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Here's a wonderful selection of gorgeous items, ideas and inspiration for red Northern Cardinal lovers and back yard bird watchers. The brilliant color male makes stunning designs for Cardinal bird gifts that work especially well for Christmas.

The male Northern Cardinal bird is an amazing sight to behold, cloaked in brilliant bright red feathers all year long and not molting as many birds do for the winter season into a duller plumage.

If you're also a fan of this bird or are shopping for someone who is, I have picked out a stunning selection of themed gift items which really show it off perfectly.

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Utterly Charming Cardinal Bird Christmas Gifts for Bird Lovers and Fans

Red Cardinal birds painted on birdhouse box gift

Image Credit: Original image shared by StillWorksImagery on Pixabay with a CC License

Because the male of the species is so striking, it does tend to mean that the duller colored female gets overlooked. Compared with many other species of bird, the female would be considered a real beauty in her own right.

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She has the same red beak and tinges of that vivid flame color lighting up her brown wings, tail and crest. I've managed to find some items which depict both adult Cardinals and these will make great buys for Christmas or for a bird lover's birthday.

Gift Mugs for Bird Lovers: Enjoy Bird Viewing with a Morning Cuppa

Mugs make nice, compact sized and inexpensive gift items that you can present to anyone. There are some wonderful winter and festive themed mugs in particular that show off artwork featuring this striking bird to its best.

Ceramic Mug Cardinal Bird Handmade Handpainted Coffee Cup When Cardinals are near loved ones appear quoteLang December Dawn Cardinal Bird Mug by Rosemary Millette Pine Cones Winter SceneLANG - 14 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug - Cardinal On Nose Snowman Art by Susan Winget - Christmas HolidayVintage Bird Series 14oz Stoneware Coffee Mug (Northern Cardinal Postcard)

For a really festive design with a wonderful Holiday message of Peace, this makes a great buy. The design makes it ideal for a Christmas season gift with the red handle and dark green artwork. The sprig of holly is a great finishing touch inside.

Another festive design is the December Dawn coffee mug, not pictured. Imagine winter days spent with a warm beverage sipped from this December dawn design. It features a male Cardinal nestled between pine cones among the snow and has a snow capped pine cone inside the mug too.

Gift Plate With Cardinal Bird Winter Scene

Red Cardinal Bird Accent Plate Winter Greetings Lenox Holly

The mugs would look great out on display with a collection of bird themed china. Some designs come gift boxed which makes them easier to wrap.

Another wrapping idea is to fill the mug with small treats, place the mug in the middle of a large piece of cellophane and then push this up against the sides of the mug and tie at the top with ribbon.

⭐ It is believed that this bird signifies confidence, creativity and also good luck and fortune if you should see one flying towards the sun. So that is something you can look out for when enjoying a coffee or a hot beverage in your mug.

For cold winter days, I love the idea of a soup mug. One of these features both the male and the female Cardinal bird along with information on the species. It's a beautiful looking item and comes with a gift box too.

Classic and Decorative Cardinal Bird Figurines

4.25 Inch Cardinal Bird on Snowy Branch Decorative Figurine, Red3 inch Charming Tails Sending You a Merry Christmas Tweet Mouse and Cardinal Bird Collectible Figurine

Jim Shore designs some really amazing and decorative figurines and this one based on the male of the species which is sure to delight the lucky owner. His bird designs make wonderful gifts for fans of birds and will look magnificent placed in the home along a shelf.

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The red on this figurine, not pictured, is very eye-catching and it complements the green leaves beautifully. I like the decorative little plinth that the bird and tree is attached to and the red has been picked out in the floral design there too. You can see more designs on my themed figurines page featured above.

Festive Cardinal Bird Holiday Decorations and Gifts

Birds with red feathering are often used as traditional motifs for Christmas decorations. The male of the species is a really popular design for the festive season.

The male works so well with its plumage really suiting traditional Holiday artwork. Because of that, these are ideal gift ideas for December 25th and the winter season.

Hallmark Keepsake Ruby Red Cardinal Christmas OrnamentOld World Christmas Pair Of Cardinals Glass Blown Ornament

Many people collect or receive snow globes for Christmas gifts. A unique take on the snow globe idea is with this really charming lantern that contains a glitter glass dome with birds inside and you can wind it up to play We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Also look out for the mini figurine Jim Shore design which features the bird perched on top of a pine cone. The sprig of holly at the bottom lends just the right amount of a festive touch and this is one Christmas ornament that you can imagine being enjoyed year after year.

See My Cardinal Christmas Tree Ornaments Page

Add a touch of spring to the home decor with this throw pillow that can be used indoors or out. It comes with a gorgeous print of a pale blue sky and both the male and his female friend perched lightly on a branch of spring white and blush pink flowers.

Cardinals Pillow Cover Christmas Tree Design Holiday Gift

This is a pillow cover that would really look great used along with indoor furniture or in a garden room or conservatory. Its colors with the eye-catching festive designs will brighten up any chair or sofa where it sits.

I love the beautiful and festive winter design on another pillow, not pictured, which features a wonderful dark blue background which really makes the red feathering and snow falling pop. It's a stunning piece of artwork.

Decorative, Hand Painted Glass Suncatchers and Art Glass

Amia Hand Painted Glass Suncatcher with Cardinal and Dogwood Design, 5-1/4-Inch by 7-Inch OvalHoliday Cardinal Holly Berries Vertical Art Glass Panel with Wooden Frame 12 x 10

You might never be fortunate to see and enjoy real Cardinal birds from the comfort of your own window but anyone can sit and enjoy a wonderful glass suncatcher throughout the year.

I'm a backyard bird watcher myself and I love sitting and wondering what's going to fly down and feast on the feeders around the garden.

The only problem is that you can never guarantee what varieties are going to come along nor when they'll come down either. Having a beautiful design like this in the window is one way to ensure that you can view your favorite ones all year long. And larger designs can of course help to cover up an unsightly view as well.

male Cardinal bird tree branches twigs winter scene cold

Image Credit: Shared by capt_tain Tom on Flickr with a CC License

Imagine what a treat it will be to hang up and enjoy these in your window. This oval suncatcher has a magnificent and bright palette of colors with the delightful blue border which contrasts beautifully with the red feathers. The male and female are perched between the flowering plants.

You can get larger window art panel scenes as well and they will really command attention as soon as anyone views them across a room. There is a glass window panel that is 15 inches tall.

This has a really wonderfully intricate and decorative design featuring the male and female just as we have here. This makes a special gift and you can imagine how fantastic those colors look when the light streams through the window and plays upon the scene in the glass.

I like the small but beautiful 3 inch candle votive (not shown) which would make a really delightful and inexpensive gift. You can buy some candles to go along with your gift too.

This will work as a small item on its own or can be paired up with another matching item from this art glass range. There are lots of beautiful glass designs from suncatchers, window panels, jewelry boxes, vases and more.

Personalized Cardinal Bird Gifts to Get

RED CARDINAL Christmas Ornaments Bird House Personalized Name TagCardinal bird personalized Christmas gift tagsDogwood branch and Cardinals hand painted mail box design customCardinal bird personalized custom Christmas stickers

Consider whether a gift that you can personalize with a name might be even more special to give this year because something custom is going to be unique and will stand out from other items that are being given, especially at Christmas time where people tend to receive so much.

I love the idea of a custom ornament for the tree which can be brought out and enjoyed year after year. This one can have a name and a date put on it. If you have more money to spend then a kitchen tray makes a useful and lovely item for someone who enjoys baking and home cooking. They will love having their name across this.

Combined with a flame red bill to match, a black patch just behind and under the beak and a prominent crest on the top of their head, this is a bird which you just cannot help but admire.

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