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Since, I've known a number of friends and family who own a Yorkshire Terrier, I've had to get pretty good at buying gifts for Yorkie lovers and fans.

I enjoy selecting gifts and items for people based on the pets that they own. These items are always well received and considered to be very thoughtful and sweet. Yorkies are such a loving and loyal breed and no wonder they make a top choice of dog.

These terriers are such adorable little dogs. My aunt had one called Trixie which we all loved to make such a fuss of. There are some wonderful gifts based on them to choose from.

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Really Great Yorkshire Terrier Gifts and Collectibles

yorkie gifts for yorkie lovers

Image Credit: Original image shared by StockSnap on Pixabay with a CC License

⭐ Here, I've picked a selection of my favorite Yorkie gift items and ideas for Yorkshire Terrier owners and fans. You should get plenty of inspiration.

They might be small but Yorkies tend to have very big, loud and noisy barks. This breed of dog will often look out their front window to have a look and see what is going on in their neighborhood. I've known mail men who are actually scared of this tiny dog.

Yorkshire Terriers Salt and Pepper Shaker Set in Teacups

Get this Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from

UK Readers get a Yorkie Salt and Pepper Set from

These glossy looking ceramic salt and pepper shakers look so very adorable. This set includes a Yorkie couple of dogs who are in teacups which read Puppy Love inside bone motifs.

I like the fact that this has both the short and the long-hair cuts of this Terrier breed which is likely to suit whatever the current owner has. The ceramic pair could make a wonderful keepsake item that can be used daily out on the kitchen table or put out proudly on display.

A House Is Not A Home Without A Yorkie - 5x10 Wooden Sign Yorkshire Terrier Dog GiftYorkshire Terrier Sculpture, SittingKITCHEN DECOR YORKSHIRE TERRIER YORKIE DOG WINE BOTTLE HOLDER FIGURINE STATUE3dRose mug Yorkie Dog Mom Yorkshire Terrier Doggie Mama by Breed Doggy Lover Paw Print Pet Owner Circle Two Tone Black Mug, 11 oz, Black/White

There is another set of Westland Giftware shakers which have some tiny magnets inside in order to keep the doggy pair together. The magnetic quality helps to give them the appearance of kissing.

Other themed dog items for the kitchen may include magnets for the refrigerator, wall clocks, a decorative wall tile, light switch plate cover, decorative plates for mounting on the wall or as display pieces, aprons, coasters and pretty place mats.

Sandicast Yorkshire Terrier with Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

Buy this Christmas Ornament Yorkie from

UK Readers get a Yorkshire Terrier Tree Ornament from

A dog is for keeps and not just for Christmas. Themed figurines and ornaments do make ideal gifts and especially for the Christmas season because they can be kept and enjoyed yearly.

Every single year at the start of the Holidays, these ornaments can make an appearance again. Since we are fast approaching the festive season, I selected this wonderful resin ornament.

This was designed by Sandra Brue who is a renowned animal sculpture artist. She has perfectly captured the way that Yorkshire Terriers crouch and I can really visualize the tail wagging too as it wants to play.

Happy Howliday Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier Dog Design with Santa Hat Ceramic Ornament
Happy Howliday Yorkie Ceramic Ornament from Zazzle

The great thing about gifting a Yorkie ornament or sculpture is that it is something that can last. Whether it is a small figurine, a hanging ornament for the tree or even a more extravagant life-sized sculpture.

This is a keepsake that can be enjoyed. Items like these will more than likely attract pride of place in the home where they can be treasured for many years to come.

YORKSHIRE Terrier YORKIE Dear Santa Leave Presents Take CAT 10

Buy this Seasonal Yorkie Sign from Blackwatertradingco on Etsy

How about a cute door sign or plaque for the home. I like this one for Christmas which reads: Dear Santa, Leave Presents, Take Cat. There are other signs and plaques available to buy.

I like the slogan which says: A spoiled rotten Yorkie lives here! And there are plenty of other signs with sweet slogans too with this dog breed such as: A house is not a home without a Yorkie.

I was thinking of buying a sign for a neighbor who has a gorgeous little short haired dog who looks so similar to the one illustrated. We often wave to it through the window because she's a wee bit nosy.

She delights in looking down on us from the upstairs or will race out to come and bark at the front gate for attention. You'll discover more items for owners and fans of this dog below.

Bearington Chewie by Bearington Bears

Get this Plush Yorkshire Terrier from

UK Readers get a Yorkie Soft Toy from

For an owner who has recently endured the loss of their pet, sometimes a soft plush soft toy is quite the comfort. Of course it cannot replace a treasured and much loved friend but it can be cuddled and hugged to give the recipient back a little warmth.

And, of course, many people do collect plush toys as well. Getting the look of this terrier right is really quite a struggle and many of these toys don't even come close.

This one really does look very adorable to me. Someone will love this sweet and soft long hair plush toy complete with shaggy black and tan coat and sparkling eyes.

This cutie comes complete with a red bow in her hair. There are also versions of puppies and short hair dogs available which you can see on my separate page linked to above.

Paw Palettes Yorkshire Terrier Bonet Ceramic Mug 16-Ounce

Get the Mug Here on

UK Readers get a Mug with this Dog from

The owner of this mug can start each day with a wonderful looking long-haired cutie on this artist inspired gift which is based on the style of the classic painter Monet. This mug has an 18 ounce capacity which is bigger than a standard sized mug.

Yorkie mug
Get this Yorkie Mug with Slogan from Zazzle: Because One is Not Enough

I think mugs make great gifts because you can also fill them right up with extra little treats. Wrapped gift mugs make great items to gift for Christmas and I love buying fun mugs and especially when I'm all out of other ideas to run with.

There are so many great mug designs with realistic photos, prints from paintings or graphic art of the Yorkie dog which means that you should be able to find one that's a close match for an owner or a fan. Here's what can you fill a dog themed gift mug up with:

  1. Doggy biscuits
  2. Dental / Oral Hygiene Chews
  3. Jerky Treats
  4. A squeaky ball
  5. Extra small dog toy plushies
  6. Little dog chews
  7. A new collar
  8. Dog tag
  9. Doggy toothpaste
  10. Or some treats for the owner or fan instead

Then wrap up the whole thing in clear or colored translucent cellophane wrap, you can get a roll, and tie it over the top of the filled mug with curling ribbon. Gift done. Some mugs come provided with gift boxes so you could pop the extra treats inside.

More Yorkie mugs from Zazzle

Zazzle have a really gorgeous selection of mugs featuring this particular breed of dog. The great thing is that you can opt to personalize any of them with a name or your choice of text. This can make for a much more meaningful item.

Yorkshire Terrier Tote Bag All Over Print Bags Available in 3 Sizes and 7 Colors

Buy this Yorkshire Terrier Tote Bag from BarkleyandWagz on Etsy

If you have access to a photo of the pet in question, you could:

  • get the dog's photo framed
  • make a small scrapbook based on the dog
  • convert the photo into a cross stitch chart and sew your own picture
  • have the photo uploaded online and convert it into a personalized gift such as a pillow, mug, custom stickers, postcards, stationery or more.

It really depends on just how much time you have available. I hope you find the perfect gifts for Yorkshire Terrier lovers.

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