Advent Calendar for Girls to Enjoy

Picking an advent calendar for girls is not always easy. There are some really obvious girly choices such as Lego Friends and Barbie which will only really appeal to kids who particularly like dolls. After that it gets harder to find something really suitable. This page focuses more on girls toy advent calendars and better quality designs that she should really enjoy receiving and opening in the run down to the festive holiday season. On... Read more →

Best Christmas Gifts for a 1 Year Old Girl

Her first year flies by really quickly and, before you know it, you're having to plan for some special items that will make the best Christmas gifts for this 1 year old girl. Since I've been through this occasion myself with my own daughter as well as with shopping for babies belonging to my friends, I can certainly give you a great range of ideas and inspiration on gift ideas to buy for her first... Read more →

Terrific Toy Farm Sets for Toddlers

Toy farm sets for toddlers are a great gift idea for young children to enjoy. They are unisex and enjoyed by boys and girls equally and they can help to build an interest in animals too. My daughter was coming up to 2 years of age when I was looking for a farm play set. Because of the age, I wanted something that would be suitably sized for her to sit and play with on... Read more →

Coolest Christmas Gift for a 5 Year Old Girl

Here's some fab ideas for a Christmas gift for a 5 year old girl that she should really want to open and thank you for. At 5, girls are just starting to establish and carve out their own little identity. She may be becoming a bit more independent and wanting to try out a few more things for herself. Having been all through this stage, I've got a great idea for gifts and five year... Read more →

Best Legos for Girls of All Ages

Here's my pick of the best Legos for girls of all ages to enjoy this Christmas. As soon as children are able to sit unaided, they can learn to stack up some large blocks and then laugh as they watch as they topple over. There are now a huge range of colors, themes and possibilities with Lego bricks which can make choosing which to buy quite difficult. I've broken sets down into age ranges to... Read more →

Lego Horses Sets Make Great Gifts for Girls

This Lego horse sets Friends range comes supplied in cute candy colors with very much a spring feel to all the shades of pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows that are used throughout. Girls who really adore horses should love the range of Lego Friend toys which feature some really fun equestrian activities and building brick sets. The minifigures for these box sets are less blocky looking than the original characters and are actually called... Read more →

Top Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls to Enjoy this Christmas

There are lots of popular and top gifts for 4 year old girls that you can pick from this Christmas. They are also great too for another occasion such as her birthday or even a special treat. Once they get to age four, girls can be full of energy and very quick to learn and discover new things. They are fast growing out of those rounded features in their face and body and looking more... Read more →