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Christmas Gifts for Mom from a Daughter

I'm a daughter and a mom and from the experience of these I wrote this guide to help out anyone who needs to shop for and buy a Christmas gift for a mom from a daughter. I can definitely come up with some great gift suggestions that both women and young girls can give to their loved one for Christmas or another special occasion. You can of course use the ideas presented here as inspiration... Read more →

Really Good Gifts for Yorkie Lovers

Since, I've known a number of friends and family who own a Yorkshire Terrier, I've had to get pretty good at buying gifts for Yorkie lovers and fans. I enjoy selecting gifts and items for people based on the pets that they own. These items are always well received and considered to be very thoughtful and sweet. Yorkies are such a loving and loyal breed and no wonder they make a top choice of dog.... Read more →

Inexpensive and Cheap Romantic Gifts for Him

I've had to get very good and creative at buying items which look good but really don't cost the Earth. Here I've picked out a selection of cute, cool, inexpensive yet cheap romantic gifts for him. He could be your Husband, your partner, boyfriend, new love or even an old one. Browse through all my ideas and suggestions to choose something that will work for your particular relationship. You can remind him of just how... Read more →

Chronicles of Narnia Gifts for Christmas

This Chronicles of Narnia gifts guide page is a magical and helpful resource full of ideas and inspiration for what you can choose to buy for a fan for the Holiday season as well as other occasions around the year. There are plenty of great themes within this particular fantasy. My favorite book from the series, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, has many themes which are absolutely ideal for those winter, Christmas and... Read more →

Terrific Toy Farm Sets for Toddlers

Toy farm sets for toddlers are a great gift idea for young children to enjoy. They are unisex and enjoyed by boys and girls equally and they can help to build an interest in animals too. My daughter was coming up to 2 years of age when I was looking for a farm play set. Because of the age, I wanted something that would be suitably sized for her to sit and play with on... Read more →