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Easy Perler Bead Gift Pattern Instructions and Tutorial

Small fused Perler and Hama bead designs are ideal for little gifts, as advent calendar fillers, stocking stuffers and also to use as little party favors. Use this gift pattern in Holiday colors for handmade card embellishments and as fun novelty tags.

We made up a batch of these easy Perler bead gift patterns which are small and cute designs. We used these for a birthday and made them into magnets to go in party goody bags. The simple gift design is perfect for birthdays and many other celebrations such as Christmas.

The completed designs can easily be made into magnets for sticking on the refrigerator. Alternatively, use them to make cute hair clips, keychains and jewelry such as necklaces.

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Easy Perler Bead Gift Pattern Tutorial: Great for Celebrations Like Christmas

Easy Perler Bead Gift Pattern Tutorial: Great for Celebrations Like Christmas and Birthdays Fused Hama Instructions

This easy to make Perler bead gift pattern with a little bow is a quick make. It can be made up fast in bulk so you can make sets of them for parties, celebrations and events.

As well as making cute items for goody bags, you could also complete this photo tutorial with a small group of kids who like crafting because it's so simple and quick to make. It's a great idea for a craft activity to do in the festive Holidays.

Each child would require a square pegboard, just the small sized square board is big enough, and sit them around a table with a big supply of beads in the middle for them to get hold of and use. It's a good little crafting project that kids and adults can enjoy. Hope you have fun.

Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Perler Bead Gift Design:

A square Perler bead pegboard in a small or a large size
A selection of colored Perler or other fused beads such as Hama
The special ironing paper and an adult to iron the finished piece(s)
Optional embellishments for decorating

Perler Hama Gift with Bow Pattern Step 1 Making the Square

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 1: You will need a square shaped pegboard. It can be a small or a large size and you will need different colors of the beads to work with.

For this simple design, I like to work just two different colors which go well together but have good contrast: one color for the main gift and one color for the ribbon and bow part of the design.

You need to allow for the design taking up a 10×7 peg area on the board.

I like to begin a few rows in from the edge of the board because ironing finished designs which are right up at the edge of a pegboard can be a little tricky to do.

Choose a color for the main part of the gift, I chose blue, and work a 3×3 square a few rows up and in from the left side of your board.

Perler Hama board with blue beads in square format

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 2: Leave a gap of 1 peg on the right side of the square that you've just made and repeat the 3×3 pattern to the right using the same color.

Three lots of square shapes laid out on pegboard

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 3: Leave a gap of 1 peg on the top of these two squares and work a third 3×3 square over the top of the first one.

Perler Hama Birthday Gift with Bow Pattern Step 4

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 4: Again, leave a 1 peg gap to the side of this new square of beads and make the fourth and final small square to the right.

You can see from the images how this has made a shape of 4 little squares with a cross shape of blank pegs in the middle.

basic gift shape outlined with hama beads

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 5: Taking your second choice of color for your Perler beads, you need to fill in the now empty cross section of pegs that is in the middle of the four small squares that you just made.

It is best to use a color which goes well with the first one but is distinctive enough to stand out in contrast. I used a dark purple for this part which makes the ribbon area.

Fused Beads Perler Hama Birthday Christmas Gift with Bow Pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 6: Now you can start to make the bow shape on top of the gift design. Use the same color as your ribbon color used in step 5.

Add a bead at the top middle of the gift which follows on from the vertical ribbon going upwards. Add two beads either side as shown in the corresponding image.

gift present pattern fused beads craft instructions Christmas

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 7: Finish off the bow part of the design by adding in a further two beads on either side which you can see from the photo supplied.

Cute pink and blue perler hama gift design small pattern instructions tutorial

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 8: An adult needs to iron the completed design with the special ironing paper. This paper normally comes in with many of the larger bead tubs and packets and it also can be bought separately in order to fuse the design together.

When the design is cool, you can decorate the front. I added a single heart brad onto all my gifts but you can stick a flat-backed gem on or something else.

Adding an adhesive magnet strip to the back of a fused bead pattern

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

To turn your finished piece into a magnet, cut a strip of adhesive magnetic sheet off and stick it onto the back of the completed design.

Most magnetic sheets come with some self-adhesive backing and can be cut to size using scissors.

Making up a batch load of perler hama gift patterns on a large pegboard

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

Step 9: If you're making up a bulk load of these as party favor, advent or goody bag fillers, you can easily fit 6 designs at a time onto a large square pegboard. It's a quick and easy pattern to make and looks cute too.

Magnetic sheets with adhesive are what I use to turn completed fused bead designs into refrigerator magnets because these sheets are strong enough to stick small and light objects. Just cut the sheet to the size that you need and fasten to the back of your design.

There are many more small patterns you can make up in bulk for small gifts and party favors. Have fun making these up.

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