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Best Christmas Gifts for a 1 Year Old Girl

Her first year flies by really quickly and, before you know it, you're having to plan for some special items that will make the best Christmas gifts for this 1 year old girl.

Since I've been through this occasion myself with my own daughter as well as with shopping for babies belonging to my friends, I can certainly give you a great range of ideas and inspiration on gift ideas to buy for her first festive Christmas celebration.

Knowing what to get is not always so easy, especially for first-time parents or friends. Even family such as grandparents who may live far away and not be as involved in seeing their precious little one as much as they might like to.

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Best Christmas Gifts for a 1 Year Old Girl

Santa Claus and Little Girl Gift Ideas Suggestions

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Here's a great selection of gift suggestions that you can get for a one year old girl this Christmas time. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, family member or friend, you'll find something suitable here that you can give to this little one at this very special time of year.

A Stroll Along Walker to Encourage the Pulling Up and Walking Stage

At this age babies may be engaging and interacting much more with their environment. They may now be able to sit up unaided to play with toys on the floor, crawl or shuffle around. Some can stand up and a few babies can even walk at this point.

VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care and Learn Stroller Stroll-Along Walker in Pastel Pink and Purple Great for Baby Girls

Get a V-Tech Baby Stroller from

UK Readers get a Baby Walker from

My own little girl did not walk early but that's because she was always much more interested in talking than walking. For babes who are in the process of pulling themselves up, a stroll along walker can make a fun gift to aid in her developmental milestone.

This walker can really come in as a very useful and encouraging play item when she is in the pulling up phase and getting ready to walk. The wheels at the back of the design are spread far apart which should give her plenty of room to stand at the back and push.

The VTech design transforms from a baby stroller into a doll's high chair to a bassinet. It also has buttons that introduce numbers and counting and plays piano sounds in music mode. There are different ways for young girls to play and learn and it also comes with a baby doll included.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car Toddlers in blue and pinkVTech Musical Rhymes Book Interactive toddler book is visually stimulating with bright pages and a light-up star that flashes with the sound early learning toy is great for babies and toddlersVTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube ToddlersFisher-Price Little People Swing and Share Treehouse Playset Baby Toy

Fisher Price make some really great quality toys and I have bought quite a lot of their products for my daughter and for other young kids too. Their walker stands out to me for a number of reasons, note that the doll is not included.

I love the fact that a one year old who is not yet standing can easily play with the front of it and pop her favorite teddy or soft toy like the Gund My First Dolly inside. She can enjoy the little activity items including the musical tunes bear too.

Of course, even once this little girl has mastered walking, this makes a cute first toy stroller for her soft toys to have a ride in. We have hard wood flooring in our home so I will point out that anything on wheels like learning walkers can move much faster.

They also have more chance of tipping over than on a carpeted floor. We still had walkers but I was always much more careful to supervise and watch while she was playing with these types of toys, normally placing myself a little behind her just in case she fell backwards.

Keepsake Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

Precious Moments Christmas Gifts Santas Workshop Deluxe Music Box gift ideas 1 year old girls

Buy this Festive Santa's Workshop Music Box Figurine from

UK Readers get a Precious Moments Santa from

This is a Santa's Workshop music box figurine by Precious Moments. It plays a medley of 8 popular Christmas tunes. A festive keepsake makes an ideal seasonal Holiday gift and a special one that can be enjoyed year after year.

Having a keepsake that plays music can be quite entrancing for young girls. My daughter loves music boxes and also musical snow globes.

DELUXE Clay Hand Print and Footprint Keepsake Kit - Dries Stone Hard - No Bake - Air Drying (Makes 2 Plaques)Cottage Garden Baby Girl Distressed Pink Petite Music Box/Jewelry Box Plays Jesus Loves Me

You might prefer to buy her a keepsake item instead of a toy or something to play with. It's certainly nice to choose something that she can keep and enjoy as she ages.

Ideas for keepsakes for this age group can include: charms and charm bracelets, money or piggy banks, scrapbook or memory albums, framed photos, handprint and footprint items, hanging ornaments, figurines and jewelry or trinket boxes. I really love Precious Moments figurines which have cuteness in spades.

A figurine is something special to really stand out and it can be treasured and kept for all time. When this little one is all grown-up, she can enjoy this wonderful keepsake in her own home and think with fondness on who bought it for her.

Now my daughter is of school age, she loves looking at the keepsake items that relatives and close friends have bought for her over the years. She has quite a collection of figurines and ornaments that she likes to have out on display.

Baby's First Photo Album She Can Enjoy Looking Through

Baby's Own Soft Photo Album gifts baby girl 1 year old

See this Baby's First Photo Album at

UK Readers get a Soft Baby Photo Album from

I wish I had known about this idea of a soft baby photo album when our daughter was a tiny tot. What a great way to introduce photos of the family to this little girl so she can become more familiar with the faces of those that she might not see on such a regular basis.

⭐ For relatives and friends who live far away or even a parent who works away from home, a soft baby album is a wonderful little gift idea. Fill it up with personal photos before gifting it. A one year old can easily grasp hold of this and take along with her, in the stroller, high chair and car seat as well, to aid in her recognition of people and places.

Some of the soft baby albums come with a loop for hanging or attaching to items so it does not get lost. Check how many photo pockets and wipe clean vinyl pages your design has. Babies don't need too many pages in their designs.

I recommend using copies of pictures rather than real photos since this is likely to be chewed, dribbled on and subjected to being screwed up and probably dipped in food and drink. I think this is a brilliant idea and makes even more of a fun and personal gift if you pop some photos in before giving it to her.

Fun Christmas Toys for a 1 Year Old Girl

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Magical Musical Mirror

UK Readers get a Fisher Price Mirror from

Most babies just love to look at themselves in the mirror, some more than others. My daughter would definitely fit into this category since she has not grown out of that yet.

This little play center by Fisher Price capitalizes on this need to explore their own sense of self by providing a fun and cute looking pink toy vanity that she can interact with.

A mirror toy is an especially good type of activity for one year old girls who are not yet at the standing or walking phase. Once babies learn to be very mobile, the novelty of sitting down to play can wear off for a while.

My daughter didn't start walking until almost 18 months, so she was very content to sit still on the floor with her favorite play sets.

Pink pastel Mega Bloks building blocks set in cute girly colors toys baby girls 1 year old

Get this Pink Building Blocks Set for Kids Age 1+

UK Readers get some Mega Bloks from

I know not everyone loves the idea of so many pink toys and items for girls. Personally, we always chose pink and cute colored versions of things when they were available, mainly since I happen to like pink so much myself!

Mega Bloks come in a pink set as shown here or you can buy them in more classic, primary colors or a blue set instead. They come with a first builders range which is ideal for tiny tots.

⭐ These large and chunky building blocks are ideal first construction pieces to gift to a child from the age of 1. Mega Bloks are just the right size for small and chubby hands to grasp and manipulate and they're too big to be swallowed by small children. As a parent, I love that they are washable which is important when they might get dipped in food, liquid, the sand pit and more. And they are virtually indestructible too.

Babies and toddlers can learn to stack and build and play counting games to aid with number learning with these big blocks. I remember how much fun my daughter had stacking these up and then laughing so hard when she toppled them over.

We had fun making basic houses and especially bridges for her toy cars to drive through. Oh, and Daddy enjoyed playing with these too, despite the color!

A My First Baby Doll: Different Designs Available

First Soft Snuggly Doll Baby Stella Christmas gifts girls 1

Buy this First Soft Baby Doll at

UK Readers get a First Baby Doll from

Baby Stella is a super soft doll who comes in different color options too. She goes well with the Stroll-Along Walker which is the first product I highlighted and also makes a great choice as a first doll that is light enough and soft enough for any little girl to carry around.

Babies normally start showing more interest in dolls from around 12 months of age. This one has no hard or unsafe parts plus she comes with clothing and a pretend pacifier that can be removed. Stella should make a perfect little companion toy and gift for any little girl. I hope you find some of the best Christmas gifts for this 1 year old girl that she will love.

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