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I'm a daughter and a mom and from the experience of these I wrote this guide to help out anyone who needs to shop for and buy a Christmas gift for a mom from a daughter.

I can definitely come up with some great gift suggestions that both women and young girls can give to their loved one for Christmas or another special occasion.

You can of course use the ideas presented here as inspiration and run with your own suggestions to come up with a wonderful gift for your mom instead.

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Christmas Gifts for Mom from Her Daughter

Woman dressed as Santa Christmas Gifts for Mom Page

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Thoughtful and sweet gifts never need to come with a large price tag to match. That's why I've carefully chosen and picked out each Christmas gift for a Mom on this page. Most of my choices are very inexpensive to buy too.

A Photo Frame to Hold a Favorite Picture

gift ideas for mom from a daughter quote photo frame

Get this Mom Quotation Photo Frame at

UK Readers get a Mum Frame from

Here's a wonderful looking wood photo frame which has the beautiful sentiment: To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world. This is a lovely looking gift which should be ideal for a younger daughter to buy her Mom for Christmas or another occasion.

The Love Between A Mother And Daughter Lasts Forever Wood Picture Frame - Great Gift for Mothers Day, Birthday or for Mom Grandma Wife GrandmotherMalden International Designs Bronze Script Mom Picture Frame BronzeCottage Garden I Love You Mom Jeweled 4 x 6 Photo Picture Frame Inspirational ArtworkA Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take Engraved Solid Wood Picture Frame Great Gift for Mothers Day, Birthday or Christmas Gift for Mom Grandma Wife Grandmother

If you like the frame idea but you want something different, there are lots of different options on this theme. You can also get a blank frame and instead of inserting a photo or picture, pop in a relevant quotation or sentiment which would make a very unique choice.

Of course, getting a nice frame means you can give it just as it is so this mother can choose her favorite photo or picture to pop inside. Alternatively, you can choose a magic moment captured on camera.

Use a special photo to fill the frame up and make it even more sentimental and meaningful. A happy and smiling photo of this mom with her child is a great choice to opt for.

Sentimental Gifts for Mom from a Daughter: Keepsake Figurines are Sweet

All The Reasons I Love Mom Precious Moments figurine best gifts for mom from a daughter

Buy this Mom You're a Blessing Figurine from

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I don't think anything says it sweeter than a Precious Moments keepsake that she can treasure forever.

Mother There is So Much Love Behind Everything You Do Ceramic Coffee Mug with Decorative Box - Gift for MomMom Gifts Mothers Day Gift from Daughter Son or Kids for Birthday Christmas Bearington Mommy Tenderheart Teddy Bear for Mom Mother's on Their Day A Prayer for My Mom 8 x 16 Wood Wall Art Frame Plaque by James LawrenceGlass Coffee Mug Handmade Tea Cup Anniversary Birthday Present Unique Mothers Day Gifts for Women Her Mom Friends Girlfriend Sister Wife

There are lots of sentiments and heartfelt expressions with these figurines but one (not shown) is apt with the little girl holding a bouquet of flowers and a message that reads: Mom, You're a Blessing. This keepsake figurine expresses the wonderful bond shared between a mother and her child.

The great thing about buying a collectible keepsake like this one is that is can be enjoyed day after day as the recipient glances at it wherever it is placed in the home. Since these are on the small side, they don't require a lot of shelf space for display either.

Mom Gifts from a Daughter for Christmas: A Jewelry Box to Store Special Items

christmas gift ideas for mom from a daughter

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This musical jewelry box and charming keepsake can be personalized with a photo or a picture of your own although I really like the short and sweet quotation which is already there.

Across the top of a rose design, it reads: Mom your love means the world to me. Instead of the custom design, you could insert a happy family photograph, another choice of sentiment or even some pressed flowers.

gift ideas for mom for christmas from a daughter

A daughter is a girl who eventually grows up to be her mom's best friend.

Image Credit: Original image shared by ikon on Pixabay with a CC License

The music that plays from this little wooden box is Wind Beneath my Wings and it can be used to hold trinkets or some special pieces of jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

Why not fill it with a surprise like a lovely hand written note for when she opens it up. It's not a huge box for storing everything but you could get a larger one depending on the money you have available for this gift.

It looks like a pretty item that should be affordable for most people to buy for any occasion. There are many other boxes available at different price points to suit.

Best Christmas Gifts for Mom from a Daughter: Put Together a Care Package or Festive Basket

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Mother Mom Rose Garden Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

Buy this Rose Bath and Body Gift Set from

UK Readers get a Spa Gift Set from

Of course, you don't have to just think of items that are long lasting. For older women especially, they may already have enough ornaments and items that they really want for the home and a care package or hamper with items that can be more practical might prove to be a better choice of gift.

Getting even a half-way decent gift basket can be very expensive because you're not paying for the actual value of the items, you're paying for the attractive presentation and display as well as the convenience of matching and themed goodies placed together.

You can save so much money by putting together your own box, basket or hamper yourself. I've done this a lot and I often use ready made designs as ideas for what I'm going to put together myself.

See My Gift Basket Page for Inspiration on Putting Them Together

Actual wicker baskets can be pricey but it is very inexpensive to take a regular cardboard box and cover with pretty wrapping paper or a plastic tub and spray it with metallic paint. You can then pop tissue paper in the bottom to pad it out and some themed goodies on top.

Since you know this mom very well, you can choose some really thoughtful and personalized items that you know she will love. Wrap the whole thing in clear cello wrap and tie at the top with colored curling ribbon for a wow factor.

Give Her a Book of Inspiring Quotes to Enjoy Reading

One thousand quotes and inspiration are featured in this book for moms

Get this Book with 1,000 Quotes of Inspiration

This book shares sentiments and quotes on motherhood from the early years to the lifelong and lasting shared bond. It is filled with sweet snippets and reflections from a variety of famous people and from literature as well.

mom quote

Like mother like daughter, the nicest compliment there is.

Image Credit: Original image shared by Nuffer on Pixabay with a CC License

It comes with a nice ribbon bookmark for saving the place as it gets dipped in and out of and is organized into useful sections if the recipient prefers to delve into specific parts.

For a woman who particularly treasures books and insightful quotations, this should make a marvelous and touching gift, particularly for Mother's Day or as a special gift for mom.

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