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Lego Horses Sets Make Great Gifts for Girls

This Lego horse sets Friends range comes supplied in cute candy colors with very much a spring feel to all the shades of pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows that are used throughout.

Girls who really adore horses should love the range of Lego Friend toys which feature some really fun equestrian activities and building brick sets.

The minifigures for these box sets are less blocky looking than the original characters and are actually called mini-dolls. You can see they are much more like sweet little dolls with their tiny features.

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Lego Horses Sets from the Friends and Other Ranges to Gift to Girls

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My daughter has loved building blocks and construction bricks ever since she was able to sit up unaided. Now she's at school and she really enjoys playing with these blocks.

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This is a sweet and girly range of sets that Lego have devised with her gender firmly in mind. When you look at them close up, you can really see the appeal that they have with young girls in particular.

3189 Heartlake Stables Lego friends horse farm

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Our little girl was also delighted to get this Lego friends horse stables set for Christmas. It's got just over 400 pieces included and, for a horse mad girl, can offer such a great deal of imaginary play value once it is built.

It took us a few hours to completely put this set together with our daughter's help. An older child could complete this themselves by following the instructions.

LEGO Friends Olivia Newborn Foal 41003Friends - Horse Vet Trailer

She spends a lot of time playing with this set and adds in other animal figures from other play sets. This could be a good choice for any horse crazy daughter or granddaughter for a birthday or Christmas gift.

I would really recommend checking Lego costs for the item you decide on across a range of websites and stores because they can differ by quite a large amount.

As usual, our daughter, was less interested in the building and construction side of things and much more interested in getting to play with the set once it was built and made up.

Now it is put together, she enjoys making up games with the horses of which there are 2 included along with 2 female mini-dolls and a cat.

The female riders look after the horses in their stables and also are made to jump over the riding obstacles to win the reward of some much needed carrots and rosettes.

LEGO Friends 41039 Sunshine RanchLEGO Friends Heartlake Riding Club 41126 Toy

At Christmas, my daughter was delighted to receive a few more Lego sets to play with. One of her favorites was the now retired Emma horse trailer Lego friends horse box. This comprises of a cute car, trailer box, white steed, rider, practice jump and accessory set.

The horse accessories are tiny which she really loves and we keep everything stored in pull out drawers so we don't misplace anything. She loved the Lego friends horse trailer set. You'll see some more great sets in the same range on this page.

LEGO Friends Set 41057 Heartlake Horse Show Lego horses sets

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This is a smaller set with 355 pieces. This one focuses on individual little elements such as jumps, a grooming station, booth and a winners podium complete with trophies and rosettes. You may prefer having smaller parts like this if space for toys is a real issue in your home.

I'm really taken with this set because it looks like a good sized Lego toy without being overwhelming or needing too much space to accommodate it. I know my daughter would love this and it would match in with her Lego friends horse box trailer as well as her other Friends play pieces that she's already collected.

LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp 3185 Lego horse farm

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She'll have to wait until the next Christmas to get something this big. However, this set would make an ideal choice of gift to complement the Friends sets that she already has.

The only downside I can think of is that the summer riding camp might need quite a lot more space to store it all, and space is something that we are always running short of. This is a bigger Lego set with 3 horses, 4 girl minifigs, minibus, trailer, paddock, entrance gate, summer camp and more to play with.

There is a really small little set called Olivia Newborn Foal that I think would make a cute little gift or even a stocking stuffer or filler for young girls age 5+. It's very sweet looking with the white pony and I think we might get this one to add on for our daughter's birthday.

I know how much she'd like the white foal and also the fun play parts which include a wheelbarrow, a water pump and a trough with lots of tiny accessories for grooming and feeding the pony.

Mega Bloks American Girl Nicki's Horse Stables Construction Set

Mega Bloks is an alternative to Lego bricks and I love the look of this cute looking horse stables set.

Since she was around 5, my daughter has loved the appeal of playing with really tiny parts with toys such as Lego and Playmobil because she's had the better motor skills with which to pick these items up and play with them.

That was also the point when she stopped putting toys in her mouth too so there was much less of a hazard with safety issues.

Of course, every child is different so you may need to supervise the play of these types of toys carefully with the child who will be playing with them. Horse Lego sets can have lots of small accessories.

How About Some Fantasy Pegasus Flying Horses


As far as my child is concerned, the smaller and more miniature the pieces, the bigger the appeal. The same goes with most of her friends too.

Of course these things are occasionally a bit trying for Mom and Dad who go around picking up little bits out of the carpet or else risk having their feet in pain when we tread on a piece.

But we try and keep everything neatly in drawers and get her used to tidying her brick sets away. The benefit of Lego horses sets and toys like these is in making up little games which seem to aid story telling and imaginary skills for kids no end.

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