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25 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas to Put Together

Gift baskets and hampers are a favorite item to give out during the festive Holiday season. There are loads of great Christmas gift basket ideas to put one together yourself.

Having a themed hamper filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats and goodies always has a great impact on the recipient. Through the years, I've had a lot of fun making up and putting together a lot of these for my family and my friends.

I've got lots of suggestions and ideas based on my own experience to offer to you on putting together your own gift baskets. Just visit the relevant section to get started. On this page in order:

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25 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for You To Enjoy: Ideas for Couples, Families, Men, Women and Kids Too

25 Fab Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Couples to Enjoy

I've made my own filled hampers for my parents because sometimes it is really difficult to figure out what to buy at Christmas for a couple who already seem to have everything that they need.

Men can be notoriously tricky to buy for, especially male friends or relatives who you maybe don't know well enough to get a real idea of their tastes. So sometimes making a joint gift for a married couple or a pair who are living together just makes a whole lot more sense.

Chocolate and champagne couples gift basket hamper Christmas

Image Credit: Original image shared by Sadival on Pixabay with a CC License

I'm going to give some really well thought out suggestions below which should give you plenty of inspiration. You can come up with your own ideas based on how well you know this couple. Think about what kind of activities they like doing (indoor, outdoor, quiet, lively) and then you should be able to come up with some novel creations of your own.

For those on a low-fat, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, consider packing a tray of nicely presented dried fruit for a health-conscious choice. Check all the dried fruit is just that with no additions in the ingredients.

Scroll Down to Read my 5 Creative Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Couples

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A coffee theme is an ideal choice for a pair of coffee lovers. How about putting together your own coffee themed gift basket with some carefully picked coffee and espresso items. For a small gift, grab a pair of cute couple mugs and fill with coffee related goodies.

⭐ 1. A Pair of Winter Warmer Gift Basket Mugs Filled with Treats

Find a pair of cute couple mugs or maybe some posh glass mugs for hot beverages, sachets of luxury hot chocolate or cocoa, marshmallows, long hot chocolate spoons and a book on this delicious warming treat. Wrap it all up in a little box with a suggested color theme of candy pink and brown or teal blue and brown.

⭐ 2. Make a Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket

A luxury breakfast is in order for the festive season. Pack delicious treats like breakfast teas, flavored coffees, pancake mix, maple syrup, blueberry and cherry jams, waffles and a scone mix. Optional extras to pack are a couple of mugs or china tea cups and some Christmas cloth napkins. Dress it all up in a pretty wicker basket for a gourmet breakfast for two.

⭐ 3. Create a Christmas Movie Night Gift Basket

For a couple who enjoy snuggling on the sofa while watching TV, a cute idea is a movie theme. And what better movies to pick for the season than some Christmas ones! You'll find lots to choose from online OR buy them a gift card from somewhere like Redbox where they can rent movies of their choice instead. Add some fun movie treats like popcorns, chocolates, candy and Pepsi or Coke and present it all in a cool popcorn tub or bucket.

Picnic Basket Set 2 Person Hamper Set Waterproof Blanket Ceramic Plates Metal Flatware Wine Glasses S/P Shakers Bottle Opener Blue Checked Pattern Lining

UK Readers get a 2 person Picnic Basket from

Picnic Hamper Made for Two. To make your own, fill a wicker basket with 2 glasses, napkins and some festive Holiday treats for a snug fireside indoor picnic.

⭐ 4. Romantic Night In for Two Basket

It depends how well you know this couple as to what you could get away with putting together as a set here. How about starting with a couple of champagne glasses, a bottle of fizzy drink, a picnic blanket, some luxury cheeses and cooked meats, truffles, chocolates, cookies, caviar and posh crackers.

Be careful with any food dates and look for items that will last longer. Add some cloth napkins and this couple has a romantic little picnic in. Opt for a picnic style hamper to hold it all.

⭐ 5. A His and Hers Spa Basket Gift Set

For men and women who like to be pampered. A pair of spa slippers for each of them. Some luxury bubble bath, soaps, body wash, pair of cooling eye masks, muscle rubs, towels and some green tea or herbal teas to sip on while they have a duel pamper session. And how about a relaxing spa music CD too. Find a pretty colored box to pack it all in.

Some Brilliant Christmas Family Hamper Ideas and Suggestions

family hamper basket for Christmas chocolate wine cookies treats

Image Credit: Original image shared by Sadival on Pixabay with a CC License

Buying or making a big basket for the whole family can work out to be a lot less stressful than trying to think of individual items for each person to enjoy. But how can you choose something that they will all like?

Well, the better you know this family and are privy to their preferred interests and activities, the more likely you will hit upon just the right idea. Perhaps there is someone else who knows this family better and will give you some clues about their lifestyle.

🎁 When costing up how much you want to spend, think about how much you would normally spend on each individual in this family and total it because that will give you a rough idea. Unless it is just a token gift for people that you don't know all that well, you'd normally expect to spend much more on a group and a small presentation box is not going to look like very much.

Bear in mind that with pre-made sets, you are paying for convenience of having themed items chosen and packed nicely for you. You can make your own set for a lot less - providing you have the time to shop around and make good choices. Don't forget that if you cannot deliver the item yourself, the cost of that can be steep in itself. So plan ahead well.

Scroll Down to Read my 5 Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Families

⭐ 6. A Unique Family Fondue Set

This is a fun idea. Buy a fondue set or pot for the whole family and present it in a large box along with everything they will enjoy dipping. Depending on whether you are presenting this yourself or having to ship it means the difference between using dried fruits or fresh.

chocolate fountain banana fruit

A chocolate fountain or less expensive chocolate or cheese fondue set can make a great gift basket idea for a whole family to enjoy. Add in some goodies to dip and a recipe book.

Image Credit: Original image shared by vargazs on Pixabay with a CC License

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are a firm favorite as is crusty bread and cured meats dipped in cheese. Add in a fondue cookbook too. Don't forget the chocolate or cheese sauce to melt!

⭐ 7. Snow Much Fun Winter Fun Gift Box

Families that live in areas that get lots of snow during the winter months can have lots of fun with some snow themed toys.

Pack up a winter fun box full of inexpensive toys and items such as snowball makers and throwers, gloves for the family and some hot drink sachets for when they all come in out of the cold. How about filling up a large plastic pail which can be used in the snow or putting everything inside a sled.

⭐ 8. Family Scrapbook Album Project Box

Most kids, young and old, enjoy looking at family photos. Sort out a themed boxed gift of a scrapbook album, some patterned papers, stickers and embellishments that they can all enjoy using. Add in a book on scrapbooking your family history and then they have a unique project to work on together through the Holidays.

Height of Indulgence Godiva Gift Tower

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Put together a savory and sweet treat boxed tower by buying boxes that you can stack and fill with a variety of goodies inside. Wrap a large ribbon around all the boxes when done.

⭐ 9. For When You're Bored Family Games Gift Basket

Family fun is often achieved with board games aimed at the young and old. There are some fantastic games for families including simple card games like Uno, dice games like Yahtzee and more.

Of course you'd need to have an idea of the games that they already have but you could opt to buy one main game and some smaller ones or lots of travel sized selections which are handy to have for vacations. Stick some treats in the box too.

⭐ 10. Puzzles for All Ages Holiday Set

Some families thrive on puzzles. My husband and daughter both love sudoku while I prefer word puzzles. There are stacks of puzzle books and puzzle games and gadgets that you can fill up a unique basket with.

There are fun puzzles cubes like Rubiks and mazes that come in a book variety as well as the 3D kind. You could even make it a challenge for the family to open their gift!

Ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets for Him

Chocolate wine gift basket hamper set

Image Credit: Original image shared by Sadival on Pixabay with a CC License

Men! They always pose a problem for birthday's, Father's Day and Christmas because they can be very hard to shop for. With my husband, I always get a 'don't know' answer when I ask about what he'd like.

Truth is, men over a certain age normally have everything you could afford to buy (they might want a fancy car but that's not on the cards for the majority of people) and will simply buy everything they need for themselves.

Food hampers and themed baskets are great choices because you can give them an attractive looking gift even if you really don't know what it is they really want. And it's a bit more exciting to than a new tie, new shirt, gloves, winter hat or any of the other items that you're normally resort to.

I like some of these fun pre-made sets but I also have some good solid suggestions underneath those too.

Scroll Down to Read my 5 Creative Ideas for Men

⭐ 11. Action Movie Gift Box Idea for Men

popcorn bucket holder with corn

Popcorn is heavily associated with watching movies. It is the perfect treat to add into a movie themed basket. You can also add in some red and white popcorn boxes for authenticity.

Image Credit: Original image shared by TeJyng on Pixabay with a CC License

Is he into his action movies or modern films. If you know him well then you can pick out some great DVD's or Blu-Ray movies to watch or you can choose to buy a gift card from somewhere like Redbox where he can select his own for rental.

Add some great movie watching treats into the set: popcorn, popcorn bowl, Pepsi or Coke, chocolates, candy and any snacks that will go down a treat.

⭐ 12. Round the Campfire Outdoor Theme

Some guys love camping or hiking. Assuming he's already got an outdoor grill, you can put together an essential campfire set of grill forks, marshmallows, camping mug, hot drink sachets, a fire starter tool, a campfire recipe book and a camping plate set.

⭐ 13. Gadget Geek Gift Basket Idea

My hubby is a gadget geek. Gadgets like cameras and electronics are often expensive but there are small toy gadgets that guys often enjoy too like the mini lightsaber torch that he has!

There are tons of novelty gadget toys like fun keychains: mini Rubiks, camera torch, Star Wars talking keychain, themed USB sticks and little novelty Lego items. You can easily pack out a little set with these gifts.

Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift

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UK Readers get a Dried Fruit Gift Tray from

Make up a tray of healthier dried fruit and nuts as a seasonal treat for him to snack on. Wrap in clear cello with a bow to decorate.

⭐ 14. Put a Puzzler of a Set Together

Someone who enjoys logic puzzles and number puzzles like Sudoku will love a themed gift box. You can buy plenty of puzzle books and novelty toys: electronic, keychain, 3D puzzles, page a day calendars which can be used to make a fun set.

⭐ 15. Chef's Hat Cooking Gift Basket

A guy who enjoys cooking is easy to buy for. There are lots of gourmet ingredients you can get as well as essential kitchen items (grab a fun apron!) cooking utensils and kitchen accessories.

A fun idea is to pack up a box with all the ingredients to make a 3 Course Meal. Then invite yourself round for when he's going to make it. That's a win-win present for sure.

Ideas on a Christmas Hamper for Her

red poinsettia flower gift basket festive Christmas gift idea

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Most women are super easy to shop for. Some are a little difficult, particularly if they have a very restrictive diet and fussy tastes overall. But on the whole, I find picking items out for my female friends to be a breeze. And there are tons of ideas that you can roll with based on her likes and dislikes.

A lady on a restrictive gluten-free diet will find it thoughtful if you shop for some fine gluten-free goodies for Christmas - perhaps with more luxury items that she might not want to often get for herself.

One of my friends is heavily into nail polish and nail art, so guess what I'll be putting together this year! And another is mad on pets and has lots of animals, so that one is easy too.

Last year we put together a huge doggy box of toys and treats for her dog, she was delighted. Whatever she loves is an idea for a theme that you can use with your festive shopping. It really doesn't need to be that hard. But if you are stuck on ideas, scroll down to read some after the pre-made suggestions.

Scroll Down to Read my 5 Creative Ideas for Women

⭐ 16. Beauty Gift Basket Set

One of my friends is really into her nails. So one year I packed up a divine set of gorgeous nail polishes, nail buffers, French polish, nail art stickers, nail polish wipes and more. It made a really great set.

Painting fingernails pink hearts

A manicure gift basket is a great idea for someone who loves their nail polish. There are loads of pretty items you can include as well as nail polish. Use this idea for other themed beauty products too such as hair accessories, cosmetics and spa pamper items.

Image Credit: Original image shared by jill111 on Pixabay with a CC License

You can do the same thing with make-up or hair accessories. Think about the type of beauty items that she really loves. Then find a beauty case or some pretty drawers to pop it all into.

⭐ 17. Cute Cupcake Goody Box

I love cupcakes and not just the edible kind since I love to collect cute trinkets too. Why not buy a giant cupcake mold or pan and fill it up with some cute cupcake themed goodies. Or fill a sweet basket with cupcake themed books to salivate over, cupcake lip balm, a necklace, candy dish and some baking accessories if she enjoys making them too.

⭐ 18. Weepy Movie Night Basket

What type of movies does she like to watch? You can buy some great ones for a movie themed idea. I love romantic comedies and I've listed my Top 10 Romantic Comedy Movies here.

If you don't know what she likes to watch on the box then buy a gift card from somewhere like Redbox where she can rent out her choices instead. Add in some of her favorite snacking treats to your box: chocolates, candy, sweets, popcorn, crackers and more.

English Garden with the soft and fragrant scent of our Rose Spa Gift Set

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UK Readers get a Spa Gift Set from

A round box decorated with flowers and filled with items based on her favorite flower should be really appreciated.

⭐ 19. Fabulous Fashionista Box

Is she into fashion? Loves her bags, clothes and shoes? Grab a gift card for her favorite fashion store and pack it along with some cute items such as handbag charms, shoe necklace, new purse, scotch shoe dispenser (that is the coolest way to grab sticky tape that I've seen!) and maybe a DVD like In Her Shoes or The Devil Wears Prada. Pop it all into a handbag shaped gift bag.

⭐ 20. Her Night Off Spa and Relaxation Basket

Every woman deserves a night off. Give her a relaxing basket which includes pampering and relaxing items such as a cooling eye mask, face pack, bubble bath, muscle rub, herbal teas, relaxing music CD and a good book to read.

Fun Festive Hampers and Holiday Baskets for Kids

We often think of hampers and baskets as just being for adults but they can be great for children too. There's a reason why kids love Easter and that's because of all the treats that come in a variety of surprise packages - why not replicate some of that excitement for the Holiday season too.

While most kids love chocolate and candy, bear in mind that many parents are not quite so thrilled with an abundance of sweet treats. Also some children have dietary or health issues which means that they may not be able to enjoy these types of presents. Luckily there are plenty of other ideas which you can read after seeing what pre-made selections are on offer.

Scroll Down to Read my 5 Creative Ideas for Kids

⭐ 21. Sweet Christmas Candy Basket

Most children enjoy candy unless they cannot have it for dietary or health reasons. It is not at all hard to fill up a cute container with lots of wrapped candies that they will enjoy.

⭐ 22. Arts and Crafts Gift Box

My daughter is mad on arts and crafts and I know she would love getting a themed gift box filled with tons of cute crafting materials: colored papers, card, foam sheets, wiggly eyes, glues, glitter glue, colored sticky tapes, stickers, paint pens, glitter gel pens, decorative edged scissors (depending on the age of the child) flat backed gems, self adhesive embellishments. Find a set of cute plastic self standing drawers to make a unique kid's craft set.

⭐ 23. A Slumber Party Gift Set

Children of a certain age (normally preteen and teenage girls) really enjoy their slumber parties - it's a source of great excitement when they are old enough to sleep over at a friend's house. Buy them everything they need for a fun slumber party including soft slippers, cute pajamas, make-up, hair accessories and some yummy midnight feast snacks. Find a cute tote bag to fill.

⭐ 24. Big Bubble Trouble Toy Box

Younger kids love blowing bubbles. You can find some fantastic bubble blowing toys these days including ones that make giant bubbles too. Buy a bubble machine, bubble mix and some smaller toys that young children will have a blast with.

⭐ 25. Kids Movie Night Basket

Kids love having their own movie night too where they get to stay up later than normal. Find some great age appropriate movies and snacks that can be packed together for a really fun and memorable gift.

Whether you want to make up your own or you opt to buy one instead, you'll get inspiration for everyone here on this page. Thanks for your visit today. See my related pages below and bookmark to visit again when stumped for inspiration.

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