Cheerful Christmas Snowman Yard Decorations

Smiling snowmen make for a really family friendly and fun festive theme. Pop some Christmas snowman yard decorations outside that everyone can admire and enjoy this winter season. There are lots of ways in which you can dress up your yard to include these popular designs. There are flags, outdoor statues, mailbox covers, inflatables, wind socks, banners, garden stakes and more. For the biggest impact, try to include at least a few key Christmas snowman... Read more →

Snowman Kitchen Accessories and Decor

Christmas snowmen are cute and make a great decor theme for any room during the winter season and the festive holiday time. Add some winter touches in your home by adding in some sweet snowman kitchen accessories. Snowmen themselves are white which is a very easy color to incorporate into any room scheme. You only need a few key pieces to dress up this part of the house for the Christmas holidays. These snow characters... Read more →

Christmas Snowman Figurines and Collectibles

What can convey the winter Holiday season better than Christmas snowman figurines. These snow people are a wonderful and traditional theme for the cold, winter months. Snowmen can work equally as well among a cool, icy color scheme or the standard Christmas colors of red, green and gold. I love a winter style color scheme of ice whites, pale blues and silvers and like to have a snowman or two nestling among the decorations. There... Read more →

Best Kids Snow Toys for Outdoor Winter Fun

Most children need something to entertain them when playing in the cold outside and that's where these kids snow toys can really help. It should be easier to keep children entertained for a longer time outdoors out in the cold and snowy weather when they have a novel and fun selection of snow themed games and toys to play with. Getting kids outside in the winter where fresh air and exercise can do them good... Read more →