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The Princess Bride Gifts for Fans of the Movie

As You Wish, here is a really super selection of The Princess Bride gift ideas for fans of the book and movie. Since most true, twue, fans like me should already own the movie and the book as a bare minimum, and probably loads more besides, it can be a challenge to know exactly what to buy. Give a laugh this Christmas Holiday season with favorite character products including the Dread Pirate Roberts, Inigo Montoya... Read more →

Best Kids Snow Toys for Outdoor Winter Fun

Most children need something to entertain them when playing in the cold outside and that's where these kids snow toys can really help. It should be easier to keep children entertained for a longer time outdoors out in the cold and snowy weather when they have a novel and fun selection of snow themed games and toys to play with. Getting kids outside in the winter where fresh air and exercise can do them good... Read more →

25 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas to Put Together

Gift baskets and hampers are a favorite item to give out during the festive Holiday season. There are loads of great Christmas gift basket ideas to put one together yourself. Having a themed hamper filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats and goodies always has a great impact on the recipient. Through the years, I've had a lot of fun making up and putting together a lot of these for my family and... Read more →

Large Dollhouses for Barbie Size Dolls

This time last year, in the run up to the Christmas season, we were on the hunt for a really sturdy and good quality dollhouse that was big enough to fit barbie size fashion dolls. We were looking for a big doll house and one that would last for years to come and withstand numerous plays from other kids coming over to visit. We ended up choosing a large dollhouse for Barbie size dolls made... Read more →

Top Christmas Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

You want to choose the very best Christmas gifts for 2 year old girls that you can get but selecting them can be tricky and especially if you don't currently spend a lot of time with children in this age range. Since my own little baby girl was a bit slow to get on to the walking stage, by the time she actually did get there she just could not sit still for long. At... Read more →

Swashbuckling Pirate Christmas Tree Ornaments

Yo, ho, ho! Add in some really fun, swashbuckling pirate Christmas tree ornaments to your tree for some rather cool adventures this Christmas Holiday season. You can add a barrel of fun to your festive decorations with some themed ornaments. These should be especially good for kids to enjoy because they lend a real hint of mystery and adventure to any festive tree. Even better if they are going on a tree just with this... Read more →

Truly Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Special occasions such as the festive season are the perfect opportunity to choose a really romantic Christmas gift for your husband so he knows exactly how you feel. In the often busy goings on of your everyday life, it can be all too easy to take the ones that we love for granted and forget to take the time out to express just how glad and lucky we are to have them in our lives.... Read more →