patience and thought which poses a good challenge for a toddler.

✔️ 3) Fun Picture Books: books such as The Snail and the Whale (good for older two year olds) with rhyming text and fun images are good for children to look at and parents to read. We went through a huge supply of books at this stage as it was a good parent and child bonding activity. Flip up books were also a firm favorite.

✔️ 4) Indoor Play Tents: a play tent was a constant fixture in our home for many years. In warmer weather it could go outside but at Christmas time it had to stay indoors. It got use for fairy tea parties, playing with toys in and playing hide and seek. It was a gift that really got loads of use.

Christmas gifts toddler girl dressing up clothes

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

✔️ 5) Dressing Up Costumes: lots of kids this age are starting to really notice themselves in the mirror. Dressing up, even though they may not be able to put everything on, can be really fun. My daughter really loved costumes with wings and lots of fun accessories like shoes, wands, hats and tiaras.

✔️ 6) First Musical Instruments: many two year olds enjoy making a noise. The toy drum had an awful lot of use and so did the microphone. Not so good for sleep deprived parents!

✔️ 7) Animal Plush Pets: children are all different but my daughter wasn't into dolls despite being bought many of them. She did love her soft and cuddly plush animals a lot and still loves them. They can be quite a comfort for children at night time, in the car, when they are sick or poorly and feeling off color.

✔️ 8) Play Food: pretend food is great for her imaginary games. Whether she is playing cooking, eating, tea party or shopping. Play food items can really add to the fun. These make great additions to bigger play items such as shopping carts and play kitchens.

✔️ 9) Bath and Water Toys: some children are not fans of water and having a bath. You can make bath times more fun by adding some toys into the mix. They can also be used outdoors for water play too.

✔️ 10) A Keepsake Gift for the Holidays: most children this age will not thank you for buying them something which has no entertainment value like practical clothes. One item I found that my little girl enjoyed, however, was snowglobes. Being glass, she had to be supervised with them but, to this day, she has a love of these wonderful keepsakes.

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