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These beautiful and elegant winged creatures make for a wonderful choice of theme for the Holiday season. Christmas angels outdoor decorations are a perfect choice for both religious and secular homes during what is known as the season of goodwill.

Angels are of course a crucial symbol of the Nativity with Gabriel visiting Mary, the mother of Jesus. These heavenly beings are a symbol of protection for you and your home.

These holy and divine creatures are also a wonderful motif of remembrance if you have lost a loved one. You can put an angel in your yard specifically to remember someone that was special to you.

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Add Some Seasonal Elegance to Your Yard with Christmas Angels Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Winter Angel with a Lit Lantern

Image Credit: Original image shared by Myriams-Fotos on Pixabay with a CC License

Angels are a beautiful theme for Christmas Holiday season decorating. These wonderful winged creatures can add a real touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden and yard.

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These delightful and heavenly creatures can provide a more grown up decor scheme for the festive season. They can also provide a much more meaningful one too as you use them to remember those you have loved who are no longer here.

Champagne Angel with Dove LED Lighted Christmas Yard Art Decoration

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I like the traditional styling of this shimmering Angel. She is a slimline winged figure with a dove bird and halo that is swept above her face.

This outdoor decoration is a pre-lit design with a sturdy frame body. She is lit by 150 clear lights to draw attention to her when it is dark. You can use this 52 inch height design indoors or outdoors as you prefer.

outdoor angels Christmas decorations printed nativity set

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The design and colors of this two piece set are printed onto a marine grade plastic. The plastic is made to last for years of outdoor weather and can cope with rain and snow.

They come with stakes so that they can be anchored into the grass and stay sturdy against the wind. These are 27.75 inches tall and are sold as a pair.

This sweet little angel will make a lovely addition to your Christmas yard displayBrite Star Angel Opalescence Figurine, 48-InchesAttraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel, 32Teak Isle Christmas Joy Angel Yard Sign

A lot of the outdoor decorations are lighted ones. However, it can also be nice to ensure that you have designs that look equally as good during the day time as well. So it makes sense to also opt for designs that are not lit up so your yard looks good day and night.

The 2 piece angel set stood out to me because it is a colorful looking design and one that I think that children especially can enjoy. These angels look like they come straight out of the Christmas nativity story and could be perfect for adding to a manger scene or nativity set.

Vickerman Lighted LED Angel with Horn Christmas Window Silhouette Decoration, 17 inch

This is a LED lit Angel with a horn design and it is a window silhouette decoration. This one comes pre-lit with 35 lights and can be used indoors or outside for display in your windows.

They are harder to get hold of but there are also some designs that not only light up but move too. Imagine the wings on these heavenly creatures being animated to slowly open and close.

⭐ Look out for animated angel designs or opt for smaller moving accessories such as an angel wind chime. Lights combined with movement is a sure way to draw attention to your yard.

Trumpeting angels were inspired by the famous ones located in the Rockefeller Center in New York city. I like the fact that the trumpet and horn designs really evoke the spirit of the season. Trumpeting angels have a special biblical meaning in the book of Revelations with seven trumpets sounded by seven angels.

Christmas angel outside decoration statue

Get this Design Toscano Garden Angel Statue from

UK Readers get an Angel Statue from

Not everyone wants a highly colorful or lit up outdoor angel decoration. If you are buying something as a token of remembrance, you may wish to opt for a more serene looking statue instead. Design Toscano have a selection of angel statues for the outdoors.

I particularly liked this statue called Constance's Conscience. She looks very peaceful and is designed to be viewed from all angles.

She is styled in a very classical way and has long wings which drape down elegantly to match the sweeping folds of her dress. She looks truly beautiful to place in a pretty garden setting.

These sweet little angels will make a lovely addition to your Christmas yard display

I love the look of these simply adorable styled angels. They should make for a wonderful and colorful addition to your festive outdoor yard display. Each of the angels measure around 13 inches tall and are carefully handpainted just for you. The backs are painted solid black.

You can buy each angel individually or all three in one go. There is a singing one, a praying one and one who is holding a candle. Included is a metal rod to insert insert the angel decoration into the ground.

Ylyycc Color Changing LED Solar Wind Chimes path LED Changing Light Color waterproof angel wind chime for dinner party/garden/corridor decoration

For a different addition to accessorize your theme, how about some color changing LED solar wind chimes. You can enjoy seeing the hanging angels change color during the evening. Being solar powered, they charge during the day and light up at night adding movement and color to your outdoor space.

Lighted wire frame designs can look wonderful at night time. These can add color and drama to your outdoor space during the evening. Some designs feature clear lights while others have colored ones. Typical designs feature angel figures with wings, halos, trumpets, horns and candles that they hold in outstretched hands.

Architecture trumpeting festive lit gold color angel

Image Credit: Original image shared by StockSnap on Pixabay with a CC License

Many of the decorations can be used inside or out, so you may want to double check if you want duel usage from these. Look out too for lawn stakes so that you can anchor these designs down firmly into the ground. Silhouette designs mean that you want to place them where they can be viewed particularly well from the front.

One design I've seen holds her arms outstretched as if in praise to the heavens above. The pose on that one really seemed to further accentuate her gold color wings that are rising up high and the halo on her head.

She has a very elegant looking and slim figure with some detailing around her waist with the gold color belt and holly and leaves design motif.

Having angel outdoor decorations outside in your garden has a protective meaning. Angels are a symbol of protection which can be taken to mean that they are there to watch over you and your family.

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