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Christmas Angel Figurines and Statues for the Home

What could be nicer than a Christmas angel figurine in the home to watch over you during the festive season. Angels are a good luck symbol in your home.

The figurine designs created especially for the Holiday season are normally more colorful and bright than angels made for everyday use and display. You can expect to see some richly colored and intricate small statues and collectibles for the home here.

Included are items by designers and companies that are leading figures in this collectible art form such as Jim Shore, Enesco, Precious Moments and Thomas Kinkade. Enjoy this selection to choose from.

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Beautiful Selection of Christmas Angel Figurines and Statues as Gifts and to Display in the Home

Angel figurine statues

Image Credit: Original image shared by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay with a CC License

These pretty figurine gifts and collectibles make a great choice to give to someone who collects these small statues.

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Angel figurines for Christmas and small statues make a thoughtful and sentimental motif with the idea that this Heavenly creature is watching over and protecting us at all times.

Christmas angel figurines statues Heart of

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Since red is such a wonderful festive color and doves embody the spirit of Christmas and are a firm favorite of mine, it should be no surprise that I would feel drawn to this wonderful looking Heart of Christmas design.

This angel figurine is from the Heart of Christmas range which, in my opinion, contains some of the very best seasonal designs that you can buy.

At first glance, you may not quite catch on that this figure is a heavenly being. We first seem to notice her very serene and peaceful expression and the sweeping but gentle curves of the long robes.

Enesco Heart of Christmas Winter Angel with Ice Skates FigurinePrecious Moments, In The Radiance Of Heaven's Light, Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Angel GiftEnesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Nativity Angel Statue FigurineCB Gift TC616 Nativity Angel Figurine

It is only later that the wings really become apparent. She is clearly trying to blend in to the role of an ordinary human and is enjoying caring for the birds.

The color palette of this sculpted piece is mostly muted in creams and browns which only serves to ensure that the traditional colors of red and green are really given some value and meaning.

The red color of the cardinal birds is picked up in her robe which also features a sparkling crystal. Small additions of green are picked up on the bag and the flower in her hair. The details on this figurine are some that I could look at for a long time and really enjoy.

Thomas Kinkade Talking Nativity Angel Sculpture With Music And Animation by The Bradford Exchange

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The Thomas Kinkade Winter Angel of Light figurine, not shown, is made from porcelain which is one of my favorite materials to be used for these home sculptures and gifts.

It has been hand painted in wonderful shades of winter with the whites, blues, creams, golds and glitter and she has been finished off with both glossy and matte glazes.

Holiday figurine, angel figurine, white and gold doll, seasonal Christmas decorationsCollectible angel figurine perfect as a gift for her felted felt

I find her really beautiful to look at and love her wonderful, almost Victorian like, outfit and mode of dress. The skirt peeking out at the bottom with the blue and gold trimmed hem to match the wide sleeves of her dress.

The stunning blue hooded cloak that she is wearing with the white fur style trim. And she is holding a lantern to light the way. Best of all, this angel figurine lights up with the flick of a switch.

Thomas Kinkade Angel of Glory Figurine

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Perfect for a religious Christmas is this Nativity angel figurine, not shown, by Thomas Kinkade. At the bottom of the design is the Nativity scene with the baby Jesus in a manger, Mary, Joseph and a lamb. Around the base of the statue are the words: Unto Us a Child is Born.

Angel figurine peace before God and celebrate with joy

Image Credit: Shared by David Morris on Flickr with a CC License

Towering over this scene is a rather magnificent looking angel figure who is holding a banner that reads: Glory to The New Born King. She appears as though she is keeping a watchful and protective eye on the new baby Jesus.

I particularly like how they have designed the angel's wings on this one. They look very detailed and the shape of the individual feathers have been picked out.

Enesco 4058755 Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collection Stone Resin Victorian Angel with Candle Figurine

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Victorian angel designs are really traditional. Jim Shore has created this figurine who is holding candles aloft.

She has a lovely smile on her face and is holding up some red festive looking candles. She is wearing a Holly necklace picked out in a Christmas tree green.

I like the special sugar finish which you can see on the wings and the bottom of her dress. This makes it look like snow.

Precious Moments Let His Light Shine Figurine

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UK Readers get a Precious Moments Angel from

Let his light shine on you with the purchase of this Precious Moments angel figurine. She is holding up a little candle to show her the way. The addition of the gold color paint makes this design look complete for the Holiday season.

These heavenly creatures are just like a wonderful good luck charm. They are sent down from above to look out for us mere mortals and to guide us to the right path.

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