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Christmas angel tree ornaments are a beautiful choice of theme to adorn your own festive tree or to gift to someone who is special and meaningful to you. There are lots of reasons why these heavenly creatures make a great choice for the Holiday season.

Many people choose angels because of the religious connection with the Nativity story between Gabriel and Mary, the mother of Jesus. However, you don't need to be religious to appreciate these really traditional motifs.

These elegant winged creatures are also often chosen in order to remember someone who has passed on to Heaven. It is a wonderful tribute to hang one of these ornaments on your tree as an act of remembrance and love.

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Wonderful Christmas Angel Tree Ornaments Make Beautiful Festive Decorations and Gifts

Christmas Angel Ornament for the Xmas Tree Decorations

Image Credit: Original image shared by m_baecher on Pixabay with a CC License

Angels make delightful ornaments for the Christmas tree. Although they do have a religious connotation, they are also deeply spiritual symbols. Many people love to add an angel to the tree to remind them of a loved one who is no longer here.

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Christmas angel tree ornaments Willow Tree

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This Willow Tree Angel of Prayer design shows a really serene looking figure who has her hands clasped in front of her in prayer.

Even though she has no actual facial features, as is the typical style with Willow Tree ornaments, it appears as though she is deep in serious thought and connection with sending her thoughts up to the heavens above.

I love the contrast of the rustic look of the carved style of the resin figure which you can see close up and the curved metal wings.

She seems highly appropriate to use as a good wish charm for someone you care for or to hang up to remember someone by. Because she is praying, it would make sense that you are using her to offer your own prayers to someone who may need them.

angel Xmas tree ornaments Jim Shore poinsettia flower design

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Jim Shore makes a number of beautiful Christmas angels ornaments and decorations. My personal favorite is this poinsettia flower one. The poinsettia is a traditional Holiday flower.

I buy one every year for my parents to enjoy. I love that the traditional red and green Christmas colors have been used here and it gives the overall effect of looking bright and cheerful.

Jim Shore for Enesco Heartwood Creek Angel with Nativity Skirt Ornament, 4.5-InchDepartment 56 Snowbabies by Kristi Jensen Pierro Angel to Look After You Ornament, 2.76-InchRemembrance OrnamentRoyal Albert Old Country Roses Ornament, Angel

This ornament makes for quite a contrast with the Willow Tree one. If you love color and detail then your eye may be drawn more to this particular design. It has all the usual carved style florishes that Jim Shore is so good at designing. I believe this one should work exceptionally well with a tree decorated in tradiotional colors.

Christmas angels ornaments by Kurt Adler set of 3 winged designs

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Fairy angels is an apt description of these 3 very elegant looking decorations who are accented with gold glitter and soft feathers on their wings.

They look so beautiful and charming. Each one is holding a bird in her hand. I like to think that they are setting the birds free to fly off high in the sky.

There is a connotation there with letting someone you love go to be at peace in heaven. At least, that is my interpretation. I would use these on a tree that is mostly decorated in soft creams and gold colors where they would fit in nicely.

angel ornaments Christmas tree Precious Moments

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Guide Us To Thy Perfect Light is a very angelic looking cherub who has a blue sash full of silver colored stars. She intends to place each star in the night sky.

Precious Moments designs are always so adorable. I just love the expressions on their faces and the lovely big eyes. Her blue and white coloring is ideal for a winter theme decorated tree.

If someone passed on that you really treasured, why not let this angel put a star in the sky for you to remember them by.

One idea I read, which particularly struck me, is to use a permanent marker pen and write down the name of the person who has died on the bottom or back of the ornament. It's like dedicating one of these designs to a specific person that you want to remember each year. I love this idea because it is so touching.

angel ornaments buy Lenox porcelain designs

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Lenox make some beautiful looking porcelain ornaments and designs. Porcelain has a totally different look to the standard resin or ceramic.

Porcelain really looks like an expensive material to start with because of the beautiful creamy color and the high shine finish. For that reason, I think it makes an ideal gift for yourself or to give to someone you truly value.

Another porcelain Lenox angel ornament (not shown) has a openwork tree design on the front of her dress with a star on top. Her dress is decorated with stars and the wings are tipped with gold.

The wonderful addition on this is her bell. The bottom of this design is open and, underneath, you can see a little bell which makes a noise when you move the ornament. This makes for a slightly unusual design that packs a little extra. What a lovely idea to use this to commemorate the life of someone special.

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