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Near to when Christmas comes around again, my Husband always asks me to think about what I would choose as a gift and what I'd really like to receive for the big day. Since he's normally stuck for inspiration, I usually need to give some ideas and strong hints.

I’ve taken inspiration from what I and my female friends love to receive and have compiled some great items and product choices. These will really provide you with some beautiful and sweet ideas as simply the best Christmas gifts for a wife that are romantic.

Many of these Christmas gifts will apply whether the lady in question is your wife, girlfriend, lifelong partner or even your childhood sweetheart. One of these ideas is sure to hit just the right note for this festive season and I’m sure you’ll know exactly which one when you see it.

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Classic Christmas Gifts for a Wife That are Romantic

Festive flowers and wine setting ideal for a romantic Christmas dinner with your wife

Image Credit: Original image shared by RitaE on Pixabay with a CC License

Because budget is normally such a big concern, there are many items included which are inexpensive to buy yet still romantic, thoughtful, sentimental and cute.

Since this has been written by someone who adores gifts with some thought behind them, you can be sure that what you’ll see here should suit both your wallet and the woman who is the one true love in your life.

I love you to the moon and back engraved necklace silver

Get this Silver I Love You To The Moon and Back Necklace from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Moon Necklace from Amazon.co.uk

I Love You to the Moon and Back is such a cute quotation and here it is etched into an engraved sterling silver necklace. This makes for an adorable looking little keepsake gift that your loved one can wear next to their skin and treasure for all time.

I love the way in which this is cleverly cut into the shape of the crescent moon around the shape of a circle. It also looks like it sparkles and shines like the moon on a dark night too. Other metal choices are available in this design.

Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages in 24k Gold on Onyx Pendant, 18 inch NanoStyle JewelryBlue Qianse Heart of the Ocean Bowtie Pendant Necklace Made with SWAROVSKI CrystalCreated Sapphire Dangle Heart Earrings Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish 2.00 Carats Heart DesignALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver I Love You To The Moon and Back Love Heart Pendant Necklace

If this particular piece of jewelry is not right, there are many other necklaces that come with touching sentiments and quotes engraved into the metal. You are sure to find just the right sentiment for your loved one if you browse through and have a look. Your wife may even prefer earrings or a bracelet instead.

If you're not sure what jewelry your wife loves, have a look at her existing collection and see what she tends to have a lot of. That could give a big indication as to what type of jewelry she likes to buy or collect the most.

Take a note of whether she prefers silver color metals or gold and whether items are simple and clean looking or very ornate and detailed. You can get a great idea of what she really likes by studying what she already has and wears.

Romantic and Charming Loving You Figurine

Enesco Charming Tails Loving You is My Passion Figurine

Get this Charming Tails Loving You is My Passion Figurine from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Charming Tails Figurine from Amazon.co.uk

I adore anything sentimental. Flowers are beautiful and chocolates are delicious but they are not lasting or keepsake gifts.

Having something that can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come seems to become even more precious the older that you get. A meaningful figurine can become a permanent reminder of love and also cherished memories.

I particularly love Charming Tails which feature cute mice but you can find many other cute themed figurines online: also look for Precious Moments and Willow Tree. If she enjoys cute figurines and keepsake decor, a Charming Tails piece is just so sweet for the occasion.

In the figurine which is called You Complete My Heart, not shown, there are two separate mice figures each holding half of a heart. Both pieces push together to emphasize the name of the piece. It is quite a soppy sentiment that some women could really appreciate.

Once in a Lifetime Poem for Your Wife

Romantic Gift for a Wife Double-matted Poem in Navy/white and Enhanced with Watercolor Graphics or girlfriend

Buy this Double Matted Once in a Lifetime Poem

UK Readers get a Framed Romantic Poem from Amazon.co.uk

This poem really expresses it all so beautifully in words. The exquisite wording of this poem is really ideal to present to a life-long partner and your wife. It is really designed to appeal to someone that you have been together with for quite some time and someone whom you intend to enjoy the rest of your life with.

Women who are often very sentimental and emotional should enjoy the wording of this and really appreciate the thought behind it. Perhaps the words here don’t quite say what you want for your own particular situation but there are many more romantic poems so there is sure to be one that uniquely mirrors exactly how you feel.

If you like writing, you can even pen your own poem to make it completely personal and moving. I think this is a wonderful and sentimental idea that is to gift on Christmas and other special occasions to your wife or a long-term partner or girlfriend. It reminds me of the lovely and romantic Once in a Lifetime song by Michael Bolton.

To My Wife Keepsake Valentine Gift

To My Wife Music Jewelry Box

Buy this To My Wife Music Jewelry Box

UK Readers get a Jewellery Box from Amazon.co.uk

A pretty looking little music and jewelry box for your wife. It reads: To my wife. Love is something eternal. The aspect may change, but not the essence. I like the sweet sentiment and quotation on the top of this wood grain musical jewelry box. It is also a musical keepsake with a rendition of Unchained Melody.

This looks to be a pretty looking keepsake to give to your wife. Items like this can be used to store little trinkets and oddments as well as jewelry. You can also personalize this item with your own photo instead of the supplied quotation if you wish, so you could add in a photo of you and your loved one together. Your own choice of photo could make a great finishing touch.

Key to My Heart Silver and Diamond Necklace Design

Sterling Silver Key My Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace

Get this Key to My Heart Silver and Diamond Pendant Necklace

UK Readers get a Heart Necklace from Amazon.co.uk

If she really holds the key to your heart then she surely deserves a great gift this Christmas Holiday. This is a gorgeous looking shiny silver and diamond pendant necklace with a timeless and wonderful heart and key design.

Small and charming, it might well add a perfect and delicate accent that your loved one can comfortably wear that looks great with any outfit.

Love Story Wall Decal Decoration

Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite

Get this Love Story Wall Decal Sticker

UK Readers get a Wall Decal from Amazon.co.uk

Express Your True Feelings with a Wall Quotation. Are you a dab hand at projects around the home? Why not surprise her with a wonderful and loving wall decal sticker quotation in the bedroom. This is a short and sweet quote that reads: Every Love Story is Beautiful but Ours is my Favorite.

No longer do we only have the options of wallpaper or paint for the walls. Now we have some fantastic looking wall decal stickers to which you position on the wall and which simply peel off when you’re ready for a change. No mess, no fuss.

I love the idea of being surprised with the wonderful addition of a sweet sentiment on the wall. There are lots of decal stickers to choose from and you can place them on walls, on glass, on doors and many other surfaces. Or use the quotation as inspiration to have a large print made that you can frame and hang up for your wife as a gift for her.

Even More Romantic Ideas for Your Wife

I know that many men do not particularly seem to enjoy romance movies but a lot of women do and it isn’t too much trouble for you to sit through a short movie with your other half knowing that she will love snuggling up beside you to watch.

Why not turn it into a fun date by buying a set of romantic movies and having a date night at home. Get some snacks in and drinks and let her choose which movie she wants to see. She is sure to love you for the thoughtful behavior and the quality time spent together.

You could buy in some silk petals and candles to create a romantic atmosphere for your partner as well as an invitation to romance. If you want to spend some quality time together with your loved one, this could help you to get the mood just right for that occasion.

You could let her indulge in a relaxing bath, a romantic dinner or a soothing massage. Many women enjoy having some 'me' time to themselves after the frantic festive period and that could really enhance the mood.

For an inexpensive purchase, how about getting hold of a cute mug that expresses simply how you feel. There are lots of mugs to choose from which you can get hold of locally or online. For extra brownie points, why not fill it with some of her favorite chocolates or sweet little candy treats and wrap it in clear cello tied off at the top with pretty curling ribbon.

Christmas Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Match Made in Heaven

Strawberry fruit covered in white chocolate

Image Credit: Original image shared by sarahheise on Pixabay with a CC License

Different to your normal and bog standard Christmas chocolates is the idea of some chocolate covered strawberries or even dried fruit depending what she prefers.

You can actually buy these online, although I personally would not recommend it for the festive season due to how the mail so easily gets backed up. However, they are easy to make and prepare for your wife as a gift with the personal touch.

For a truly berry sweet gift for the love of your life on Christmas Day, give her some very special looking chocolate covered strawberries which really have some of the wow factor attached. Use My Ideas Here on How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You can buy boxes of chocolates for any occasion but some big and juicy strawberries to eat are a real sweet treat that can be enjoyed after a romantic dinner and for you could serve chocolate strawberries up with some sparkling champagne.

Because strawberries and champagne are known to work so well together, that should be a great match and a really romantic one too. Buy some strawberries or some other fresh or dried fruit that your wife particularly likes and dip them into melted chocolate.

Baking chocolate is easy to get hold of and also quick to melt in the microwave. Just break the bar up into a microwave suitable container and heat in approx 10 second intervals until it has melted.

Stir it all to get rid of any remaining lumps. Now dip each strawberry into the melted chocolate then allow to harden on non stick parchment paper. You can even get clever and add on chopped nuts or sprinkles to decorate while the chocolate is still wet.

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