Irish Santa Claus Figurines for Christmas

Irish Santa Claus figurines are the ideal display item to use for the Holiday season for anyone who is fascinated by Ireland and Irish heritage. There is something really magical about an Irish Santa and the green colors he comes robed in are perfect for the Christmas season as well as for occasions such as St. Patrick's Day as well. If you collect figurines for Christmas, it is fun to collect Santa figures from other... Read more →

Santa Bathroom Accessories and Decor

Let Santa Claus pay a visit to your bathroom this year and give the room decor a truly festive touch for the Christmas holiday with Santa bathroom accessories. Santa is the ideal theme for your main family or guest restroom and even a kid's bathroom. This jolly character who wears his bright red and white suit is enough to add the season of goodwill no matter where he goes. Despite being the obvious choice for... Read more →

Why do we Have Christmas Stockings as a Tradition

Why are stockings a Christmas tradition and where did this come from? Every year, so many of us hang stockings on Christmas Eve without knowing why we do this and where the tradition comes from. Discover how this popular Holiday tradition came to be with the main stories and all the myths behind it. The Christmas stocking tradition can be taken all the way back to legends of the pagan Norse mythology. There are also... Read more →

Chronicles of Narnia Gifts for Christmas

This Chronicles of Narnia gifts guide page is a magical and helpful resource full of ideas and inspiration for what you can choose to buy for a fan for the Holiday season as well as other occasions around the year. There are plenty of great themes within this particular fantasy. My favorite book from the series, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, has many themes which are absolutely ideal for those winter, Christmas and... Read more →

J.R.R. Tolkien Letters from Father Christmas Book

A wonderfully festive piece of reading for a Tolkien fan this Holiday season is his delightfully illustrated Letters from Father Christmas book. This short but sweet book is packed with copies of his really unique and creative letters, envelopes and also drawings that he made for his children every December. Tolkien was a very talented artist with an imagination that was really endless. So many people associate this prolific author with his major fantasy works... Read more →

Cool Christmas Playmobil Sets and Toys

Playmobil make great quality little character sets which are usually recommended for ages 4 and up. There are some really cool Christmas Playmobil sets and toys to enjoy. These are fantastic quality toys and are also very hard wearing and long lasting. We still have some original pieces from the eighties to prove just how long they last. With playmobil sets, it is less about building, construction and assembling of items. Kids can really enjoy... Read more →