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Top Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls to Enjoy this Christmas

There are lots of popular and top gifts for 4 year old girls that you can pick from this Christmas. They are also great too for another occasion such as her birthday or even a special treat.

Once they get to age four, girls can be full of energy and very quick to learn and discover new things. They are fast growing out of those rounded features in their face and body and looking more like little ladies every day.

At the very least, kids of this age want something exciting that they can play or interact with. If you object to buying toys then how about activity books instead.

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Top Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls to Enjoy this Christmas

top gifts 4 year old girls

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While parents are often happy to receive items like money, vouchers and clothes for their children, I can definitely tell you that most young kids just want toys.

Get Her a Wooden Princess Castle for Fairytale Play

Melissa and doug wooden pink folding castle toy for girls

Get this Folding Wood Princess Castle by Melissa and Doug at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Melissa and Doug Castle from Amazon.co.uk

My little girl was wowed when she was given this large wooden folding princess castle by Melissa and Doug. This toy does need quite a bit of floor space when it is folded out like this.

We found that it was a really great size for young girls to sit at and play with. It was an ideal size for my daughter at age 4 and, as well as using it on the floor, we also used it on a larger table top surface too.

We loved this very girly option but there is also a similar sized gray Medieval castle also by Melissa and Doug if pink is not a suitable color choice.

We have a number of the Melissa and Doug fold out wooden toys but this one is still a firm favorite and it is so pretty with all the painted vines and details.

Melissa and doug pink princess wood castle toy top gifts 4 year old girl

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

What is great is the fold up or fold out option. When folded up, you can store plenty of little figures inside it. You can see how it folds up in my additional personal image shown here.

This castle is still played with now my daughter who is a lot older. It has been a real favorite toy that has lasted really well. It has endured play sessions with lots of children and still looks great with no obvious signs of paint chipping or damage.

The top 2 turrets on this castle are removable since they just slot into place. This makes the whole set lower if it needs to be stored under a shelving unit.

⭐ It does not come with any figures but ours is frequently used along with Playmobil characters and furniture which it suits really well and also Schleich Fantasy Figures such as elves, fairies and unicorns which are stunning and fit very nicely size wise.

Favorite parts of the castle are the drawbridge at the front which can go up or down, all the stairs and little rooms and the jail or dungeon section which is an area with a sliding door that has bars; that's where all the naughty characters end up. Lots of imaginary play awaits with this toy.

Christmas 4 Year Old Girl Gifts: Horses Make a Great Theme

Disney Princess Rapunzel's Horse Maximus Christmas 4 year old girl

Buy this Disney Princess Rapunzels Horse Maximus at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Maximus Horse from Amazon.co.uk

I don't know of any young girls who don't like horses. Horses are a really popular theme. This Disney horse is called Maximus and he belongs to Rapunzel who is sold separately. However, he works along any 12 inch fashion doll like Barbie so can be bought on his own.

He has a long mane and tail which can be styled and includes some accessories. Girls might love to style its beautiful looking mane and tail. There are plenty of other Disney Princess dolls and play sets to buy if you wish.

My own daughter took much more of a liking to playing with little characters like this and also dolls. You could often hear her chattering away, making up stories and also voices for the play figures.

Also for four year olds, you can get a soft plush Groovy Girls horse for kids to cuddle and play with. There is the soft midnight star horse which we liked.

A lot of my daughter's play at this stage stemmed from her favorite bedtime fairy tales which she would re-enact with her toys.

Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Shadow Horse Doll Accessory Girls ToyManhattan Toy Groovy Girls Maddie Mermaid Fashion Doll Toy GirlsManhattan Toy Groovy Girls Melissa Butterfly Ballerina Fashion DollManhattan Toy Groovy Girls Coolicious Closet Fashion Doll Accessory

Groovy Girls is a very popular line of toys that started back in 1998. They have a huge range of soft rag doll style characters for both girls and boys and they are simply adorable.

A huge amount of thought has gone into the design of these soft toys and with the midnight star horse it makes realistic noises too such as whinnies and galloping sounds.

You can also purchase a matching Groovy Girls doll with many different designs available. The dolls can sit on the horse with her feet in the stirrups and there are loops for the hands to tuck into.

The dolls often have clothes that come off easily with velcro so they are ideal for younger kids to play with. This is a range of toys that is colorful, cute and can inspire a whole lot of imagination.

The horses and dolls often have additional clothes and accessories that you can get. So you can choose one or several pieces from the collection depending on your own Christmas budget.

Christmas Gifts for a 4 Year Old Girl: Get Her Active with a Scooter

Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter Pink gifts 3 4 year old girls

Get a Micro Mini Scooter: Range of Colors Available

UK Readers get a Scooter from Amazon.co.uk

Depending on the climate, an outdoor toy for Christmas may or may not be the best idea. For a child it's not such a good idea if they can't use it right away and especially if it is the main present that they are given.

But I know that once my daughter hit this age, she really wanted a scooter. Lots of her friends had one and rode them to school. We opted for one very similar to this which was a sensible 3 wheel scooter and we felt that it was perhaps less likely to topple over and also easier for younger children to use.

Because the two wheels are at the front, it means they are not getting in the way of a child's feet as they hop on and off and push to move the scooted. This one can be ridden inside if you have the space. My little girl likes to ride up and down our long hallway in bad weather.

You may want to order a helmet and possibly also knee pads separately. Scooters can be a lot of fun for children who are active and energetic and they can also encourage those who are not so active to get moving too. Scooters can make good gifts for age 3 - 4 year old girls who are getting more active.

Smaller Play Sets and Toys for 4 Year Old Girls that Friends and Family can Buy

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Ice Cream Sundae Cart Playset toys 4 year olds girls

Buy this Play-Doh Ice Cream Sundae Cart Set at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Play Doh from Amazon.co.uk

We are big fans of Play-Doh because it is relatively inexpensive to buy and yet it provides hours of fun and entertainment.

It is soft, squishy and easy for younger children to make things with, unlike some other brands that we've tried, and it comes in a vast array of fun colors. This Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Ice Cream Sundae Cart comes with 3 tubs of the Play-Doh which is certainly enough to get started with.

⭐ We get quite a few children who want to come and play in our home because I'm happy for them to use Play-Doh which they just can't wait to get stuck into. Some parents are fussy about using it and especially if they have a lot of carpeted flooring where the bits can drop into and get stuck in.

It is best to use this outdoors, in the shade if it is hot, or inside on a hard surface. Play-Doh can make for the best toys for girls at age 4.

I normally put Play-Doh out on trays which helps to contain any mess. However, it is no-where near as messy to use as paints, glitter or glue. There are so many fun sets and accessories for cutting and shaping and it is a fun activity that all the family can join in with.

This ice cream cart set can make up lots of fun ice cream designs and comes with a spoon, cones and sticks to serve up these delicious pretend treats.

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Christmas Cookie Play Set best toys girls age 4

Get this Christmas Cookie Play Set by Melissa and Doug at Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Toy Cookie Play Set from Amazon.co.uk

For a girl who loves playing tea party or kitchen games, getting hold of a pretty and fun looking set like this Melissa and Doug Christmas Cookie design could be a great idea.

We have many play food items both wood and plastic and they go along perfectly with a picnic set, tea party set, bakery, kitchen or grocery store.

This comes with some painted Holiday cookie treats which have 12 mix and match toppings which add to the fun of using them. This beautiful looking set can provide a lot of valuable imaginary and role play as she pretends to be just like Mom.

There is no doubt that toys like this look really cute and make for a much nicer gift if you are searching for what to get a 4 year old girl for Christmas.

More Christmas Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl:

  1. A big purchase like a bike. A 14 inch bike with training wheels is normally the size you need for this age range.
  2. A kitchen playset. We opted for a lovely wooden KidKraft one but I also like the quality plastic Step2 options that look very durable.
  3. Lego juniors sets. Lego juniors are sets for the 4-7 age range and are specifically designed to be easy for kids of this age to build and fun for them to play with.
  4. We love Playmobil. It is another winning toy in this home. They have some gorgeous options with princess, fairy, home and animal themes though we really love the pirate sets too. Check out the Christmas Playmobil sets.
  5. Dressing-Up costumes and accessories. If you're not a parent, look for a more unusual outfit instead of the normal gown or princess dress because she probably has a ton of those already.
  6. Art and creative sets. Parents often love non-messy options like Sticky Mosaics, Crayola Color Wonder sets and Melissa and Doug Water Wow sets.
  7. Electronic toys. I'm not a huge fan of electronic toys for youngsters since they'll get their fill of technology as they get older. However, they are popular gifts for 4 year old girls. Look out for Vtech and Leapfrog products which are good makes to buy.
  8. Books. Books don't need to be boring. There are many sticker books and activity books like mazes and hunting for objects that are inexpensive and fun.
  9. Sand, water and bath time toys. If you're buying these for a cold time of year then many of these can be used in the bath. Bath toys can be hugely popular with younger kids.
  10. Board games. These are ideal for families to play and are perfect for indoor play during the winter. This rounds off my top gifts for 4 year old girls.

What is especially hard is hunting through all the different options available to you. It can get quite hard to know what to buy her that is not only suitable in terms of age but also that it is something she will love to be presented with.

I'll never forget watching the smile instantly vanish from my little girls face when she opened a really big Christmas gift to find some lovely but boring pajamas inside! If you're determined to gift clothes to a young child, please pop in a little toy or treat that they can enjoy too.

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