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Star Wars Yoda Gifts for Fans

Fans of the small and rather odd looking green Jedi Master called Yoda should really enjoy this great selection of fun Star Wars Yoda gifts chosen specifically for them.

The Force is really strong with this page and you may be drawn to some fantastic themed and powerful Jedi gifts. These are totally suitable for men and women who are just that little bit geeky.

These could well be just perfect for celebratory occasions such as Christmas and also those just because times when you're thinking of something but are stuck for inspiration.

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Star Wars Yoda Gifts for Fans This Christmas

Yoda gifts for adults him her men

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If you're stuck for something to give on Father's Day, a Star Wars loving dad should certainly be happy with items that signify that he is really the master and not just an apprentice.

Enjoy shopping for this fun range of little green delights where size matters not, and be sure to stay away from the dark side.

Vandor 99068 Star Wars Yoda Jedi Master 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug in Green

Get this Yoda Mug from

UK Readers get a Yoda Mug from

Why not fill up a Yoda mug and give it as a gift. Mugs always make for some great looking and inexpensive gifts.

You can make mugs even more unique by filling them up with small treats such as candy, pens, pencils, stickers, small figures and keychains.

Then finish off the gift nicely by wrapping the whole thing with clear cellophane tied together over the top of the mug with some green curling ribbon.

Star Wars Yoda Computer Sitter FigureStar Wars Yoda Pillowtime Pal Soft and Cuddly sleeping pillow buddyStar Wars Mens Words Of Wisdom T-Shirt Yoda Quotes Quotations SayingsThe Star Wars galaxy meets sparkling Swarovski crystal. Continuing our Star Wars collection, this Master Yoda design is a must for collectors. One of the oldest characters in the saga, he is crafted with 291 facets and rests on a cane made of metal with brown varnish. Decoration object. Not a toy.

Themed mugs and drink glasses can make for functional and fun Gifts with the Jedi Master as your theme. Give an item which is functional as well as fun looking with an oval ceramic mug in green that features a photo of Master Yoda on one side and the text May the Force be With You on the other side along with the Rebel Alliance symbol from Star Wars.

This mug has a cute oval shape design and it is both dishwasher and microwave safe. That makes it useful for heating up drinks in the microwave or re-heating them if they happen to get cold. I think a mug makes a great gift choice and a rather inexpensive one too.

Vandor 99018 Star Wars Yoda Ceramic Shot Glass Green

Buy this May the Force be With You Shot Glass at

UK Readers get a Shot Glass from

There's also a cute looking ceramic shot glass design as well to match. The image may show both the back and the front of the design but please note that this is just for one item.

You could possibly purchase both a shot glass and a Yoda mug for a matching little set. You'll find more sci-fi gift items below.

Funko POP Star Wars Dagobah Yoda Action Figure

Get this Yoda Figure from

UK Readers get a Yoda Figure from

Who Da Man? Yo Da Man! This looks like a fun figure for a collector or fan of Star Wars. This is a cute looking vinyl Yoda figure which should make for a novel and fun gift for any fan or collector of Star Wars theme items.

This green Jedi Master is featured with his hands resting on his walking cane. Perhaps he will remind you just how great you are. You could put it on a shelf or next to your computer so that you can feel great every single time you glance at it.

How about a cool looking green T-Shirt which you can get in men's sizes. If you're buying a gift for men, generally not an easy task, I know, then a good choice is to get a themed t-shirt.

A Yoda fan can surely never have too many tees and especially not when they come in the Sci-Fi variety. You can get loads of designs of t-shirts in adult sizes. There's one that features a cool looking Jedi Master with shades on and the slogan Only Once, You Live. But there are plenty of other t-shirts available to buy online for this cool character.

How about cufflinks for smart dressers. You can wear them and hope for some Jedi wisdom to rub off. Cufflinks can make great gift choices for smart dressers who like to add a touch of fun. Like most jewelry items, these are a wonderful item to receive and to keep as a reminder of the person who gave them.

I would recommend wearing these for days which require some real wisdom. Since Yoda was the smartest Jedi Master in the entire Star Wars universe, it makes sense. Hopefully some of that wisdom will be passed on to the wearer to make a pair of lucky cufflinks.

Listen to your favorite Star Wars yoda quotes and sound effects

Get a Talking Yoda Keychain

This looks like a fun and novelty talking keychain. It could be a great way to keep the little green guy in your pocket. I love this range of Star Wars talking keychains.

I saw them in a store before Christmas and thought how cool they were as gifts, for myself! However, when I went back to buy some they'd sold out. They're on my Christmas list this year though.

This keychain comes with 6 great quotes from this character that you can listen to as often as you want. They should make for great gag gifts, perhaps stocking stuffers or fillers that could appeal to grown up fans. Here's the quotes on the keychain:

  • Size matters not.
  • Judge me by my size do you?
  • Do, or do not, there is no try.
  • Concentrate, feel the force flow. Yes!
  • When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not hmmm?
  • For 800 years I have trained Jedi.

Star Wars Yoda Cook You Must Jedi Cheese Board Cutting Chopping Kitchen Decor Housewarming Gift The Force Fan Boy Geek Lover 6 x 12 inch

Buy this Cook You Must Solid Wood Cheese Cutting Board from LetsEngrave on Etsy

This cheese cutting board looks like it will make a great gift and a really unique one too for a fan of this Jedi Master. Cook they must! It is made from solid beech wood. Order it from Etsy.

How about some fun Yoda earbuds for a music fan that you could consider. This could be a pretty unique and inexpensive Sci-Fi gift item. I've seen a lot of Star Wars products but I've never come across ear buds until now. These, not shown, look like fun earbuds to wear with Yoda's distinctive green head and long, pointed ears on show.

Imagine teaming these up with a themed skin or case for a cell phone or tablet and how awesome that would look. For someone who wears earbuds to listen to music, podcasts or just for gaming on a tablet, that idea could be a fun buy.

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