Easy Christmas Origami Wreath Patterns

This easy Christmas origami wreath pattern resource page provides you with a fantastic selection of fun and free tutorials and instructions that you can use. Use the origami wreath patterns to make up your own DIY miniature wreaths just by simple paper folding techniques. Use your finished wreaths for Christmas tree ornaments, handmade card embellishments, small decorations and even, with larger paper sizes, make wreaths to hang up on a door. Paper folded wreath designs... Read more →

How to Make a Paper Star Ornament for Christmas

Lean how to make a simply gorgeous DIY paper star ornament for the Christmas Holiday. This super star design is easy to make with 8 squares of paper and some glue. Your finished star looks wonderful as a hanging tree ornament, a wall decoration or as a smaller design to place on the front of your handmade cards and scrapbook layouts. This fun and easy paper design is based on simple paper (tea bag) folding... Read more →

Robin Bird Christmas Ornaments and Tree Decorations

Here are some sweet Robin bird Christmas ornaments to hang on your festive tree or, alternatively, gift for the Holiday season to someone who enjoys these wonderful and cute feathered friends. This type of hanging decoration will make a charming and appropriate gift for someone who loves birds, gardening, wildlife and the outdoors. Bring some nature into the home. Robin birds really stand out against a snow scene backdrop where you can instantly spot the... Read more →

Cheerful Christmas Snowman Yard Decorations

Smiling snowmen make for a really family friendly and fun festive theme. Pop some Christmas snowman yard decorations outside that everyone can admire and enjoy this winter season. There are lots of ways in which you can dress up your yard to include these popular designs. There are flags, outdoor statues, mailbox covers, inflatables, wind socks, banners, garden stakes and more. For the biggest impact, try to include at least a few key Christmas snowman... Read more →

Charming Christmas Angels Outdoor Decorations

These beautiful and elegant winged creatures make for a wonderful choice of theme for the Holiday season. Christmas angels outdoor decorations are a perfect choice for both religious and secular homes during what is known as the season of goodwill. Angels are of course a crucial symbol of the Nativity with Gabriel visiting Mary, the mother of Jesus. These heavenly beings are a symbol of protection for you and your home. These holy and divine... Read more →

Snowman Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Christmas snowmen are cute and make a great decor theme for any room during the winter season and the festive holiday time. Add some winter touches in your home by adding in some sweet snowman kitchen accessories. Snowmen themselves are white which is a very easy color to incorporate into any room scheme. You only need a few key pieces to dress up this part of the house for the Christmas holidays. These snow characters... Read more →

Santa Bathroom Accessories and Decor

Let Santa Claus pay a visit to your bathroom this year and give the room decor a truly festive touch for the Christmas holiday with Santa bathroom accessories. Santa is the ideal theme for your main family or guest restroom and even a kid's bathroom. This jolly character who wears his bright red and white suit is enough to add the season of goodwill no matter where he goes. Despite being the obvious choice for... Read more →