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Magical Maleficent Gift Ideas

We've found some great Maleficent gift ideas for fans, both for adults as well as kids, and I'll be sharing our picks of the best seen so far right on this page.

It has been a favorite Disney movie for quite some time now so I know that this Christmas we will likely be buying some toys and items based on this modern and new take on the Sleeping Beauty story classic.

This movie features Angelina Jolie as a stunning evil queen of the fairies. She suits this role really well.

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Maleficent Gift Items: Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent Dolls to Collect and as Toys

Maleficent figurine statue doll figure

Image Credit: Shared by Doug on Flickr with a CC License

There are already a lot of dolls out based on the evil queen in particular as well as the cute princess Aurora but many of them are very expensive to buy and more collector editions rather than toys. I love the look of this particular doll shown below because I think it actually looks like Angelina Jolie. The facial features with the ruby red lips and distinct cheekbones are very well done indeed.

maleficent doll for collectors

Get this Maleficent Doll by Jakks Pacific at

UK Readers get a Maleficent Doll from

Some character dolls look nothing like the person but this one really does appear to. Young girls as well as adult collectors should also love the fact that this comes with facial features, clothing and details that match up with the Disney movie.

The Dark Beauty doll is based on one of the pivotal scenes in the film. This is the Christening Scene where Angelina wears the most magnificent dramatic black costume. And it's this Christening gown which most people and girls in particular are interested in.

Funko Pop Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Vinyl FigureMaleficent Maleficent 11.5 inch Beloved Aurora DollDisney Descendants Two-Pack Mal Isle of the Lost and Maleficent DollsDisney Park Baby Maleficent in a Blanket 10 inch Plush Doll

Movement is a bit limited on the doll which I think is less important than the fact that it actually looks like the character that it is based on. The head can be turned, arms rotated and even bent at the elbow which gives her the most dramatic moves.

But her legs are not bendable at the knee. Would that aspect matter to girls getting this as a toy or for someone putting it on display, probably not. I know my daughter and friends rarely bother to bend the leg parts when playing with the regular fashion dolls anyway.

Disney - Maleficent Fabrikations firgures from Funko doll character figure

UK Readers get a Funko Figure from

There are a number of Funko fun figures based on the evil queen as well as other characters. But I have to say that I really prefer this rather powerful green faced version of the queen.

The green face Maleficent is based on the original Sleeping Beauty cartoon rather than the newer one which has been based on the Christening scene from the new Disney film. This one just looks so much more powerful as a character villain.

The vinyl figure, not shown, is under 4 inches tall and is a ideal small size to pop on display somewhere. I could also make for a good stocking stuffer or small gift idea for Christmas.

This one really captures the cartoon version with the green skin and purple edged black gown. It should be a good gift to guard a desk or to scare undesirables from approaching a shelf.

Disney Maleficent Dark Beauty and Aurora the Beloved Dolls Bundle of 2

UK Readers get a Disney Maleficent Doll Set from

The new Aurora dolls, toy and collectible, are not as nice in my opinion as the originals. I wasn't impressed at how none of them actually look like Elle Fanning who plays this part. By and large they are very disappointing in this respect.

The Coronation collector doll does not capture the facial features of Elle Fanning at all. However, it is a nice looking figure with a pretty costume that I am sure young girls would like and enjoy far more than collectors. This one is based on the ending scenes from the movie.

For most of the time we see Aurora in a pale blue dress but she also has a special gold color dress that she wears near the end of the movie. This is the part where she also receives a pretty crown too.

Since none of the Aurora dolls actually look like Elle Fanning from the movie, I'd choose to buy the special Aurora Coronation version doll if you're really determined to get one.

Disney Villains and Maleficent Fashion Items

Loungefly Disney Villians Print Duffle Bag

Buy this Disney Villians Print Duffle Bag at

Artwork based on the old-style Sleeping Beauty cartoon especially is simply stunning and there are many fashion items including bags, tops, t-shirts and even dresses that you can get hold of which really show off some amazing designs. This particular bag by Loungefly had a real colorful style that really caught my eye.

The raven, not crow, in the Sleeping Beauty cartoon is called Diablo whereas in the new movie he is a changeling called Diaval who assumes human, bird and dragon form at his master's whim. Since I think that the familiar pet of the evil sorceress is key to both stories, I love the fact that he is displayed on many items.

Get a Custom Name Maleficent Tshirt from Etsy

While many fans will be looking for items based around the evil queen herself, some younger fans will be more interested in Sleeping Beauty herself or the princess Aurora.

In the older Disney style, she has always been shown pictured in pink dresses and outfits. If you want to plump for the new version, you need to look for Aurora gift figures in pale blue or gold/cream color dresses instead. That distinction is quite important.

Younger girls may well prefer actual Maleficent Children's Dress-Up Costumes rather than everyday clothing which can seem a little boring in comparison. I know my little girl is wanting to dress as the queen for Halloween and Aurora for Christmas.

Luckily there are many options in that regard with the pale blue classic princess costume, the more luxurious gold cream color coronation gown, the evil black Christening gown, dress-up wings, magic staff and numerous wigs and headpieces including the iconic curved horns.

For a younger girl, a dressing up outfit would make a great gift since they look very pretty. As additional play items girls may also like the pretty gold color coronation crown or tiara headwear, her golden wig and harder to get hold of beautiful golden shoes.

There are some wearables based on this charming character, namely tshirts, though the artwork on the whole is not nearly as good as the devilishly evil Maleficent.

More Maleficent Gift Ideas to Look for Include:

  1. Books: look for the deluxe hardcover novelization of Maleficent by Elizabeth Rudnick which is ideal as a gift for older and adult fans
  2. The Royal Coronation Collector Doll which is a simply splendid, winged and long hair version of Angelina
  3. Soundtrack from the movie: the music was really effective in this so the CD would make a good buy
  4. The horns: both young and old are going to have fun wearing the horn headpiece and maybe even some black wings too
  5. Dragon plush pets and play figures: right now they are very hard to get hold of but the dragons are very cool indeed
  6. The new style Maleficent gift mugs which feature wonderful stylized artwork
  7. The two-disc platinum edition blu-ray or dvd of the classic 1959 Sleeping Beauty Disney cartoon

And a great free option is to get hold of the Disney Free Fall game which is available for iPads and Kindle Fire editions. My daughter and I both love this bejeweled like game which has excellent graphics, music and play.

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