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Easy Christmas Origami Wreath Patterns

This easy Christmas origami wreath pattern resource page provides you with a fantastic selection of fun and free tutorials and instructions that you can use.

Use the origami wreath patterns to make up your own DIY miniature wreaths just by simple paper folding techniques. Use your finished wreaths for Christmas tree ornaments, handmade card embellishments, small decorations and even, with larger paper sizes, make wreaths to hang up on a door.

Paper folded wreath designs are just perfect for festive Holiday paper crafting. The same designs can also be used with different color schemes for other occasions such as Valentine's, Mother's Day and Halloween.

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Easy Christmas Origami Wreath Patterns Ideal for Festive Holiday Crafting

Easy Christmas Origami Wreath Patterns Ideal for Festive Holiday Crafting Crafts Paper Folding

You'll discover some wonderful easy Christmas origami wreath pattern links, tutorials and instructions on this page.

The first one is my very own paper folded wreath pattern and then there are a range of other wonderful instructive links and also a handy video for you to watch right from this page.

My Christmas Origami Wreath Pattern Card Craft Tutorial

Festive Christmas Origami Paper Folding Wreath Design for a Card

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Here's my very own origami wreath tutorial with a link to the tutorial given below. This mini paper wreath tutorial has step by step photos on how to make this easy Christmas card. You just need some simple origami and paper folding techniques.

➡️ Visit This Christmas Holiday Paper Folded Wreath Tutorial

Although this has been demonstrated as a handmade card, you could also turn this paper folded design into a miniature hanging ornament or a scrapbook embellishment. The tutorial comes complete with detailed and step-by-step photos for you to follow through with.

If you don't want to make this particular design, then there are also plenty of other links to other wreath projects just below. Don't miss the great video tutorial further down this page too.

Ideal for your DIY wreath designs: My design for cards uses smaller 2-3 inch squares of paper in order to fit onto the front of a regular sized greeting card-blank.

If you're want to make this popular Holiday themed wreath design for something else then you'll probably prefer to stick with the regular sized 6 inch origami papers. With larger papers you could make a hanging ornament, window decoration or central scrapbook design.

Links for More Origami Wreath Patterns Diagrams and Instructions

From Simple to Advanced Folding Projects for you to Follow

➡️ 8 Piece Slotted Paper Wreath Design: An excellent tutorial with photos to follow so you can make an 8 piece paper wreath. There is no marking required and it's pretty easy to fold.

➡️ 12 Piece Slotted Design: Here's a great step-by-step tutorial to make a 12 piece paper design which slots together. It is suitable to use on handmade cards or as a larger hanging decoration. It does require marking the back of the paper out with a ruler.

➡️ Modular Tutorial: A very neat modular wreath made from 8 pieces of folded paper. A little tricky to fold but suitable as an intermediate paper crafting project.

➡️ Triangular Shaped Pieces: Made from folded triangular pieces of paper, this Holiday items can be made from a different number of pieces depending on how you want the finished design to look. The instructions are clear and not too hard to fold.

➡️ Pretty Christmas Paper Garland (NOT IN ENGLISH) This isn't in English, but you can follow the photos to make a beautiful garland complete with folded flowers that look like Christmas poinsettias. A wonderful and innovative tutorial.

Spooky versions of these paper wreaths could look creep-tastic in a range of black, gray and orange papers. So, they don't all need to be folded in a traditional green color.

Watch this Video to Help You Fold a Wreath

Pillar box red works especially well with a traditional Christmas shade of green. So why not use this Christmas color to add in a touch of vibrant red.

Make some little round quilled pieces to represent the berries among the paper leaves. Basic paper quilling is not hard and circles are very easy to make.

You can create some round, red circles to form berries to glue over the top of your finished wreath design. Use quilled circles, beads, buttons or felt. It just gives you another idea as to how you can change this paper project up to look a little different.

Books and Resources on this Craft

Do More Holiday and Christmas Crafting: If you're really into your Holiday crafting, then there's a selection of books below that I hunted out which look as though they are really good choices.

Christmas Origami

Origami Holiday Decorations

Christmas origami by Dover

I have plenty of origami books myself but I admit not any on a Christmas theme so guess what's going on my 'Dear Santa' list this year.

How about a pack of origami paper that comes in 12 different shades of green. You could work from light to dark shades or have them all mixed for a wonderful effect. There are 48 sheets of origami paper in 12 shades of green in this pack.

Look out for some specialist paper that you can use including patterned, two-color, glow-in-the-dark and metallic foils. Choosing a suitable paper to start with makes it ideal for whatever project you want to complete.

Don't forget to check out the eBay to find suitable patterned and plain paper to make your wreaths with. Not only might you find better deals than you'd get elsewhere but it's great for finding unusual designs too.

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