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Swashbuckling Pirate Christmas Tree Ornaments

Yo, ho, ho! Add in some really fun, swashbuckling pirate Christmas tree ornaments to your tree for some rather cool adventures this Christmas Holiday season.

You can add a barrel of fun to your festive decorations with some themed ornaments. These should be especially good for kids to enjoy because they lend a real hint of mystery and adventure to any festive tree.

Even better if they are going on a tree just with this particular theme. Just watch your step now while you make your way on board.

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Pirate Christmas Tree Ornaments for a Swashbuckling Holiday Season

pirate mouse on a cork ship Christmas tree ornament design

Image Credit: Shared by Jo Naylor on Flickr with a CC License

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Authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson and also J.M. Barrie really captured imaginations of all ages with the great reads of Treasure Island and Peter Pan.

Both of these books are favorite reads in our home. You can display your love of these characters with your own decorations or by gifting a fun tree ornament for someone else to really enjoy.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Ornament at

Get this Disney Jake and the Pirates Ornament at

This is a colorful looking and fun themed hanging ornament which I think is especially ideal to hang on a child's Christmas tree.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates has been extremely successful for Disney as a franchise. Kids, like my own daughter, have seen and enjoyed the Disney Junior shows and are excited to receive toys and items based on it.

Old World Christmas Jolly Roger Glass Blown Pirate Skull OrnamentCarribbean Pirate Ship Hanging Resin Christmas OrnamentDecember Diamonds Sebastian the Pirate Merman Christmas Tree OrnamentPirate matte black glass Christmas ornament

I like how this one is really vibrantly colored to appeal to children. This one is good because it has Jake along with a treasure chest and Skully the parrot. There are other ornaments in the range including one with Jake in a swinging pose. We love his cute parrot companion who features alongside him often.

Jolly Roger Pirate Christmas Tree Ornament on Hand-Stained Wood

Get this Jolly Roger Ornament from LoveLaurenLanning on Etsy

This design is deliciously refreshing and different. I love the wood pendent that says Have a Holly Jolly Roger with its fun design of a skull wearing a Santa hat and two crossed candy canes. It's a fun and unique piece that I think would look great on any tree.

Ship in a Bottle Christmas Ornament

Boat Ship in a Bottle Make It a Nautical Holiday 3.75 X 2.75 Not Just for Christmas Can Be Used As a Hanging Ornament

Buy this Ship in a Bottle Ornament

This is an intricately detailed looking miniature ship in a bottle. I love this idea which is based on the traditional decorations of sailing vessels in glass bottles.

We used to marvel at them as children and wonder how they managed to fit the boats in. I've since learned that much of the construction occurs through the neck of the bottle. Painstaking work I should think.

Any would-be-pirate can surely only dream of sailing in a ship as beautiful looking as this one with its billowing cloth sails and tiny red flag.

This is a delightful looking Christmas tree ornament that should thrill anyone who loves seafaring, ships and the nautical theme in particular. It is just over 3.5 inches tall and comes with a festive red ribbon for hanging from the branches of your tree. This could be great for gift giving too.

Traditional Blown Glass Treasure Chest Ornament

Old World Christmas Treasure Chest Glass Blown Ornament

Get this Blown Glass Treasure Chest Ornament

UK Readers get a Treasure Chest Ornament from

This looks like such a beautiful hand blown glass treasure chest filled to the brim with ye olde pirate goodies! This glass tree ornament encapsulates everything that we tend to dream of.

I love the style of the overflowing "wooden" chest full of sparkling gold color pieces and jewels. It should really sparkle very nicely on the tree since it also uses glitters for a detailed finish to the design.

Flamingo bird pirate hanging ornamentPirate Ship Personalized Christmas Ornament custom nameSkull and Crossbones Christmas Ornament Rustic Aluminum Holiday GiftDisney Pirates of the Caribbean Icon Christmas Holiday Ornament Set

It is thought that it actually wasn't standard practice for pirates to really go and bury their treasure. So, despite countless tales of buried treasure and X marks the spot, there is little documented evidence of this happening with real pirates.

But, nevertheless, we love to read all the wonderful and exciting tales about treasure and the special maps where X marks just the spot where you can find riches galore. Just like most people dream of winning big on the lottery or on a trip to a casino, it is also a dream to find that amazing haul of buried treasure too. You never know.

A Pirates of the Carribean Ornament

Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Musical Christmas Ornament

This one is excellent for Pirates of the Carribean fans like me. One of the best acted pirate Captains ever has to be that of Captain Jack Sparrow. He was played so superbly by the actor Johnny Depp who gave the portrayal of the character a real unique and quirky vibe.

This Hallmark Christmas ornament is a mean looking skull with some bones crossed at the back. There are many other designs from this range and one that shows Captain Jack from the 2011 movie On Stranger Tides. That ornament shows Depp looking into a glass bottle containing a ship and he is dressed in his flamboyant pirate costume too complete with his fun and flamboyant dreadlocks.

☠️ Pirates are a really great theme and are well loved both by kids and also adults too. As a family, we love reading stories and tales about sea adventures, amazing battles across the waters and of course any secret buried treasure.

Other suggestions on this theme include a glass pirate Santa Claus design which is lots and lots of fun. There is one with Santa wearing an eye patch, a captain hat with skull and crossbone design and a parrot on his shoulder. I think this is one of the most festive and fun designs I've seen on this theme. It will be a wonderful reminder of all those fantastic stories you've read and seen right there on the Christmas tree.

For a cute, personalized design that you can gift to a child, you would do well to look on Zazzle for a personalized pirate ornament. Zazzle have a range of designs which can be customized if you wish. Look for items where there is plenty of space to add in the name of your choice or a short phrase of text instead. Have fun choosing a great piece for yourself or for someone else.

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