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Picking an advent calendar for girls is not always easy. There are some really obvious girly choices such as Lego Friends and Barbie which will only really appeal to kids who particularly like dolls. After that it gets harder to find something really suitable.

This page focuses more on girls toy advent calendars and better quality designs that she should really enjoy receiving and opening in the run down to the festive holiday season. On the inexpensive side of the scale, versions containing cheap chocolate are numerous and easy to find.

If the toy based designs prove too expensive to buy, there are some gorgeous pop-up, sticker based and pretty looking versions which should work well instead. Here's my pick of what is currently on offer.

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Advent Calendar for Girls to Really Enjoy This Year

Red and white Advent calendar house with drawers to open and a Santa Claus

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Add to the excitement in the countdown to Christmas with getting your favorite girls some cute and fun Advent calendars to enjoy. There are lots to choose from with chocolate and candy filled designs up to novelty toy based versions that can hold even more promise of the season to come.

Forest Friends Christmas House Advent Calendar

View this Forest Friends Christmas House Advent Calendar at

UK Readers get a House Design from

This charming design features a rather cute forest friends theme to be enjoyed. It does not have any toys or any chocolate behind any of the window flaps.

It's a straight forward and old fashioned style which focuses purely on the joy of opening the flaps and enjoying the artwork and short quip behind each one. If you are looking for a no-frills design which looks pretty enough for girls of all ages to enjoy, this one could be it.

I love festive styling of a house dressed up for Christmas with the red roof, the red poinsettia flowers, the festive lights and just a hint of snow. The graphics look cute and allow you to peek inside the Advent calendar home.

You can see all the wonderful animals from the forest. I can spot hedgehogs, foxes, mice, rabbits, bears and owls. Younger children may enjoy identifying the animals.

Disney Tsum Tsum Toys to Collect with this Advent Calendar for Girls

tsum tsum advent calendar kids

Get this Disney Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar from

UK Readers look for a Tsum Tsum Design at

Disney Tsum Tsums are a relatively new type of toy which was introduced from a craze that started in Japan.

These are some really cute looking and colorful animal like characters that appeal heavily to kids and especially girls. There are loads of different figures to collect and this calendar design is a toy based one where there are figures and accessories behind the windows.

This cardboard Tsum Tsum box is in a pretty and festive looking gingerbread house design. The front flap on the box opens to make a snow laden pathway leading up to the gingerbread house which is decorated with candy canes, treats and characters.

The set includes 18 hard plastic Tsum Tsum figures plus 6 accessories and 6 head pieces or hats for the characters to wear. The design is not dated so you could use it for any year that you choose.

Note that most of these designs have a one time only use. They are often made from cardboard which is not made to last. If you want something that you have to fill yourself year on year, look to buy sturdy wood, hard plastic or hanging fabric versions instead. These styles offer the convenience that they come ready packed for children to open each day.

Barbie Doll Girls Advent Calendar

Barbie Doll Advent Calendar

Buy this Barbie Advent Calendar at

UK Readers get a Barbie Design from

There are lots of Barbie designs available from previous years to look for. This design features fashion accessories for a Barbie doll in the compartments. There are shoes, bags, jewelry items and even a dress.

On the 24th day are some hair clips for the girl to wear herself. If she loves playing with Barbie dolls then this could make a good choice. Please note that there is not a doll included so she will need to have a doll already in order to make use of the fashion accessories inside.

Lego Girls Toy Advent Calendar with Festive City Design

lego advent calendar girl

Get this Lego City Town Advent Kit with 24 Items from

UK Readers get a Lego Design from

This Lego city town design is perfect to appeal to most children and has a suggested age range of 5 - 12.

Like many of the toy based calendar versions, you get a cardboard box with a pull out flap that works as a scene setter for the theme of the advent calendar. I like the fact that this design can appeal to girls who are not so girly in their tastes.

We've got Santa and his toy sack in a sleigh which is being pulled by a husky dog. There are fire fighters, ice hockey players and some festive looking items including a tree, wreaths, Christmas lights and fun buildings and vehicles.

Although this is a newer advent calendar Lego version, you can use this design any year you choose. It does have a one time use but I love the fact that you get to collect some more unusual Lego items that kids can keep and play with.

Advent Calendar for a Toddler Girl

Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

Get this Fisher-Price Little People Toy Design from

You may notice a lack in the market for toddlers. There are loads of toy based designs suitable for older girls but not many for young ones. The Little People design is suitable from age 12 months and up. We loved Little People play toys and figures for my daughter and they were well loved and played with.

This can be used for any year but note that it does have a one time use. Like most of these toy versions it is not a reusable design. Girls can expect to find the full size Little People characters and accessories including a snowman, elf and Santa. This design has a festive Holiday theme to it. Girls can enjoy playing with these long after the Holiday season has been and gone.

Toy Playmobil Advent Calendar a Girl can Enjoy

PLAYMOBIL 9008 Royal Ice Skating Trip advent calendar girl toys

Buy this Playmobil Royal Ice Skating Trip Design

UK Readers get a Playmobil Design from

This winter theme Playmobil design could be perfect for girls who are really into all things Frozen. It is based on a royal ice skating trip and has an ice skating prince and princess along with a snowman and tree and lots of little forest animals.

I love the bird house. If she loves collecting and playing with Playmobil then this could make a great choice. As with Lego, Playmobil items are tiny and not suitable for very small children.

Monster High Mega Bloks Advent Calendar for Kids

Mega Bloks Monster High Advent Calendar

UK Readers get a Mega Bloks Design from

Monster High looks like a fun set to get, especially for girls. Moshi Monsters are more popular characters that many kids seem to enjoy collecting. These have been teamed up with Mega Bloks to make fun looking brick based toys. There are 170 individual pieces in that set.

It allows children to build items including a snowman, tree, fireplace, Santa and furnishings. It looks to be really colorful and fun. Mega Bloks have other designs available which include Monster High, Minions and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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