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Coolest Christmas Gift for a 5 Year Old Girl

Here's some fab ideas for a Christmas gift for a 5 year old girl that she should really want to open and thank you for.

At 5, girls are just starting to establish and carve out their own little identity. She may be becoming a bit more independent and wanting to try out a few more things for herself.

Having been all through this stage, I've got a great idea for gifts and five year old girl toys that she should really love and appreciate.

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The Coolest Choice of Christmas Gift for a 5 Year Old Girl

Christmas gift 5 year old girl

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At this age, my own daughter was heavily into dressing up, face paints, lots of active and outdoor play, play sets with dolls and animal figures and beads.

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This was the stage when we bought a nice slimline 2 wheel pink scooter for our daughter. She had a bulky plastic 3 wheel scooter before this point which was designed much more with a smaller child in mind. However, her 3 wheel design wasn't very speedy and she had really long outgrown it.

Razor A Kick Scooter

UK Readers get a Kid's Scooter from

Scooters are great for girls who like to be quite active and also for helping to encourage those who are not.

My friend bought one for her daughter who wasn't active at all and her little girl suddenly enjoyed racing around for a change. Most kids can often ride scooters better than they can walk at this age.

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The scooter is designed for growing kids and has adjustable handlebars so it can grow with her too. I really like the fact that it comes with light up wheels and motion activated LED lights to make it look fun.

⭐ You could also add in a matching accessories such as a helmet or knee pads as well or other family members could buy those as additional gifts for Christmas.

A scooter like this one can often allow children to get around much faster than they can walk and it can also be a massive help on the journey to school or even going on a trip to the local stores.

For us, it helped to stop a lot of that whining about legs being too tired for walking. It’s great for more active kids and good for burning off some of that excess of energy that they seem to have at this age.

Christmas Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl's Gift: Play Sets

KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

UK Readers get a Frozen Dollhouse from

Of course the big wants for many girls at Christmas are for Disney Frozen theme toys. I've already bought my daughter an Elsa doll because she is particularly mad on this character. But we are looking into other toys to go along with it.

This wooden castle and ice palace play set works along with standard sized fashion dolls which are around 12 inches tall.

⭐ Note that this set does not come with any dolls but you can buy an Elsa doll and also Anna separately or use any regular dolls like Barbie along with the set. It does come with some furnishings that go inside.

Like most Disney Frozen items being sold, you question as a parent whether it is value for money. Perhaps not so much as other toys is what I feel. However, if kids are happy at the end of the day then that may be a whole lot more important to you than anything else.

Popular Toys for 5 Year Old Girls: Something Creative to Play With

Melissa and Doug Bead Set Bundle 2-Pack popular toys 5 year old girls

Buy this Bundle Pack of Wooden Beads from

UK Readers get some Melissa and Doug Beads from

By this age, my daughter was past the point of putting beads in her mouth. She loved to play with my tin of buttons so we bought her some pretty colored wooden beads of her own made by Melissa and Doug.

This is a bundle pack which means that you get two great looking sets containing over 300 play beads that come in nice wooden trays. The bonus is that these should be really nice and easy to wrap up as gifts.

⭐ There are lots of fun activities to be had with beads. Believe me, kids can think up many of their own if you give them a chance. Beads can also be really good for helping to develop those fine motor skills. We did color sorting, counting, stringing, matching and making necklaces and bracelets using the colored cords that you get with the sets too.

Hearts and butterflies are motifs that many young children and especially girls enjoy at this stage. Pretty wooden beads can keep arts and crafts mad kids and girls occupied for quite some time with sorting, stringing and making jewelry.

The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Owls

My daughter’s always been into stickers and arts and crafts. For little girls who enjoy sitting down to do activities, how about getting some Sticky Mosaics.

We love these sets and were really impressed with this unicorns one that has 4 different designs to complete. You decorate the numbered boards with the included foam pad stickers and rhinestone gems. Instead of paint by numbers, it is really sticker by numbers.

At this age, many children are able to recognize numbers to 10, if not 20 and beyond. But this activity can provide great practice at number and color recognition too as well as employing some fine motor skills and levels of concentration.

Many parents are thrilled for their kids to receive sticker mosaic gifts like this which don't make a mess. Creative sets like paints, glues and glitters are frankly a nightmare!

I also like the fact that these sticker sets can help to keep children happily occupied in doing a task on their own for a while which gives Mom, Dad or carer a bit of a break. These could be great for girls who love stickers and craft activities.

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Christmas Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl who Loves Horses

Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Stable Christmas ideas 5 year old girl

Buy this Fold Out and Carry Horse Stable Toy at

UK Readers get a Fold and Go Stable from

Just the right size I think for this age group is this horse or pony wooden stable. We don't actually have this particular model, although I bet my little girl wishes we did.

However, we've bought the fold and go castle by Melissa and Doug as well as the farm set which are made in exactly the same style as this horse stable.

⭐ What I find lovely about these fold and go play sets is that, at the end of play, you can pack everything away inside the design for neat storage.

This pony stable play set with handy carry handles is also a good toy when taking kids on vacation. The carry handles are a real bonus.

We have taken these fold and go models away on breaks and vacations with us to keep our little girl entertained. So I believe them to make a really good gift.

If you're not all that keen on the plastic horses this set comes with then I can wholeheartedly recommend the horse figures made by Schleich which are amazing quality and life-like. Handily they are a great size for these fold and go sets too.

These sets are called mini but I think they're really just the right size for a five year old to sit down and enjoy playing with. The wooden stable is hinged down one side.

The hinges mean that it should be very easy for kids to open it out completely to reveal the inside. Once opened out, you can see that this model has sliding stable doors, pretend hay bales, plastic horses, a wooden ladder and a fold out fence.

Toys to Get a 5 Year Old Girl at Christmas: Lego

Lego toy playset girls minifigure

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

At five, my daughter was just getting into regular sized Lego. She'd been used to playing with the larger blocks of Duplo before which was great.

At this point but now she was past the stage of putting little things in her mouth and could manipulate smaller items much easier with her hands too.

See My Pick of Lego Sets for Girls of All Ages

For a real girly girl, which she is, there are the Lego Friends sets with minifigures who are called minidolls. Lego lasts well and makes a toy that is always a superb quality gift.

Top Christmas Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls: Small Items are Fun Too

T.S. Shure Daisy Girls Ballerina Wooden Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls

Magnetic dress up doll sets are great for taking out and about and we often use them when going out shopping so that they can keep my daughter occupied when we want to relax and stop off for a drink or a bite to eat. Complete in a cute carry set are these cute looking wooden magnetic dress up dolls.

This set comes with a handy carry bag. The dolls are wooden which means that the pieces are designed to last longer than paper or card versions. They also should be easier for little children's hands to grab hold of.

There are lots of different pieces of clothing in this set which should be more than enough to keep a little girl happy and busy too. It should make a great Christmas gift for a 5 year old girl.

Even More Gift Ideas for this Girl to Enjoy:

  • ✔️ Dressing up clothes sets
  • ✔️ Face paints and stick on tattoos
  • ✔️ Play sets with fashion dolls
  • ✔️ Outdoor snow toys for the winter season
  • ✔️ Board games to play with family
  • ✔️ Lego and Playmobil sets
  • ✔️ Perler bead kits

I remember at this point for Christmas how my daughter's face would fall if she was given gifts containing everyday clothes or pajamas.

Parents often appreciate those kinds of practical items but they're really not very exciting for your average little girl. So I hope you choose something fun for her to enjoy.

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