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Easy Perler Bead Gift Pattern Instructions and Tutorial

Cupcake Perler Bead Christmas Holiday Pattern

Enjoy this festive cupcake Perler bead pattern just perfect for the Christmas Holiday. It is easy to make for older kids and adults with the step by step photos and instructions in my craft tutorial. The design will work with any fused bead brands including Perler and Hama.

This really cute cupcake pattern uses traditional seasonal colors such as pillar box red and Holly leaf green. Select whatever colors you want for this seasonal treat. Make a batch of this design for unique Holiday tags, card embellishments, tree ornaments and even cupcake toppers.

The instructions show you how to turn this Christmas cupcake pattern into a brooch pin ready for gift giving. Alternatively, thread some string through the holes to turn this sweet design into a cute  ornament to hang on your tree.

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Cupcake Perler Bead Christmas Holiday Pattern: Make Tree Ornaments, Brooch Pins and More

Cupcake Perler Bead Christmas Holiday Pattern: Make Tree Ornaments, Brooch Pins and More

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This Christmas Holiday cupcake Perler bead pattern is a great size to make a kitchen magnet by sticking an adhesive magnet on the back. It is also ideal as a cute embellishment for handmade festive cards, as a brooch pin or even a hanging ornament for the Christmas tree.

Step 1: Making the Base of the Christmas Cupcake Pattern

Starting pattern of green beads on yellow pegboard Perler Hama fused

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

This pattern only requires a small or large square pegboard which has a 13 x 13 peg area or larger to work on.

This means that you can use either the large square pegboards or smaller ones if you wish. It is easiest to start first by working from the bottom of the board and the base of the Holiday cupcake design.

I chose to make the base of the cupcake design (wrapper area) with a striped pattern in two shades of greens which works well with the festive look.

You could choose other color combinations or just use one shade of green if you only have that to work with in your supply of Perler or Hama fused beads. Lay out 19 dark green beads in the pattern of the image shown above.

Dark and light green fused Perler Hama beads on a board

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Following on from the previous image, now add in 15 light green fused beads if you have them. When you've finished adding these two green shades, you'll have a complete bottom or base for your sweet little Christmas Holiday cake to sit on top.

A note on pegboards: If you plan to create a lot of small fused bead patterns to make up items such as magnets, jewelry, handmade card embellishments, brooch pins and other things then it can really help to have a selection of the basic shaped boards.

If you've got a number of square boards that you can use, rather than just one, then you can make more than one of these at a time. I love to make Perler patterns in batch for gifts.

Step 2: Adding on the Festive Red Frosting

Red and green perler hama beads on a square pegboard

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

On this festive patterned design, I added on two layers of frosting: a bottom layer in red and a top layer in white.

You can follow my exact pattern with two layers or you could just pick a single color to use with both parts instead.

You need exactly 26 red bead pieces to follow the pattern shown in the image above. This involves placing the red pieces on top of the green base.

Areas highlighted where you need to add pieces to the Perler bead Christmas cupcake pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Add on a further 10 red Perler beads to the side ares of the cupcake design. These are outlined with white rectangles in the photo above.

When you've completed this section, that's all the red frosted part of the pattern complete and the bulk of the work done.

Step 3: Adding White Icing and Holly Pattern

Adding on the white section of the cupcake design Perler beads

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Now you need to focus on adding the white icing or frosting at the top of the Perler bead pattern. You need 21 white bead pieces to start on the left side, working on top of the red area shown.

You should be able to start to see how the shape of this sweet treat is forming with the design.

Adding in the little Holly section on the Christmas Perler cupcake pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

My favorite part on this whole design is when I get to add in the holly detail shown above. I used 6 darker green beads to make the leaves, 4 red beads for the berries and 1 light green piece for detail in the middle.

With this little easy addition, you can see how it turns the whole piece into a really seasonal and festive design.

Step 4: Finishing and Making an Optional Brooch Pin

Working on the final section of the pattern outlined in black cupcake Perler bead Christmas Holiday design tutorial

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Now you only need to add in a further 15 white Perler beads to complete the right side of the white frosting or icing. This section is highlighted for you with the black outline which is over the top of the completed photo above.

You can see that the finished cupcake pattern takes up most of a small square pegboard. Once done, an adult will need to iron the design to fuse these beads together. Use the instructions that came with your brand of fused beads.

This makes a great size for a kitchen magnet if you put a piece of adhesive magnetic sheet on the back. It is also ideal as an embellishment to go on the front of your festive handmade Holiday cards, turn into a brooch pin or a hanging ornament for the tree by adding some string.

Adding a brooch bar to the back of a completed fused beads pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

An optional idea is to turn this piece into a wearable brooch pin. You will need some brooch bar pins.

Look for brooch pin backs or bar brooch pins. The one shown in the photo above is the type I normally use in my crafting. You can sew these on for fabric crafts or fix them with glue in this instance.

Completed Holiday Christmas Cupcake Perler Hama Fused Bead Design Pattern Tutorial Instructions

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

If you have a hot glue gun, an adult can use it to fix the pin back onto the reverse side of the completed fused bead cupcake. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive that is suitable to fix plastics and metal.

Adhesives that come with fine nozzles make it easier to apply to small hand crafted items like this. Take care to read the instructions that are supplied with glues before using them.

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