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Best Kids Snow Toys for Outdoor Winter Fun

Most children need something to entertain them when playing in the cold outside and that's where these kids snow toys can really help.

It should be easier to keep children entertained for a longer time outdoors out in the cold and snowy weather when they have a novel and fun selection of snow themed games and toys to play with.

Getting kids outside in the winter where fresh air and exercise can do them good is sometimes tough. A nice fall of snow can soon change all this.

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Best Kids Snow Toys for Lots of Outdoor Winter Fun

Best kids snow toys season toys items products winter fun activities

Image Credit: Original image shared by hmschl on Pixabay with a CC License

I know from experience, however, with my daughter and some of her friends, that many do need to have outdoor toys that are fun and entertaining. That's where this hand picked and thoughtful selection of winter snow toys for kids comes in.

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Luckily, some of the very best toys and games for winter fun and play are very inexpensive to buy as well. Let's have a look at some great ideas for fun winter toys.

Make Snowballs for Lots of Fun Snow Fights

Toysmith Snowball Maker Blue and Red 2-Pack

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Make up a pile of balls really quickly for a big fight. These snowball makers can make it easier to create really nice round balls of well packed snow.

Kids as young as 5 should be able to use these makers because they have a very simple design and can be fast to use which means that many balls can be made up pretty quickly.

Having a special maker means that little hands don't need to get cold or wet through too much handling of all the wet flakes. Once kids get wet and cold, they tend to get real miserable too.

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled BlackEvelots My Very Own Snowman Kit, 15 Pieces IncludedExtra Strong One Piece Construction, Kids/Toddler Plastic Snow – Beach sand Shovel. Two SetParicon Snow Castle Kit 20-Inch

I know from my own winter fun with my young daughter that smiles can quickly turn to tears. Along with this toy, you might also want to consider buying an inexpensive launcher so kids can make their own balls and then throw them further too than they could by hand.

Winter Snow Toys for Kids: Dress Up a Snowman

winter snow toys kids Dress Your Own Snowman Kit

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Kids can make their finished snowmen or people look much more attractive with a special dress up kit. Children who enjoy building and making characters should love this fun set which includes the hat, pipe, buttons, eyes, nose and mouth.

All the pieces are wooden (except for the hat) and should last for building these fun figures for years to come. No more hunting for odd shaped stones and a carrot to make his nose! Your finished design can look much more professional.

Fun Snow Toys for Kids: Build Some Winter Snow Castles and Forts

making a snow fort building

Image Credit: Shared by James Emery on Flickr with a CC License

Never mind sand castles, why not build some super winter forts instead. You can get a fun castle kit (not pictured) and families can enjoy making forts, castles, igloos and virtually any construction with block shapes made from sturdy plastic.

You can encourage children who enjoy building things indoors with lego and blocks to come outside and build instead. We have also used these fun building kits with sand as well which makes it even better value for money since you can use it outside of the winter season too.

Throwing Sticks Make Snowballs Fly Further

For plenty of flinging good fun with kids and dogs too! Throwing sticks make it easy for kids, and adults, to pick up snow without having to bend down or get your hands cold. Families can enjoy easily picking and throwing wet flakes at each other in a fun fight.

The balls can travel as far as 20 to 30 feet (depending who is doing the throwing) which is quite some distance. These can work as a great toy for dogs who love chasing them and this a bonus for families with dogs who enjoy this winter weather too.

Zoom Down Slopes with Sleds or Snowboards

Original Ski Skooter, Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow & Grass, Snow Sled, Winter Toys fun snow toys kids

Buy this Fold-Up Snowboard Toy from Amazon.com

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Fast and fun way to zoom down slopes. A slope and some freshly laid snowflakes can equal lots of fun with kids zooming down a hill with some winter lightening sleds or snowboards.

Plastic sleds and boards are so much faster and better than the cumbersome wooden sleds we had as kids which easily got stuck in the ground and didn't exactly fly with speed. You can buy these in packs for family fun and they can make great winter toys.

Outdoor Snow Toys for Kids: Make Different Characters from Snow

outdoor snow toys kids carve things from snow

You can carve all kinds of things from snow either freehand or using some molds

Image Credit: Original image shared by sharonang on Pixabay with a CC License

Fed up making snow people? You can get other kits instead where you can make animals and other characters instead. Sometimes it's good to deviate a little from the norm.

With a bear kit (not pictured) you get instructions on how you can build a great looking bear and all the accessories to add on his eyes, nose, mouth, claws and other features. My daughter and I made a dog this year but it looked more like a rabbit - I wish we'd had a kit like this to help us build something really cool instead.

Speed Along with Snow Racers

A cool way for kids to speed down those hills. For kids who are fed-up with plain sleds, how about a snow racer instead? One of these racers can allow for much more maneuverability on the ground and some of them have braking systems too.

For Kids who Just Like Digging in the Snow!

My daughter is a huge fan of digging and a shovel is one of the best value items we bought for her to use outdoors. Snow Shovels for Kids at Amazon.com

Don't forget that some of the best activities are free: children enjoy building with the snow, throwing it at each other, laying down in it to make angel patterns, digging in it to make holes and designs, sliding over it on paths and even sneakily tasting and eating it. Toys can enhance the enjoyment for kids playing outdoors in the winter season which is fun in itself.

⭐ There are plenty of children, and adults, who are simply content to dig. What they are digging for is anyone's guess but you would not believe how much fun there is for a child and an appropriately sized shovel. Some kids will enjoy helping mom or dad to clear snow with the shovel and you can make it into a game too. And the shovel can be used in sand and wet mud too once the winter is over.

You can get hold of snowball makers which help to create perfectly round balls for those winter fights, snowball launchers, throwers and blasters which allow kids to aim better and throw further and kits for making things like big bears easily.

For speed-loving children there are sleds and racers too. You'll have snow much fun choosing some winter themed items and some best kids snow toys which make great gifts for Christmas. Have fun outside!

For some kids, it is enough excitement for them to suddenly have plenty of fun and beautiful white flakes to play about in and these children somehow manage to stay happy and content out there for hours without any real boredom, cold or misery setting in.

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