Advent Calendar for Girls to Enjoy

Picking an advent calendar for girls is not always easy. There are some really obvious girly choices such as Lego Friends and Barbie which will only really appeal to kids who particularly like dolls. After that it gets harder to find something really suitable. This page focuses more on girls toy advent calendars and better quality designs that she should really enjoy receiving and opening in the run down to the festive holiday season. On... Read more →

100 Advent Calendar Gift Ideas: Fillers for Men, Women and Kids

Refillable and reusable Advent calendars that you can bring out ready for the 1st of December each year can be a lot of fun. This is a HUGE list of 100 detailed suggestions on ideas for advent calendar gifts for men, women, boys and girls. So much for you to choose from. Advent calendar gift ideas for adults and for kids can be difficult to think up and especially if you don't have much time... Read more →

Best Advent Calendars for Adults to Enjoy

Choosing advent calendars for adults is not always that easy because many designs are not aimed at this market. I've had to look very hard to discover some wonderful suggestions. Many adults really love and look forward to counting down the days until Christmas. There is a real and genuine anticipation of this special festive Holiday season and event. There's the inexpensive cardboard calendar varieties to sturdy ones which you can enjoy year after year... Read more →

Advent Calendars for Kids to Enjoy

A special Advent calendar for kids is an item that parents, grandparents and other family members can buy which sometimes means that children end up getting more than one. Counting down the days in December all the way to Christmas Day is a very exciting time for a child. The waiting and the anticipation is almost as good as the day itself. As a mom to a young girl myself, I'm very aware of how... Read more →

Advent Calendar Kits for Kids to Make or Decorate

Children and families who enjoy craft activities will get lots of pleasure from creating their very own designs using Advent calendar kits for kids this year. There are some super fun kits and items that you can buy in order to make a unique way to countdown the days until the Christmas Holiday season. These kits to create Advent Calendars can also make great gifts or items to really enjoy during those colder Fall season... Read more →

Cool Christmas Playmobil Sets and Toys

Playmobil make great quality little character sets which are usually recommended for ages 4 and up. There are some really cool Christmas Playmobil sets and toys to enjoy. These are fantastic quality toys and are also very hard wearing and long lasting. We still have some original pieces from the eighties to prove just how long they last. With playmobil sets, it is less about building, construction and assembling of items. Kids can really enjoy... Read more →