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Truly Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Special occasions such as the festive season are the perfect opportunity to choose a really romantic Christmas gift for your husband so he knows exactly how you feel.

In the often busy goings on of your everyday life, it can be all too easy to take the ones that we love for granted and forget to take the time out to express just how glad and lucky we are to have them in our lives.

If you’re unable to spend this festive Holiday season together because one of you is working away from home, then why not make a plan to do something very special when you get back together again.

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Get Sentimental and Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

romantic Christmas gift husband

Image Credit: Original image shared by Andi_Graf on Pixabay with a CC License

For a couple who have to endure times apart because of work, perhaps with one or both of you working in the military, then this particular sentiment takes on even more of a special and touching meaning.

⭐ Wherever you are, you can be reminded of your best friend and your soulmate by wearing a sentimental charm like a couples necklace or gift.

Demonstrating your affection is even more important in a relationship that is no longer new. It can be very easy to feel giddy and in love in a new marriage or relationship.

Sustaining that feeling over many years occasionally needs to be worked at. A romantic Christmas gift for a husband is a token and a reminder of how you still feel.

A Sweet Couples Necklace is Something You Can Both Wear to Think of One Another

couple necklace romantic Christmas gifts husband

Get this Mizpah Couple Necklace with Sentimental Quote from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Couples Necklace from Amazon.co.uk

The Mizpah Medal necklace is designed to be worn by two people who have a close and cherished connection. It is a sterling silver necklace that splits in half so you could wear one half and your husband the other.

There is a heart on both sides of the medal along with the touching sentiment: The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another. This is a biblical quotation from Genesis 31:49

The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.

The quote is a very touching one and even more appropriate for a couple with a strong and religious Christian faith. I wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck and I often hold it while thinking about my husband when we are apart from one another.

It is something tangible to help hold and keep your beloved one in your mind and your heart and makes a wonderfully sentimental gift for your husband at christmas.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Your Husband: Real Silk Pajama Pants, Why Not Choose a Festive Color

Mens 100% Silk Lounge Pajama Pants in Blue thoughtful Christmas gifts husband

Buy these Real Silk Men's Pajama Bottoms

UK Readers get a Silk Pyjamas from Amazon.co.uk

I know a lot of wives who buy their husbands pajamas for occasions such as Christmas because they are a really thoughtful and practical gift. For an extra wow factor gift this year, choose to buy him some special lounge pants made from 100% silk.

These luxury style pants come in a range of colors including some traditional festive Holiday shades such as burgundy and green and some more romantic color choices in red and black.

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As a natural material, silk is so soft and comfortable to wear against the skin. I find that it is the height of luxury to sleep in. These pants can be worn on their own, with a matching top which you will need to purchase separately or with a simple sleeveless cotton top.

Depending on your overall budget, buy a matching silk robe for one very lucky and well sleep attired guy. And, of course, silk should also be just wonderful for you to snuggle up to in bed.

Best Christmas Gifts for Husbands: P.S. I Love You Gift Photo Frame

best Christmas gifts husbands

Get this P.S. I Love You Photo Frame from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Photo Frame from Amazon.co.uk

P.S. I love you. Love is often implied but how often do we remember to say these words to those who are nearest and dearest to us.

It can be so easy to take the ones we love for granted and forget to stop for a moment and let them be reminded of the depth of our feelings. I like this small heart shaped frame with its very big and touching sentiment.

Photo frames are great because you can easily personalize them with just the right image. My husband keeps a couple of frames at work that I gave to him: one with me and one with our little girl. He loves being able to have a sweet reminder of us in his otherwise bland and impersonal office space.

You can insert a photo of you, of you together as a couple or you could have a photo of a special place that you’ve been to together. It should be something to remind him of your special relationship.

My Heart Will Guide You Home Romantic Compass for Him

My Heart Will Guide You Home Pocket Compass

Buy this My Heart Will Guide You Home Pocket Compass

UK Readers get a Pocket Compass from Amazon.co.uk

I loved the message on this sweet little compass which reads: My heart will guide you home. I think this heartfelt and inexpensive sentiment resonates especially with a man who is having to work a lot away from home.

Perhaps he is even deployed in the military. If he is away over the festive Christmas Holiday season, this is a special way of showing him how much you care while you are apart from one another. The heart compass can be carried in a pocket or placed at his desk where he can be reminded of you waiting back home.

❤️ My heart will guide you home. A romantic gift has even more meaning to a deployed soldier or someone who is away from home a lot. It could be the perfect type of item to choose for a man who works away or travels because it is small and he can keep it with him at all times.

One very good piece of advice I had in the early days of marriage was being told never to go to bed on an argument and to always kiss and make up before going to sleep.

I believe that is a really good tip for a healthy relationship. I can imagine that having a lovely, heartfelt message like You are my Happily Ever After mounted up above the bed or on your bedroom wall, would help to remind the pair of you of that each day.

You are My Happily Ever After Romantic Wall Decal Sticker for Your Bedroom

You Are My Happily Ever After vinyl wall decal best Christmas gift husband

Get this Happily Ever After Wall Decal at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Love Themed Wall Decal from Amazon.co.uk

If you have the time to do so, you could get your other half out of the way and pop this up on the wall. You can always enlist help from friends or family if you’ve never applied wall decal stickers before.

If you have a rented home or you prefer the idea of applying this quotation on something that can be moved along with each home you have, consider mounting it onto a cut piece of plexiglass that you can take with you from home to home.

These are designed to work on smooth surfaces so are not easy to apply to heavily textured walls. In this case you can mount them up onto plexiglass instead, drill holes and hang it or lean it up against the wall.

Coffee Caddy Filled with Treats for Him as a Christmas Gift Basket

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Coffee Caddy with Treats Gift Basket

Get this Coffee Caddy with Treats Gift Basket

UK Readers get a Coffee Gift Basket from Amazon.co.uk

If you have the time to spare in the run up to the occasion, really consider putting together your own personalized gift basket or hamper just with your loved one in mind. As your husband and partner, you know this man, you know his likes and dislikes which means that only you can really select items that he will love.

A wicker basket always looks good but you can get any container you like to fill with thoughtful and romantic surprises. Even a simple cardboard box can be wrapped in nice paper and have a big ribbon bow stuck round it to look smart.

You may already have a suitable container at home that just needs a little transformation. What should you put in it? Think of meaningful and delicious items.

Favorite candy, chocolate, drink sachets, gourmet food, a favorite movie you can both watch, reminders of special times you’ve had together, a love letter, items wrapped up with lovely quotations on the outside, a Holiday picnic for two.

There are lots of ways to make a unique basket which is crafted with love. Planning out what you can put inside will make the task easier.

Lots of Gift Basket Ideas Here on Making and Buying Them

And, if you don’t have the time to make one yourself, there are plenty of wonderful gift baskets online that you can choose from instead. I liked this coffee themed caddy shown above because it looks very masculine and something that would be appropriate to give to your man.

Fall in Love Canvas Sign a Touching and Sentimental Choice Makes a Special Christmas Gift

Fall in Love Printed Canvas Sign romantic gift ideas husband

Choose this Quote Printed Canvas Sign from Amazon.com

A ready to hang canvas sign with an inscription to remind both of you that you have the happily ever after. It’s a dominant and large piece of wall art that can be placed in the bedroom or another room where you spend some quality time together.

Fall in Love. Be passionate and fearless. Listen to your heart. Be thoughtful and generous. Believe in love at first sight. Hold Hands. Laugh Nervously. Write love letters and make handmade gifts. Get dressed up for a date. Feel butterflies in your stomach. Run away together. Stay in bed all day. Create memories you will tell your grandchildren about. Learn from each other. Be patient and kind with your words. Grow old together. Be spontaneous and impulsive. Kiss each other good night. Remember why you fell in love ... This is your happily ever after.

More Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Every day together is a gift to treasure. Festive gift image. romantic Christmas gift husband

Image Credit: Original image shared by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay with a CC License

Can you cook, sew, knit, crochet, bake, write, paint, draw? If you plan in plenty of time , you can make something that really says so much more than anything you can buy from a store. Something as simple as writing down a list of all the things that you really love about your husband is a touching gesture that he will not forget.

❤️ Romance is not something that can easily be bought. Of course you can purchase items which are touching and sweet and deliver just the right message for your particular relationship. But they will never really compete with something that you have taken the time to make or do yourself. What skills do you have that you can put towards making something special?

Write him a letter. Or, if you’re not confident in trusting to your own words, find some sentimental quotations online that are meaningful to your partnership and place them where he can enjoy discovering them, one by one.

Of course, although lovely to give thoughtful and sentimental gifts, it doesn’t need to all be about buying things for each other. Spending some quality time together with him and enjoy each other’s company.

Wrap up warm this winter and go out for a walk, snuggle up on the sofa together and watch a movie or have a date night at home. Do something, just for the two of you, which can help to keep you both close.

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