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Large Dollhouses for Barbie Size Dolls

This time last year, in the run up to the Christmas season, we were on the hunt for a really sturdy and good quality dollhouse that was big enough to fit barbie size fashion dolls.

We were looking for a big doll house and one that would last for years to come and withstand numerous plays from other kids coming over to visit. We ended up choosing a large dollhouse for Barbie size dolls made by Kidkraft which has been fantastic.

We don't often buy big gifts. On this occasion though, I wanted to pay just a little bit more for something that would grow with my little girl.

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Dollhouses for Barbie Size Dolls that will Fit Fashion Size Dolls and Furniture

best large dollhouses Barbie size dolls

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We already knew that KidKraft quality is good because we already owned a beautiful pink kitchen as well as other toys from their range. All of these had stood up so well to plenty of play with other kids visiting our home. Having had a previous good experience made it easier to make a decision to buy one of their makes of doll house.

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The doll house we chose was one of the tallest dollhouses available. This was important since we wanted a toy that our daughter could grow with and yet not too quickly grow out of.

It made no sense to us to spend a lot of money on something that would soon be too small for her to enjoy properly and also we wanted it to hold all her Barbies which it does. At six years old, this 51 inch tall house was still way bigger.

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture best dollhouse Barbies

This is the KidKraft Dollhouse we got at

UK Readers get a Kidkraft Doll House from

This house came already equipped with furniture for her Barbie and fashion dolls. This was really important. Imagine buying a home and then either having to spend more time hunting around for suitably sized furniture to fit in it or worrying about how much extra it would cost to furnish it.

This has all the essential bits of furniture, and nice quality wood pieces too that a little girl could want. It included: a large 4 poster bed with tie curtains, a cot for the nursery, table and chairs, sofa, bath and toilet, sink, refrigerator and more.

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse 30 furniture pieces and accessories doll house for barbies 12 inch fashion dollsKidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse Dolls House Girls Toy KidsKidKraft Sweet and Pretty Dollhouse Toy Dolls House Girls Kids Barbie Size Up to 12 Inch Tall DollsKidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture 14 pieces of furniture, including a grand piano and a hanging plant Gliding elevator takes dolls to the first, second or third floor Made of composite wood products;Accomodates Barbie sized dolls

It's large enough so that more than one child can play with it at a time. One way to cut down on potential squabbles is to make sure that toys are big enough for sharing when there's more than one child wanting to play.

This home passes with flying colors since it's big enough to have 2-4 children playing round it at once. If you know it will be regularly enjoyed by several kids, consider placing it where it children can easily access the front and both sides too.

Barbie and similar sized fashion dolls fit in it. There was no sense in us getting my daughter a dollhouse unless it accommodated her growing fashion doll collection. She already had small play sets for little toys but not for her Barbies, Bratz and Disney figures.

Kidkraft house home dollhouse toy for fashion dolls wooden dollhouse Barbies

You can see our KidKraft home here with Barbies in it

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

A tidy Savannah KidKraft Dollhouse for my six year old daughter's Barbie dolls. It doesn't stay tidy for long when she's playing with it. See what we all think to this as a Barbie sized dollhouse now we have had it for over a year.

The Good Points about Our Large Dolls House for Barbie

✔️ 1) My daughter was stunned into silence when she saw this Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft. Since she is a real chatterbox and well known for talking a lot, this was quite a feat. It was really great to see how happy and delighted she was on Christmas morning when she walked into her playroom and saw her new toy. As it was so big we didn't wrap it but just stuck a bow on it.

✔️ 2) The house is extremely sturdy and is standing the test of time. The frame is made from wood which means the whole thing keeps its structure really well and the interior walls and floors look like chipboard material which is again nice and strong.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture large wooden dollhouses

Get this Majestic Mansion Doll House large dolls house Barbie

UK Readers get a Kidkraft Doll House from

✔️ 3) It's easy to keep clean. I like the fact that this product, just like her KidKraft kitchen, is easy to clean by giving it a wipe with a damp cloth and then going over it with a clean, dry cloth.

✔️ 4) She loves playing with it and is making up her own stories and entertainment with it. This toy more than any other is encouraging lots of role play and is stimulating my daughter's imagination as she creates her own stories with her barbie fashion dolls. She will happily add in other play figures to the mix like My Little Pony too.

✔️ 5) It looks like a quality toy and is very smart. I'd be happy to have this beautiful house in any room because it looks so good.

✔️ 6) It's fantastic value for money we think with the furniture being included as well. There are so many houses that do not come equipped and that's something that really made this one a bargain buy in our eyes.

Things to Think About with Buying Large Wooden Dollhouses

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

Buy this Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Design Dollhouse

UK Readers get a KidKraft Princess Doll House from

⭐ 1) You may have to assemble the home yourself. Many of the large scale houses are ones which you have to put together at home. I am useless at following instructions but thankfully my husband is good at DIY and he put ours together in just a few hours.

I would advise checking the box when you get it to make sure that everything is included and that there are no damaged parts, this seems rare but occasionally you hear of it happening. Also, do not leave it until Christmas Eve to put something like this together. That's from personal experience!

⭐ 2) Do you have enough room for the doll house. It's not just a case of checking the size of the actual product. You also need to think about how much space you will have for kids to play around the home as well.

Some houses encourage play round the sides as well as the front. Occasionally there are homes that require play all round which mean pulling it out more in to the room.

⭐ 3) Some parts may be made from vinyl, plastic or other less desirable materials to save on the cost price. This is perhaps the most disappointing part if you are buying a wooden dollhouse for Barbies.

Ours had a plastic staircase which did not matter to my daughter and was certainly sturdy enough. But I would have preferred a wooden staircase to finish ours off nicely.

⭐ 4) There might be parts which are fiddly for kids to use. On ours, it can be hard to keep the dolls on the swing. It might be to do with how we tied the swing chair on but most of the bigger dolls just fall straight off the chair.

Again, it's a little detail which is of no importance except to us being fussy parents. It hasn't upset my little girl or hampered her play in any way at all.

Alternative Options for Barbie Doll Sized Houses

Barbie Dreamhouse

Get this Barbie Dreamhouse. Dolls, pets and car sold separately.

UK Readers get a Barbie Doll House from

I was lucky to get a plastic pink Barbie home when I was young and I loved it. It was one of my most-used toys and it worked for my Sindy dolls too.

It wasn't worth keeping for the future since, by the time I'd finished with it, it was in a bad shape due to being made from flimsy plastic and cardboard. Thinking back, I remembered that my washing machine, which was revolutionary at the time, had a major accident which leaked a pool of water all over the kitchen. The floor ended up going soggy and developed a large gaping hole in the cardboard.

Teamson Kids - Fancy Mansion Wooden Doll House with 13 pcs Furniture for 12 inch DollsTeamson Kids - Ice Castle Wooden Doll House with 6 pcs Furniture for 12 inch Dolls Disney Frozen InspiredKidKraft Home Indoor Kids Room Decorative Fancy Nancy Dollhouse for up to 12 inch Tall dolls Play Set 15 Piece FurnitureBarbie Dreamhouse Three floors, seven rooms and a working elevator provide the perfect setting for all kinds of stories toy girls gift

So, mindful of my own experience, we discounted the standard fashion doll homes and decided to look at the sturdier, part wooden options instead. Whatever we choose had to be good quality, dollhouses designed to fit Barbie and similar sized fashion dolls.

We also had some older Bratz to home and I was sure that, at some point, my daughter would be thinking of other ones like those from Monster High. We preferably wanted one that came furnished because we didn't want to worry about having to not only find but also pay a lot more for a set of furniture add-ons too.

Perhaps the Savannah dollhouse is not quite right for what you're specifically looking for or you just want to check out some alternative items before you make your final decision. These are some other top-rated and reviewed suggestions from Amazon that also look like fantastic options for large style homes.

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse: This one is a tiny bit smaller than ours and doesn't have that extra fourth floor nursery but it does have a lift, am opening side door and two patio areas as well as 14 pieces of furniture.

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion: A more modern looking beachfront mansion with a lift, curved staircase, large rooms, 14 pieces of furniture and handy storage space built in.

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion: This one is simply huge! It has four floors, a patio, lift, curved staircase, outdoor patio area with a pool, garage and 30 pieces of furniture. You'll need space to accommodate this one. Thanks for reading my large dollhouses for Barbie size dolls page.

Our daughter had plenty of dolls that she could play with and even a few pieces of furniture. However, everything was crying out for a more permanent home instead of being hidden away in the toy box along with everything else. Now she has a large dollhouse to fit everything inside.

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